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The Sisters of the Fey is a blogging collaboration between authors Adele Marie Park, Annette Rochelle Aben, Colleen Chesebro, D. G. Kaye (aka Debby Gies), Marjorie Mallon & Karen Dowdall. Together, we discovered a love for all things magical. One thing led to another and the next thing we knew, The Sisters of the Fey, was born. This is the circle of our friendship which has led us to new paths and journeys into the spiritual realms of writing and sharing.

We are the sisters of the fey

Our circle is united by invisible threads of love that carry us when we’re weak, and support us when we’re strong. With pure intentions, we aim to spread goodness and light. We are the Sisters of the Fey. Join us.

Welcome to our journey of discovery

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When I was younger and first began learning about angels and spirit guides, I became quite curious about  ‘automatic writing’. I thought it was so intriguing to learn how to write from the subconscious with a guided writing from a higher power.   So what is automatic writing? The formal name for automatic writing is … Continue reading Are You Familiar with Automatic Writing?

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