Step Through Numerology – Habit Challenge, Specialties, and Missing Numbers, Balance of Temperament, Pinnacles and Challenges

As we Step Through Numerology, there is so much more to our numbers than simply those in our birthdate. We assign a numeric value to each letter of the alphabet in our birth name and those numbers provide information as well. Find the first part of this in Step Through Numerology –  Destiny, Heart’s Desire and Personality here:

Today, we will look at Habit Challenge, Specialties and Missing Numbers, Balance of Temperament, Pinnacles and Challenges. This information, comes from the numbers in our names.

The Habit Challenge uses the total number of letters in our full, original name to determine an area of our personality we may wish to improve. We have used my name so far, so let’s continue. I have 21 letters in my full, original name, which adds up to a 3. What part of my personality might I want to improve? According to the 3 Habit Challenge, I might tend to be scattered.  TRUE!  If I allow my mind to wander too frequently and too far, I can get nothing accomplished.  Also, I may need to keep on eye on talking more about projects than working on them.

If I am looking to see what special talents/abilities I may have or if I am missing traits, then I need to figure out how many times each number appears in my name. The number or numbers that do not appear in my name, will address the missing traits. This section is called: Specialties and Missing Numbers.

Here are how the numbers fall in my name. Ones2, Twos3, Threes3, Fourszero, Fives8, Sixes1, Sevens1, Eights1 and Nines2.  What these numbers say about me, is that I can be an effective leader, with artistic abilities and an above average verbal ability. That’s a thumb nail glance at my ones through threes. The missing 4 suggests that I may not be as practical as I could. Having all those fives in my name, points out that I can be a bit unconventional and may have to watch out for over indulgence where certain foods are concerned. That lone 6 speaks to my abilities as a healer that when combined with the developed intuition of my single seven, allows me to be effective. Having just one eight, suggests that I can be reliable. My two nines point out that I have compassion!  Of course, as with any interpretation, there are mitigating circumstances and therefore over the course of a lifetime, some of these specialties may be lessened or increased.

Balance of Temperament is basically how we conduct ourselves daily. Once again, we are looking at how many times each number appears in our name. We use this forumla: Physical4 and 5. Mental1 and 8. Emotional2, 3 and 6. Intuitive7 and 9.

For me, having 8 fives and no fours, I would have the tendency to work well with groups and to accomplish great things. I have been so blessed to have experienced this energy repeatedly, throughout my life.

The total of ones and eights in my name adds up to 3, which again, speaks to my creativity.

Because of the number of twos, threes and sixes in my name, I need to learn to deal with my emotions effectively. I might not be able to understand or express them without the help of meditation.

What with having 3 sevens and nines, I have excellent psychic abilities.

Having this information for yourself, will allow you to use your strengths to bolster your weaknesses. Having this information about a child you are raising, would allow you to help guide them to be their best self.

Pinnacles are years of experience and are rather involved to calculate. We will have 4 Pinnacles in our life time and they are not always different. They will be years of strength, cooperation, spontaneity, building, freedom, responsibility, reflection, power, growth, light, or challenge. When will these cycles change? We determine the Ages of Transition, which define when we will shift from one Pinnacle to another. Again, these are a bit involved to calculate but are most necessary to know.

From birth to age 25, I was I in an EIGHT PINNACLE, this was a time of POWER. This required me to formulate and refine a sense of justice.

From ages 26 – 34, I was in a ONE PINNACLE, which was my time of STRENGTH. For me, this addressed careers, in which I achieved tremendous success even when I changed careers completely.

From ages 35 – 43, I experienced a NINE PINNACLE, a time of GROWTH. During this time, I found myself dealing with emotional crises.

My final PINNACLE is a FOUR and will last until death, this is one of BUILDING. There is much left to accomplish and the sense of excitement.

CHALLENGES are what lessons we are learning during the PINNACLES. And mine play out this way. During the first pinnacle, I was learning to take RESPONSIBILITY for myself. In the second pinnacle, I was dealing with RESTRICTIONS. And during the last two pinnacles, the lesson was/is CONFIDENCE.

Should you like to understand YOUR PINNACLES and CHALLENGES, contact me at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com. While these are parts of a complete chart, I will offer here in March 2018, to explain yours to you for $25 U. S. Funds. I accept payment via PayPal and it is the same email address.

We will have one more installment of this series. I hope you have been enjoying it as much as I have presenting it to you.

Last month, I offered a mini-report for $20 and was thrilled to have people receive their information. So, here in March 2018, I will offer a mini compatibility report for two people, for $25 U. S. Funds. If additional people are to be added, such as a family member, etc. then I would ask for an additional $15 per person. That would make a family of four’s report, $55. Email me at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com and we’ll get that set up for you. I accept payment via PayPal and it is the same email address.

Annette Rochelle Aben has been a professional numerologist for over two decades. She has written on this topic for international publications, taught workshops and given private lessons to individuals and small groups. Her consultations often focus around how people can make the most of their relationships by knowing and understanding the numbers in the lives of those around them.  Contact her at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com for more information.

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    1. Honestly, I believe that astrology and numerology are vastly different, so I find it difficult to compare. For instance, numerology is based on our numbers from birth and can take us along our journey. Astrology is based on some very important numbers at the time of our birth as well, the date and the TIME (which is what most people might not get correct). Yet, astrology take us along it’s journey and gives us the insight as to how we might make it through that journey. Hope that made some sense. I am glad you are enjoying this. I have often been treated like the “nerd” at gatherings or in conversation because while people might find this fascinating, they really don’t necessarily want to delve too deep. 🙂



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