Soul Work: New Year’s Eve Reading for 2019: Messages from the Runes

Today’s Soul Work and three runes spread reads from right to leftGebo, Kano, and Eihwaz. Guidance received, is from The Book of Runes, by Ralph H. Blum. I selected these Rune Stones for the final reading of the year, dedicated to my outlook for the New Year of 2019.

“The three rune spread reads from right to left. The far right Rune provides an overview of the situation; the center Rune identifies the challenge, and the third Rune indicates the course of action called for.” p. 50 The Book of Runes, by Ralph H. Blum.”

Far right: The overview of the situation: Gebo: Partnership – A Gift.

This Rune indicates partnerships in some form. That means, love relationships, business matters, any and all kinds of partnering are strongly featured.

When drawing this Rune, it is telling you that you must understand that a partnership is only obtained between two distinct entities when they retain their separateness even as they unite. Let the winds of eternity dance between you.

Yet, the most crucial partnership in the universe is calling to you. Your path to collaboration with the Divine (your higher self) is the most significant union. The ultimate gift of this Rune is to recognize the divine in all things, making the partnership a force to be reckoned with. It is also the gift of freedom, from where all other rewards will flow.

Middle: Identifies the Challenge: Kano: Opening, Fire, Torch

This Rune signifies an opening and renewed clarity, casting light upon the darkness which has shrouded some part of your life. Now, you are free to receive the gifts, and to understand the meaning of non-attached giving.

Kano is the Rune of seriousness, clear intent and concentration, all of which you need to begin any new endeavor. This Rune teaches that the more light you have shining out into the universe, the better you will be able to determine what is trivial and out-of-date in your self-education. Fix what needs to be changed.

In relationships, you now have the power to create a mutual opening-up of communications which is the awareness that the light of understanding now exists between you both. It is also the realization that you need each other but that you can still be separate and independent creating harmony by centering your true self.

Far Left: The course of action called for:  Eihwaz: Defense, Avertive Powers, the Yew Tree

When we are tested, we allocate the power to avert blockages and defeat. We also learn to avert any conduct that causes stress in our lives.

Drawing Eihwaz indicates that if there is an obstacle in your path it pays to hang back and take stock of your situation. Don’t press forward because this is not the time that you can make your influence count.

This Rune indicates patience – don’t do anything hectic or crazy, don’t act needy, and don’t lust after a desired outcome. You can’t force the issue.

In fact, this Rune counsels you to take it slow as this is a time of waiting. Perseverance and foresight are highlighted now. The ability to foresee consequences before you act is the hallmark of the profound person. In other words, look before you leap. Don’t just be a doer – be a decider.

Through this period of discomfort and inconvenience, you will experience growth. Even if this time turns out to be difficult, it will eventually lead you to a meaningful conclusion.

My Conclusions

I feel this was a positive and significant reading for 2019. The role of partnerships placed in such a prominent role in the guidance from the Runes tells me that we are in for many positive changes and growth. Eihwaz cautions us to take our time and to look before we leap. Good advice in my book.

Possibly this all bodes well for world politics, too. The Democratic Congress and the Republican Senate could unite and bring about positive change for the United States and the rest of the world. Wouldn’t that be a blessing?

Sometimes I channel my own emotions into these readings. That can’t be helped. As an empath, if I am feeling these things, then I know many other people also feel the rumblings of change.

Today, the last day of 2018, I picked up on a range of emotions floating through the universe. People want justice and laws that all of us abide by. No man is above another. Today, I feel the happiness of hope as it stains the atmosphere with its white light. Most of all, I sense the balance shifting and evening out, creating a level playing field for all to achieve our goals.

Namaste & Blessed Be! Have a safe New Year’s celebration. ❤

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