A Message from Beyond

2010: Sugar and Spice As many of you know, my beloved Pomeranians passed away last year. Spice went first, in July, and Sugar followed in late November. In January, these sweet creatures would have been fourteen years old. We were blessed by their unconditional love for many happy years. To say that my husband and I …

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Forging Our Luck – A Haibun/Tanka

An amazing Haibun/double Tanka poem. Pay close attention to the last Tanka in her Haibun. The universe is speaking to us, if we will only listen. ❤

Katja Rammer

It’s time for the weekly poetry challenge, brought to you by Colleen (77th installment.)
This week’s (non)prompt words were CHARM and TIME. I’ve done a lot of Tanka poems recently, but today I opted for the Haibun form, this time a double Tanka reflecting the prose. Enjoy!

DSC01376 Picture: Schiessentümpel waterfall, Mullerthal, Luxembourg; IR-June 2017

~Forging Our Luck~
The world’s prime attribute is to be a never ceasing flux, the future constantly changing, challenging old habits and notions. This is good. It’s how we evolve as human beings, as nations, as mankind.
At times, those currents run low and hidden from sight, working their magic on a subtle level like a river licking away its icy confines come spring. Slowly, but steadily.
At times, it’s less gentle.
At times, Something trips and the pent-up power of change breaks through and ripples the polished surface of established routines. With a vengeance, it forces us to assess…

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Meditation | Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Meditation makes me feel whole. Give it a try and see how it changes your perspective on life. First, read what Dee, from Archangel Oracle, has to share. ❤ Daily Angel Oracle Card: Meditation, from the Whispers Of Healing Oracle Card deck, by Angela Hartfield, artwork by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel Meditation: “In …

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This poem was about me, four years ago, without the use of my right hand after yet another surgery. Before that it was my left knee, twice, and now it’s my back … compressed fractures which no surgeon will touch. So into the wheelchair I went. Lupus and RA are insidious. But I’m beginning to get a little mobile again … REIKI HELPS!

Deborah’s journey is an inspiration to us all. Namaste and Blessed Be! ❤


pexels-photo-595747 Fill the Body, Mind, Spirit With Hope!

Sometimes you just have to laugh, rather than cry.

It does no good to wonder why.

A writer/editor needs her hands

To create and massage the words that land

On her desk or spring from her brain.

But who’s to pen them? It’s silly insane…

To watch irony wreak havoc again…

A story,  a novel…of course that’s when

All the words come together in the perfect blend.

You’ve been looking for them a long, long time.

It doesn’t matter that they don’t even rhyme.

But the howling laughter of the ridiculousness

Of a healing wrist, captive in a brace, no less,

Breaking out in hives from that which heals and defends.

Such are the joys of Lupus, my friends.

The wolf will not get me as I count my blessings.

I’m alive today…no second guessing…

I can poke fun at insidious Lupus

Because I…

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7 Steps To The Perfect Candle Spell For Beginners — The Traveling Witch

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