Signs Your Angels are Around

Angels Messages

Signs the Angels are visiting or leaving you a message

Have you ever found a feather randomly on the ground as you were walking somewhere? Have you found a coin on the ground? Ever looked up at the sky and found a distinct pattern in the clouds that resembled something of significance to you? These are all forms of communication from angels leaving subtle messages for you. Often they appear at opportune times in our lives when we may feel sad or troubled and the angels want us to know they are around and there for us.

Whether we believe in angels or not, we all have our own guardian angels.  We have only to get to know them. There are oodles of books available about angels and I would highly recommend reading Doreen Virtue’s books for a great introduction to angels and beyond. And if you’re just looking for some uplifting messages, check out our sister angel, Annette’s book on Angel Messages.



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D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction/memoir writer, writing from her life experiences and self-medicating with a daily dose of humor. Live Laugh Love and Don't Forget to Breathe!

62 thoughts on “Signs Your Angels are Around

    1. I like to think that we all have angels, fairies, and magic that surrounds us. With our own free will, we often determine whether we listen to those protectors or not. The more I listen, the easier it becomes. ❤

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    2. I now sometimes it doesn’t feel like anybody is on our side Jaye. But we do always have angels around us, and sometimes we have to go through unpleasant things to open the doors to better things. 🙂

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  1. You know me Debby, I totally BELIEVE.. 🙂 and my book shelves are lined with Doreen Virtues Books . I have lots of special what I call Angel feathers I have collected over the years.. And many experiences.. as you know..
    Wonderful you have all got together to create this fabulous new site.. Of course I had to press follow.. 🙂 And will look in on Annette’s Angel Messages.. 🙂

    Love and Blessings and wishing you new site great success. 😀

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      1. Happy to join your merry blog Debby, and hope I get to catch your posts.. I am very neglectful of late as I’ve kind of tuned out of WP for a while.. As I have been busy creating.. Have a great Sunday x

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      2. Well glad to have you here when you have time. That’s the key! The blogs aren’t going away so when you feel like some spiritual merriment, hop on over! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Whether they are left by angels or not, I have noticed signs that cheer me up in the toughest of times. They are heart-lifting and I am positively affected by them. My husband, not so much. When he is in a bad/distressed mood, nothing can cheer him up.

    The first thing that comes to mind when recalling such an event is when we were on an exceptionally awful sailtrip on our first sailboat (and home), where everything went wrong (stalled engine, ripped sails, miserable dogs). As spirits were at a low, a pod of dolphins came along to cheer us up, followed by a group of playful sea lions, right alongside our boat. I loved it!

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    1. Well there was certainly something magical about the time of those visiting dolphins and sea lions Liesbet. It also helps if we are open to receiving these magical moments that come to our attention, and to recognize there is a higher power. I think you already have the open arms. 🙂 x

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    2. Isn’t it great how nature has a way of making us feel good? I can’t help but think a higher power is at work here. When you open your heart to the positive all sorts of miraclous things happen. We have the power to cheer ourselves up inside each of us. It is a choice. Much happiness to you, my friend. ❤

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  3. Love this nod toward angels. Yes, I absolutely believe in the magic of the universe. Have you ever read Animal Speak by Ted Andrews? Whenever I see what I believe to be a sign from the universe, I look it up in that book. He talks a lot about feather magic and animal totems and fairies–not so much angels, but I think they’re along the same lines!

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    1. Hi Kate. No, I wasn’t aware of Andrews’ book, but I do have many other books that I use to look up signs. Now I’m off to Amazon to check out your recommend! 🙂



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