Tried and Tested Spells

Tried and Tested Spells
These will be simple spells that anyone can do with the ingredients you have in your store cupboard.
A few years ago, during what I call, the dark years, I needed the sum of £7 or the gas company would switch off my supply.
I turned to this spell as I had everything I needed in the house.
I did the spell and tried not to think about it.
On the way to meet my daughter from school I saw a lottery scratch card on the pavement.
I have always believed in luck so I bent down and retrieved the scratch card.
It was a winner. £2,not a lot, I know and not the sum I needed but hold on, there’s more.
My daughter and I went to the local shop where I exchanged the scratch card for 2 new ones.
Scratching off the second card I saw that it was a winner. The amount? £7.
It saved the day and we were able to pay the gas company and so had heating and hot water for the week.
The ingredients and instructions for the spell are as follows:

All that follows is taken from:
Candle Burning Rituals by Marie Bruce
White Candle
Sunflower Oil
Tea Bag
Sheet of Newspaper
Green or white thread
Lunar phase:Anytime as this is an emergency spell.
Dress the candle with the sunflower oil.
Open the tea bag and empty into the bowl
Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture and stir

Empty out onto the sheet of newspaper and roll the candle in the mixture.
Concentrate and will your intent to bring money into your life.
Light the candle.
Fold up the newspaper with the left over mixture still inside.
Tie this up with green or white thread and place this near your front door.

Please note that with all spell work you should have good intentions and remember to say “As I will this, so mote it be, with harm come to none. Aho.”

34 thoughts on “Tried and Tested Spells

      1. That’s a tricky one..just lucky I suppose…I have been in front of the television and said what number I want and it has come out everyone just looked at me…What was that? Luck? Or the power of the mind? It has happened a few times to me where I have asked for something and got it..I can’t think of any way to describe it apart from the power of positivity x

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  1. boondocksthrift

    Belief is very powerful that’s why its good to think positive thoughts.
    I’ve learned so much in life only to ignore it.
    I will make an effort to incorporate
    what I’m learning and what I’ve learned to be true.
    Reading these blogs from beautiful, intelligent women remind me of who I am.
    Thank you.

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    1. I believed in magic from a very early age, Robbie. I grew up on an island in the Orkneys which had magic and traditions woven into everyday life. Someday, I’ll write about my childhood, someday…..if I ever get the chance lol. xxx


    1. I wish you all the luck, it did work for me and I have used it since. Blessed be. On the subject of curses that follow the famly line, I’m sorry I don’t have but there are such spells, try searching in Silver Raven Wolf, she might have one. I hope you find one. xxx

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