The Magic of Trees – Dawn Redwood


I love trees! I swear trees have magic. I live on the edge of a park in Cambridge surrounded by an incredible vista of trees and as a child I was no stranger to the mysterious aspect of the woods which were just a short walk away. So I’m going to share with you various trees which I have photographed. They have all captured my attention and are special and meaningful to me. I promise a diverse range, and a few giggles along the way.

What better choice to begin with than this magnificent tree – a deciduous conifer, the Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, native to Lichuan county in Hubei province, China.

Local villagers refer to the original tree from which most others derive as Shui-sa, or “water fir”, which is part of a local shrine.  Since its rediscovery in 1944, the dawn redwood has become a popular ornamental.

Strawberry Fields is a landscaped section in New York City’s Central Park dedicated to Beatle John Lennon. At the northern end of the lawns are three dawn redwood trees. The trees drop their needles each fall and regrow them each spring, a symbol of eternal renewal. The trees are expected to reach a height of 36 metres (118 ft), making them visible from great distances. Wikipedia

Even the name itself – Dawn Redwood – conjures up spell-binding magic. I discovered the redwood and many other beautiful trees on my lunchtime walks in the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge.

I think you will agree it is a wondrous tree. I love the warm, inviting orange colour in the bark and the beautiful, ferny foliage which was a delicate coppery shade when I photographed it in the autumn.

There is a distinct feeling of energy about this tree. It calls you to come and touch its bark.


I discovered these blogs:

And was interested to see what they had to say about Dawn Redwood.

Just some of the words that were mentioned to describe this tree:




Mother Earth

Primal Wisdom

A living fossil

Dates from prehistoric times


No wonder it captured my attention! I hope it will fascinate you too!

Please do comment I’d love to hear about your favourite magical trees…


31 thoughts on “The Magic of Trees – Dawn Redwood

  1. I love these photos, Marje. You can feel the tree’s energy emanating from the photos. You are truly blessed to be that close to nature. I don’t have much around me and live in a housing area. I do have a bit of a slough that I can visit so that is nice. We’re on the edge of prairie land and not far from our house we do get to see the antelope, which is a rare treat. ❤

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  2. Trees are so many different – almost ‘beings’ – to different people. I feast my eyes on unusual shapes and foliage and wonder about their unspoken stories…as they live through many generations of humans. Here in Spain – in Alicante – there are several unusual species with the bark stripped away revealing almost human-like organs. Really weird and fascinating. Must check their names. Best wishes. xx

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  3. I enjoyed reading your blog that was shared by my friend Eloisedesousa. Just yesterday I watched a programme on trees and started a blog post about the tree networks. I too believe there is magic surrounding them. Thank you!

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  4. Marya

    I had a 70 ft tall Dawn Redwood in my back yard. Until I found out what it was, I used to sit under it’s broad cooling canopy with my back against the trunk and feel comforted and even transported in spirit; I told my friends I felt that it had very old grandfather-like energy and I wanted to create a meditation area there.
    Then I learned it’s history and it’s identity- that until the early 1940’s it was considered extinct for several million years- and the first one found was on the grounds of a temple. Somehow i had intuited this tree’s uniqueness. I felt very lucky to have bought a house with a Dawn Redwood in the backyard. The original owner of the house was a teacher and I believe she must have heard about this newly discovered “living fossil” and planted one. Five years after I moved there a violent early summer storm struck the tree and ripped a 14 ‘ long section away from the center of it’s trunk. It couldn’t survive the injury and risked falling on my neighbor’s house. In the tree’s early summer feathery-green growth spurt I had to have it taken down. I wept. I will always remember that magnificent tree as something very rare and special , that I was lucky to have experienced the magic of.

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