New Moon Blessings

Ever hear of The Law of Abundance? Ever write a New Moon check to be blessed by The Law of Abundance? Well, I am here to walk you through the process and encourage you to try it every month. Why? You have everything to gain, that’s why. Here’s what we do.

On the NEW MOON each month, we move into an energy of growth. This means that seeds planted at that time stand a better chance of growing big and strong as the month progresses. It matters not, if the seeds are tangible or hopes and dreams of our hearts. Just like the seed we would plant in the ground; our heart seeds will grow in their own time. We have faith that they will do their thing because we have evoked the aid of that which will provide the perfect energy. For ground seeds, this may be fertilizer, water and sunshine. For heart seeds, this is The Law of Abundance.

You can ask for prosperity, better health, love, a new job, a fabulous home, put it all out there! In fact, many people get so specific that they plant a veritable garden of heart seeds. Keep in mind that these are things you want to bring in your life, so asking for someone else to change to please you, is not what this is about. Asking for your soul mate to find you is one thing. To ask for “a certain person” to realize they are your soul mate, is another. Make sense?

Exactly how does one write this check? If you have a checking account with paper checks, use one of your checks. If not, create one with a blank piece of paper. This is what I do, as I have a paperless checking account. Use the MEMO portion to write your request (s) and if you need more space, flip the check over and write on the back. Below, I have an example of what the check should look like and how you fill in the blanks.

Now, I did say, write this on the NEW MOON of each month, yet I suggest that you wait 24 hours from the first day of the NEW MOON. So, if that date is the 9th, then write that check on the 10th. I have heard that the energy is more settled by then which offers more support. However, if you cannot remember to do that, just write it on the either date, you’ll be fine!

Once you have written the check, fold it up and place it somewhere sacred, where you will not bother it. Perhaps you have an altar in your home, place it there. I happen to have a copper treasure chest, filled with crystals and talismans, that is where I place mine Then, on the FULL MOON, take the check and BURN IT! *caution – ONLY BURN the CHECK in a SAFE FASHION. Meaning in a fireplace, an outdoor fire pit, etc. If you have no access to a safe burning place, do what I do, which is to rip the check into tiny pieces and flush them down the toilet.

Did the check example make sense? Leave me comments below and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

I’ll be posting each month within two days of the approaching NEW MOON date, so you’ll have time to get yourself together. Come up with your list, mark it on your calendar to write your check. I will also list the FULL MOON date for you to burn the check.

Remember, it may take a month or more for what you are seeking to manifest. This is why you write DIVINE ORDER in the DATE section of your check. This allows The Law of Abundance to bring it all together at exactly the right time. Happy heart seed planting! Happy New Moon Blessings!

Love, Annette Rochelle Aben !

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My life is ALL ABOUT being a COMMUNICATOR, so I write/publish books, (find my on Amazon) articles, essays, poetry, heck I love writing LETTERS. I am also a host/producer of internet radio shows; (find me on Blog Talk Radio) my own shows as well as shows that other people host. Since I was a little girl I have been a singer and fronted bands for years. People everywhere are wearing my jewelry and eating the food I create and sell. In my spare time I am a mentor/guide for others along their personal and professional paths. Thank you for joining me here and be sure to let me know what I can help YOU with!

37 thoughts on “New Moon Blessings

    1. Awesome! Each month, I will post a reminder, 2 days before the New Moon. Also, the check picture, so people remember how to write them. Even though you are writing them each month, the actual DATE will never be the actual date. It will always read: Divine Order or Divine Timing. Have fun!!

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  1. Some people will write their checks on the first day of the New Moon, others wait until the second day. It is personal preference. I, personally, will wait until the second day, I feel the energy is a bit more settled by then. But choose one of those 2 days.


  2. Love this, Annette. I’ve never used these days for financial abundance but have always spent new moons “planting seeds” for growth–relationships, projects, etc. It’s a wonderful day to start fresh and begin new, positive things that grow with the moon. ❤

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