Time marches on…

We can only hope we learn something as each year goes by.

We age, of course, look for answers, seek wisdom, work, strive…

To be happy, healthy, and whole.

We want what’s best for our family and friends, truth be told.

We look to the past to plan for the coming days,

Not knowing how things can change in a thousand ways.

We want things to get better; we want to achieve great dreams…

But we can’t see the future or rewrite the past, it seems.

So we’re left with hope, a positive outlook, and our beliefs

To bring us joy, accomplishment, relief.

Deborah A. Bowman

12 thoughts on “Time marches on…

    1. Colleen, yes I know how to do that. Will probably do a cut and paste or an editor’s cut-cut-cut. Need a new picture with the new hairstyle, keeping this one for a long while. I need a photo shoot. I have a friend who can do it. So I’ll do this soon! Thank you so much! It ‘s a new year, and time marches on…⌚📆💌

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