Step Through Numerology- Destiny, Heart’s Desire and Personality

In my last post, I talked about pulling numbers from the letters in your name. This would be the name that appears on your birth certificate. Yes, we can take name changes and do a comparison but for now, we are sticking to the original way.

At the top of a sheet of paper, print out your name. Some will have more than two names, meaning a first name and a last name. I have a middle name, but my siblings do not. One of nephews has two middle names. So, for me, I’d have 3 names, each of my siblings, 2 and my nephew, would have 4 names with which to work.

The first thing to do, is to assign a numeric value to each letter. That chart appears in my last post

Once each letter has a numerical value, add them all together. This will give you your DESTINY. It might be easiest if you did each name separately then added the single numbers you get from those. For instance, in my first name adds up to a 7, my middle name, a 6 and my last name, adds up to a 2. When added together and brought down to the smallest number between 1 and 9, it is a 6.  For those who are questioning this, the last name on my birth certificate is NOT Aben. If it were, the numbers would be different.

To find your HEART’S DESIRE, use that same chart and add up only the vowels in your name. When I added up all my vowels, they added up to a 6.

Your PERSONALITY is revealed when adding up the consonants, so here we have a 9 for mine.

Of course, there are many mitigating factors when determining the definitions of each of these numbers but let’s look at what this means for me, and what was determined by my name, at birth, to be my lot in life where my DESTINY, HEART’S DESIRE and PERSONALITY are concerned.

Basically, I am here to serve. Creating comfortable environments whether in my home or work spaces, allows me to nurture myself and others. Maybe I would be good at giving advice and offering sympathy when the situation requires. This is a bit of what my DESTINY of a 6 says about me. How true is this?  Well, if you were to visit me, the first thing I would want to do is to cook for you. In fact, I have earned money as a professional cook, baker and caterer. For over 20 years, I have been a professional psychic advisor, doing readings for people all over the world either in person or over the phone. Interesting… and neither of these professions were what I aspired towards as I was growing or throughout my schooling. My trade school certification is in broadcasting and I ended up with careers in television, radio, theatre, newspapers and writing books. The common thread here is responsibility, which is another trait of the 6.  I have been the CEO and the one who scrubbed the toilets, but I carried out each task as though it were the most important to each company.

My HEART’S DESIRE of 6 mirrors much of the energy of that of DESTINY. In fact, it intensifies everything to the point where I used to take life way too seriously. I had to learn to lighten up and have FUN. It was quite the struggle. It also meant that if you worked for me or with me, I was rather hard on you, but no harder then I was on myself.

What brings all the 6 energies together, is my 9 PERSONALITY. It set me up for being able to work in many fields, and to be effective in any position I held, which is exactly what has happened. Amazing, eh?

Believe it or not, there is much more detail to be known. But I wanted to provide a taste of what you can learn from this information. This can be immensely interesting when looking at the name of a child to see where they are going over the years. A friend of mine, who was born and raised in India, told me that the “family numerologist” instructed his mother to add the letter “A” to his name, because it did not fit the DESTINY she felt he was to fulfill. Oddly enough, they did make the change and he became the engineer he was destined to be.

We will continue to look at the information the numbers in our personal alphabet next week.

Last month, I offered a mini-report for $20 and was thrilled to have people receive their information. So, here in March 2018, I will offer a mini compatibility report for two people, for $25 U. S. Funds. If additional people are to be added, such as a family member, etc. then I would ask for an additional $15 per person. That would make a family of four’s report, $55. Email me at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com and we’ll get that set up for you. I accept payment via PayPal and it is the same email address.

Annette Rochelle Aben has been a professional numerologist for over two decades. She has written on this topic for international publications, taught workshops and given private lessons to individuals and small groups. Her consultations often focus around how people can make the most of their relationships by knowing and understanding the numbers in the lives of those around them.  Contact her at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com for more information.

19 thoughts on “Step Through Numerology- Destiny, Heart’s Desire and Personality

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  2. Wow, this is so thrilling, Annette! It is fascinating how with adding the letters in a different way you get the result for another aspect. So many details in a name. It was interesting to see that my first name and my middle name resulted in the same number. Just noticed. Great post, Annette!

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