A Message from Beyond


2010: Sugar and Spice

As many of you know, my beloved Pomeranians passed away last year. Spice went first, in July, and Sugar followed in late November. In January, these sweet creatures would have been fourteen years old. We were blessed by their unconditional love for many happy years. To say that my husband and I miss these dogs is an understatement but time does truly heal the wound.

We both had reached a certain peacefulness about our loss and didn’t feel the choking tears of bereavement as we had before. Now, we could talk about their quirky personalities with great love.

My husband has a habit of sneezing because of the pepper he places on his food each night. Spice used to wake up from a dead sleep and stare at him intently. Sometimes she barked as if to ask if he was all right. Not to be outdone by her sister, Sugar followed me to my creative room where she snoozed as I wrote. They both found ways to remind us of their love and devotion.

2015-11-28 08.46.14

Spice loved the snow

Last night, I heard Spice bark, just as she had many nights when she wanted to get out of her crate. The sound jolted me awake. I’ve always said that I’m clairaudient hearing things more than seeing things. I went back to sleep, thinking I was hearing things.

I came downstairs this morning and while pouring a cup of coffee casually asked my husband, “Did you hear Spice bark last night?”

His eyes grew big and he nodded his head. He had heard her bark, also. In fact, he said he wasn’t going to say anything to me because he didn’t want me to get upset.

2017-02-06 11.20.13

Sugar 2015

I was stunned. I’ve read that our beloved animal pets are linked to us in the beyond just as they had been in life. The fact that we both heard Spice bark, well, I have no answers there. We considered the possibility that her bark was a warning of some sort. As protective as that dog was of us in life, I see no reason why she wouldn’t still be looking out for us.

I meditate regularly now and the possibility is that I’ve opened the lines of communication and have become more receptive to messages from beyond. My husband is more visually psychic that I am so it was interesting that he heard Spice’s bark. After she first passed, he’d seen her snoozing under the curtains near his chair. She was there one second and gone the next.

2016-10-10 15.35.27

Spice (top), Sugar (bottom)

I do know one thing. I have little fear of the unknown. Spice is taking care of Sugar in the collective just as she did here on earth, with us. Her message could have been only to let us know that the sisters are together and looking after us from above. What a comforting thought. ❤

ThoughtCo.com shares:

Types of Signs and Messages that Animals Send

Pay attention after you pray for God’s help hearing from an animal in heaven. You may notice a sign for a message like any of these that animals may send to humans from the afterlife:

  • Telepathic messages of simple thoughts or feelings

  • Scents that remind you of  the animal

  • Physical touch (such as feeling an animal jump up on a bed or sofa)

  • Sounds (like hearing an animal’s voice barking, meowing, etc.)

  • Dream messages (in which an animal usually appears visually)

  • Objects related to an animal’s earthly life moving (such as a pet’s collar inexplicably showing up somewhere you’ll notice it)

  • Written Messages (like reading an animal’s name right after thinking about that animal)

  • Apparitions in visions (these are rare because they require lots of spiritual energy, but they do sometimes happen)

Have you ever had a psychic experience with your pet? Let me know in the comments section. Wisdom-of-spirit.com shares more experiences with our pets from the beyond. ❤

true storyHugs and love for stopping by. ❤



13 thoughts on “A Message from Beyond

  1. I’ve had 4 cats whom I loved dearly. I had vivid dreams of them after they crossed over. Two of them were especially close to me, and I felt their fur as they snuggled next to me. I made memory books for each of them, and I still write to them on their birthdays and deathdays. They never leave us. Past, present, and future are one, as are all of us ❤

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  2. I have lost two good cats, sometimes I feel a little pressure at my feet like one of them is sleeping there. Their names were Cooper (tabby stripe) and Cotton (white Persian). Both had a habit of sleeping at my feet at night. If it is one of them, I am happy they are still loving me. 🐈

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    1. Isn’t that amazing that they still stay in contact with us. That’s what we thought too. Spice wanted us to know she was still around. Makes me happy to still have her near. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your cats. I had a tortiseshell cat, Molly. She came to me in a dream, once. I still miss that cat!! ❤

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  3. Oh I loved this Colleen. No doubts your little darlings are still with you in spirit and make ‘no bones’ about letting you know. What a peaceful feeling that must be to you and Ron. ❤

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    1. It was a good feeling. At the time, Ron said he woke up and thought, “no way she has to go out again!” LOL! It was eerie that we both heard her bark. She wanted us to know she is still looking after us. ❤


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