Step Into Numerology – What’s Your Personal Year for 2019

In yesterday’s post, we established what MY Personal Year is for 2019 and that I begin the New Year (in Numerology speak) at the beginning of October every year. What we need to do now, is to address ALL NINE options for Personal Years.

To discover the Personal Year, you add your birth month and day together and reduce it to the smallest number between 1 & 9. Mine was 8. Then you add that number to the number of the year in question. Add all the numbers of 2019 together, reduce and you will have a 3. I added my 8 to the 3 and came up with a 2.

So, add your numbers together… go ahead, I will wait.

Personal Year 1 – This is energy of your thoughts. You could find yourself worrying about what you don’t think you see happening. Remember that thoughts are powerful things, so use them to your advantage and you will have a bonzer year!

 Personal Year 2 – This is energy of your emotions. If you become blue over what the world is doing to you, taking a deep breath and relaxing will do you some good. Allow patience to be the order of the day and you’ll see life going your way!

 Personal Year 3 – This is the energy of your energy. You can jump into something with both feet, only to find you are stuck in quicksand, while spinning your wheels. Use the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy and you will guide your energy easier.

Personal Year 4 – This is the energy of your physical world. Things can change in a blink. One day, you’ll be rolling in dough and the next, broke as a joke. When you need it, the money will always be there. You simply have to trust in your magnificent powers of manifestation.

Personal Year 5 – This is energy of change. Change is good, so observe more than try to control. If the flood gates are opened and water is rushing towards you, step out of the way and watch it roll past. If you attempt to block it, you may get swept away by the tide. Change around you, doesn’t have to change you, unless you want it to.

Personal Year 6 – This is your energy of growth. You will have the chance to strut your stuff because others recognize your abilities. First, you have to believe in your abilities and know that the victory is yours! Winner/winner, chicken dinner!

Personal Year 7 – This is your energy of patience. Everything takes time and this year it will seem as though there is so much to accomplish, that there can’t possibly be enough time. Employ your super power of patience and watch it all come together.

 Personal Year 8 – This is your energy of your ambition. Go for it! Go for it ALL! Toss all your coins in the fountain, then go find more coins and another fountain. Invest in you every chance you get. It might not all pay off right away but when it does, you will be impressed.

Personal Year 9 – This is your energy of letting go. Clear it out, clean it out and get it gone! Make the decision to live the rest of your life as the best of your life. Whatever doesn’t belong might be speaking to you to relocated anyway, so all you have to do is take action. Clean slates are fun because you can draw new pictures!

There you go. Once you have figured out what your Personal Year is, you can better understand how to enjoy the time. What is YOUR Personal Year? Just curious. Oh, and Happy New Year!

 Annette Rochelle Aben has been a professional Numerologist for decades. If you would like to know MORE about your numerology, contact her at innerchildart (at) yahoo. (dot) com. 


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