What Are the Four Noble Truths? – Lion’s Roar



As a Pagan Buddhist, I am rather eclectic in my thoughts. My Buddhist beliefs have always been enhanced by my Pagan beliefs and vise-versa. I do live by the Eightfold Path and I do believe in the four noble truths. Here is a great breakdown of their meanings. Click the link below to read more. ❤

“…These four truths are called noble because they liberate us from suffering. They are the Buddha’s basic teaching, encapsulating the entire Buddhist path…”

Source: What Are the Four Noble Truths? – Lion’s Roar

15 thoughts on “What Are the Four Noble Truths? – Lion’s Roar

  1. Well, I can’t say as I see anything ‘noble’ in suffering. It’s rather brutal and ugly most of the time.

    And I suppose ‘craving and fundamental ignorance’ could work if they were simply about accepting responsibility for the consequences of our actions and didn’t involve the impact the decisions of others have on our lives.
    What did the cravings and ignorance of high school children have to do with them getting shot? Although I can get on board with the belief that everyone and everything being connected, it only truly works in a perfect world where all beings share that belief.

    In the meantime those who do hold that belief (in whatever the form and shape of their chosen Path) do the best they can on any given day. 🙂

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  3. What a fantastic post, so enlightening! I loved the analogy where they explained about loving even those undeserving and using the mother who still loves her children, despite them misbehaving. And loved this line: “love fulfills only the one who loves” . ❤

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