Living In A Paranormal World

Living In A Paranormal World
Adele Marie Park

As you wake to a new year what are your thoughts? Dread or joy with regard to beginning work again? Resolutions to become healthier, wealthier or a better person?
Will any of your thoughts include what to do if faced with an angry ghost, spirit, demon or even a skinwalker?
I hope they don’t as there is a world which exists alongside our own everyday world.
The paranormal world.
I am about to introduce you to some of the people who live in this world. Who wake knowing that they will brush against the boundaries of the paranormal world with some being pulled in to face danger and in some cases; death.

The Navajo Rangers
The Navajo Nation, in the South Western United States, is a vast 17,544,500 acres. Stunning scenery, deadly canyons and flash floods which can knock out roads or trap the unwary in gullies drowning them. A diverse tapestry of traditions and modern problems face the Dineh people who call this landscape home every day. From domestic problems to livestock problems, they can count on The Navajo police and The Navajo Rangers to help.
The Navajo Rangers were formed in 1957 and are a separate department but work closely with the police. Their duties are varied and they can be called upon to check anything from Livestock permits to suspicious vehicles, but it is their involvement in investigating paranormal cases which I’m concentrating on.
I’m sure most of you have heard of the famous Area 51, Roswell, where a supposed UFO crashed in 1947? Well, it’s around 7 hours by car from that area to The Navajo Nation and UFO sightings are common in the surrounding area as are reports of strange orbs of light. There was a documented case of a woman driving her car and being followed by one of the orbs right to her doorstep.
The Rangers are called out to investigate these bizarre sightings and are often helped by the local branch of MUFON (mutual UFO network).

It is not only UFO sightings which they are called on to investigate.
The Dineh (the correct name for Navajo) are a spiritual people and live by a code of behavior set by their elders. However, as is the same worldwide, a few choose to walk the path of darkness.
Witchcraft can be used to curse and black witches can either be bought to curse people or they put the curse on their considered enemies themselves.
The Rangers are called in to investigate and always protect themselves spiritually before going up against a bad witch.
I have left the blackest witchcraft for last as it has a name and I’ll only mention this once. Skin Walkers. I don’t like talking about them as they are a very real threat and I like to err on the side of caution.
However, these black witches can take on the characteristics of any animal or person they choose. How they become one varies and if you wish to know more you may look it up on the internet.
They are more common than you may think and The Rangers investigate every suspected case. There have been reports over the years of deaths at the hands of these black witches.
So spare a blessing for the Navajo Rangers as they do a damn dangerous job, whether it is going up against drug abusers or black witchcraft.
I have posted a video in which two Navajo Rangers give an insight into what I’ve talked about above.

Courtesy of UMAN TV

If you enjoyed this article next time I will be talking with a paranormal investigator from the UK.
Thanks for reading and remember whatever you believe, err on the side of caution.

23 thoughts on “Living In A Paranormal World

  1. What a great wealth of information in this piece, Sis. I researched the Ute tribes, here in Colorado. They actually believe in faeries and use them in their spiritual work… or so I’ve read. Orbs figure prominently in my fiction. I’ve seen a few in the sky the last few years, but that’s another book. ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    We think of the paranormal as a genre of fantasy and therefore fantasy.. but for some people such as The Dineh (the North American Navajo people) the paranormal is an important element in their lives.. for good and evil… Adele Marie Park introduces us to the Navajo Rangers, who not only work beside the police with regard to worldly events and crimes but also investigate the out of the ordinary happenings common to the area.. UFO’s #recommended

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