Step Through Numerology – The Double Digits

Last week, I mentioned the MASTER NUMBERS and KARMIC MASTER NUMBERS, and this week I want to give them the spotlight.

Normally, when we are looking at numbers for numerological information, we reduce everything down to the smallest number between 1 and 9, then go about putting the information together. Not so, with the MASTER and KARMIC MASTER NUMBERS.  We do figure out the smallest, reduced number but we hang onto the other two numbers as well, writing it out like a fraction. So, they would look like this:

11/2 – 22/4 – 33/6 – 44/8 – 55/ 1 – 66/3 – 77/5 – 88/ 7 – 99/8

14/5 – 16/7 – 17/8 – 19/1

 The first set of numbers, or those to the left of the fraction sign, denote the special circumstances and the remaining number, the one to the right of the fraction sign, addresses the best way to handle those circumstances.

Where will you run across these numbers when looking at your birthday/date? Well, the MASTER NUMBERS (double digits) will appear in your birthday (11 or 22) or birth month (11). All the rest will show up when you add up your entire birthdate (dd/mm/yy).  I have to say, in all the years I have been working with Numerology, I have rarely seen anyone’s numbers go higher than 44/8. However, a dear friend of mine, Alan, was a 55/1 and it was remarkable to watch him navigate his world. I once asked him if he minded if I used him as an example and he said that was fine by him.

Having a 55 BIRTHPATH (which is what is revealed when adding up the entire birthdate and reducing the numbers) means you will be presented with a lifetime of changes, changes you will have NO control over. This was true for Alan’s life. Regardless of what he planned, life seemed to pull the rug out from under him. He was most calm on the outside, but inside, he was a seething mixture of emotions. No one really knew it, because when we chose to be around people, he covered well. In the hopes of gaining a handle on why his life was so difficult, he chose to follow a Spiritual path. Alan spent many years visiting Spiritual retreat centers in search of answers, traveling from one corner of the United States to another. While people would explain that he was here for a special purpose, he never found what he was seeking, and in the end, he simply gave up and took his own life.

Now, I mentioned that not because I want to scare people who may have a 55 BIRTHPATH number or may know someone else who does, but rather, because Alan missed the mark of what his numbers were telling him.  Yes, the changes associated with the number 5 were exacerbated by it being doubled, but it was the number 1 that was to have been his saving grace. Had he simply allowed the changes to be and bolstered his MASTERY of SELF, he’d have had a much easier time. A number 1 will always remind us that life is between us and Spirit. When we take the garbage, frustration or stress that life on earth is delivering to us and channel it straight to Spirit, we will free ourselves of the need to “fix” everything. Which is what Alan could not do, though the he tried until the end. What happens when we channel that opposing energy to Spirit, we open a portal through which we can receive guidance and direction which can provide tremendous peace and serenity.

Looking at the KARMIC MASTER NUMBERS, the best example I can choose to highlight, is that of the number 19/1.  This number, effects every person born in the twentieth century. So, you do not have been born on the 19th of any month, to have this number to learn from. But if you were born on the 19th of any month, you may notice a heavier load.

The 19 takes us from one end of the numerological energy to the other in one compressed package. We are dealing with MASTERY of SELF as the saving grace but also the energy of BEGINNINGS and LETTING GO that instigate the search for grace. Hence, the 19 represents, for many, the stress of working like crazy towards an end result, only to see it all dry up and blow away once attained. Gee, nothing like feeling the frustration of running a never-ending race. Some people born on a 19 day, will speak of working under great pressure and wishing somehow, for their lives to be easier.  What is interesting to ponder, is that when we moved from the 1800’s into the 1900’s with life becoming easier due in part to inventions and the boon of technology, the pressure also increased. Perhaps, one of the best ways to “master” the KARMIC MASTER NUMBER of 19, is to learn to LET GO, so a NEW BEGINNING can be created.

If you have a MASTER or KARMIC MASTER NUMBER appearing in your Numerology and would like it explained, reach out and schedule a Numerology Session. I’d be honored to help you gain a deeper understanding of your numbers or those of your significant others (partners, children, etc.).

Annette Rochelle Aben has been a professional numerologist for over two decades. She has written on this topic for international publications, taught workshops and given private lessons to individuals and small groups. Her consultations often focus around how people can make the most of their relationships by knowing and understanding the numbers in the lives of those around them.  Contact her at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com for more information.

Curious as to what YOUR birthdate numbers say?  I make you an offer. I will provide a mini-numerology report for a special price. Normally, reports are rather involved and can cost well over $240. My offer is this: I will send you a report on your birth date (day, month and year) and what your personal year is, here in 2018 for only $20 U.S. funds. Everything will be handled by email and my email is innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com – written out to discourage spammers –  the preferred method of payment is Paypal and my email is the same for my Paypal account. I will honor this offer throughout the rest of month of February.

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