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Colleen is on holiday so this is to wish her a very happy holiday full of rainbows, laughter and fun! xxx

A rainbow is a very precious sight, a multi-coloured arc that we only get to see rarely. It is rare like a special friend or a beautiful crystal.

This is my inspiration post dedicated to Colleen, Debby and all my lovely Sisters Of The Fey, blogging friends and Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club pals on Facebook.

Rainbow Child
By MJ Mallon

Young Aurora collected rainbows like other children collect shells and pretty trinkets. She learnt all there was to know about these wonders of reflection and refraction but longed to see a very special sight – a double rainbow with a second arc visible outside the primary arc. She’d heard an ancient legend that the only way to call such a rainbow forth would be to carry tourmaline on her, so she sought out a beautiful necklace with the finest tourmaline crystal embedded in its pendant.


Image credit: Samantha Murdoch, used with her permission.

As soon as she placed the tourmaline around her neck, she felt an extraordinary sensation of blood pumping in her veins. It was so loud that she covered her ears with her hands and screwed her eyes tight. After a while, her nervous system settled, the pounding subsided, and she removed her hands. She heard an ancient voice speaking to her coming from the centre of the stone. The voice held a special quality in its tone. Each syllable that it spoke conjured up many vibrant colours in her mind.

‘Young Aurora. This tourmaline is yours now; it shines for you, rainbow child. It is a very special crystal which can be found in all imaginable colours because it is the only crystal to have travelled along a rainbow and as it travelled it collected the entire rainbow’s colours.’

Aurora smiled. The words reassured her, she sensed that the tourmaline would bring her face-to-face with her much desired double rainbow.

The next day, she stepped out into the garden. The air felt fresh and moist as it had been raining. The rain continued to fall carrying tiny little rainbow splashes of joy which landed leaving behind a multitude of colour and a twinkling sound. As the rain fell on her clothes, each item of her clothing turned bright and magnificent reflecting all the colours of the rainbow and many more besides: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. She looked up and saw the most magnificent double rainbow in the sky. Her hand went to her lips as she gasped in surprise. The tourmaline hummed a tune rich with happiness and exaltation.


Image credit: Pixabay.com

Aurora skipped in the garden, treading on the rainbow puddles that lay forming a pathway. Each puddle grew more brilliant as she hop-scotched further ahead. At the end of the puddles she came across a table and chair, she had never seen before. A rainbow parasol shielded the table, and a pristine white sheet of paper and a pen lay waiting for her untouched.

She sat down, picked up the pen, and heard the ancient voice again.
‘Aurora, you have found your double rainbow. Now write, child. Tourmaline will inspire your creativity. Today, write from your heart about your magnificent rainbow.’

Aurora’s eyes gleamed with excitement. She didn’t hesitate, she pressed the nib of the pen to the paper, but no words came, not one. She frowned and tried again. But, the pen drew no words forth. She knelt to the ground, dipped the nib of the pen in a puddle of a rainbow and pressed the anointed nib to the paper. At last the words flowed in a myriad of colours filling the white page with a colourful rainbow of verse.

Dear rainbow, so fine,
Your colours reversed,
Red on your inner side arc,
Double beauty, discovered.
Never leave me, dearest heart.
Parasol of light,
Rainbow of colours divine,
Warming my soul,
Sweet route to inspiration,
Hide me from pain and suffering.
Red, and yellow, blue,
Indigo and violet,
Many coloured dreams,
Such a beauty, shining joy,
Create with me, my rainbow friends.

She placed the pen down and felt an extraordinary lightness of spirit. She danced and danced, her skirt swirling around, unravelling and widening in an arc of spectacular colours as she moved. Soon, she had a curious crowd of onlookers. The shy hedgehog came out of his hiding place, followed by the birds, cats, butterflies, and even the reticent worms poked their heads out of the ground to join in with her happiness.

Such is the power of a double rainbow; it warms our hearts after the sky pours down its sadness in raindrops. We are refreshed and renewed, ready and willing to embrace new friends. Our new found friends will be our best friends, our rainbow friends, who will support us through dark times as well as the sunshine.

© Marjorie Mallon 2017

Thank you to my good friend Samantha Murdoch for her photograph of Tourmaline that she has kindly allowed me to share on this post taken by her son Alex Marlowe.

I discovered these interesting articles about Tourmaline:


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