Faery Craft Symbols

As I continue my research into all things faery, I’ve discovered a wealth of information in the symbols used to represent this path. I’ve shared this information from the book, Faery Craft, by Emily Carding. 

The colors of red, white, and black: Fairytalenewsblog.blogspot.com

“The colors black, white, and red are sacred to the faery. Those colors are considered to be alchemical colors which represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth; the rivers of blood and tears that flow through the Celtic underworld; and the triple realms of upperworld, undeworld, and middleworld.”

“Faery Craft,” By Emily Harding

The faery star septagram is used by persons who have chosen to follow a Faery path to represent their beliefs. The seven pointed star is also called the Elven Star.

Faery Septagram

The number seven is significant in understanding the patterns of the world and the otherworld. The septagram represents the seven planets, the seven colors of the rainbow, and the seven directions that are used in faery work.


The Triskele is an ancient Celtic symbol. The name translated means “three-legged” symbolizing the cycles that never end: past, present, and future. The triangle in the middle represents our connected awareness of all that is, has been, and will be. The symbol reminds of the pattern of water as they flow around obstacles in a river. These same spirals can be found in the building blocks of man – DNA.

The number three is prevalent in faery lore. It is represented in the triple goddesses of the Morrigan, Hekate, and the Fates. It’s found in the triple crossroads, the paths leading to hell, heaven, and Elfland. It recalls the faery colors of red, black, and white. You will see the number three often used in faery craft.

Equal-Armed Cross

The Equal-Armed Cross is the alchemical symbol for earth. This symbol appears naturally on the faery stone staurolite.

The symbol represents the sacred cross roads between the worlds. Ancient faery lore is full of stories about how humans meet the fey at a crossroads.

The Equal-Armed Cross also represents a balance between the elements and the position of self as finding its place in the center of the directions, protected by the circle.

The Great Glyph of the Sidhe: LorianPress.com

The Great Glyph of the Sidhe is especially great for connecting to the land and beings of Faery. The labyrinthian spiral provides a simple method for communicating and visiting the land of Faery. The glyph can work both ways, opening the way for beings to visit you.

This symbol is effective during meditation. If you concentrate on the image it becomes a tunnel leading you into far-off lands. Be courteous to all you meet. Only act with truth and honor and be grateful for all gifts or wisdom.

Wiccan Pentagram: wallpapersafari.com

The five-pointed star is called a pentagram. This star is recognizable as a symbol of paganism, usually Wicca-based beliefs. The symbol represents the balance and power of the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Faery Craft. Namaste & Blessed Be!

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    1. I’m slipping into the faery craft, Jan. And it all began with the sighting of that elemental I saw in Florida 5 years ago. Interesting how our perceptions change when we open up to the possibilities the universe presents us. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed this post. My quest continues. ❤

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