Living In A Paranormal World

Living In A Paranormal World-Part Two
Adele Marie Park

In this article, I am talking with Jayne Mortimore who is a paranormal investigator in Paranormal Voice based in the UK. She will give insight into what a paranormal investigator does, why she personally chose to be one and exactly what the dangers are associated with this choice.
Welcome Jayne, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

Hi Adele.

Can you explain to our readers what a paranormal investigator is, please?

A Paranormal Investigator is someone who investigates, pushes the barriers of research and communication with all types of phenomena. That could be the afterlife, aliens, cryptozoology and any form of supernatural happenings outside of the boundaries of ‘normal’.
For me and the Paranormal Voice team, we choose to study and document the afterlife and especially keen in communication with the Spirit World.

Thank you and how does a paranormal investigator work? What sort of tools do they use?
Assuming we are tools for finding Spirit, there are some which are widely used however, none have given concrete and definitive evidence of the afterlife to say this other realm truly exists. We know it exists but in the eyes of science because it can’t be measured, it can’t be proven.
There are many EMF devices that are commonly used as Spirits are thought to hold electromagnetic energy and these handheld gadgets can measure localised EMF changes. There are several reasons for and against using such devices. Most do not offer stable readings and pick up all sorts of stray signals that can interfere with readings. To use an EMF Meter there must be long periods of baseline testing before use. These are not a form of communication and should only be used to detect the electromagnetic fluctuations in the atmosphere.
Voice recorders and commonly used to try to capture EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena. It’s thought Spirit can imprint voices on to recordings, though sometimes they with pick up the disembodied voices heard by the human ear too.
Ghost/Spirit Boxes are very controversial. A Ghost Box is a device using radio frequency. It is essentially a radio that continually scans the band, whether FM or AM. It’s said Spirit use the white noise to imprint their voices/vocals into this noise. It’s my belief that Spirit will use all snippets of a scanning radio to make voices and sentences.
I am a huge fan of the Ghost Box and have had far too much personal proof to suggest its legitimacy but there are others who think that any voices/noises coming through are no more than coincidental synchronicity. Personally, I only look for intelligent responses, requested repeated words and sentences.
Paranormal Voice has had incredible responses where we have been able to find records of the deceased person or situation.
There are many more paranormal gadgets but these are just basic electronic tools. Some investigators will only use more traditional tools – pen and paper, Ouija board etc.

An investigators technique will vary from person to person or team to team. The basics are to call out for Spirit and hope for some type of response.

When did you realise you wanted to be a paranormal investigator and was there a personal experience that drew you towards this?
I was always interested in out of the norm stuff. When most teens were reading books about their pop idols, I was reading books on ghosts and UFOs. I had some experiences as a child, of the Spirit world. One of the most memorable was seeing a full apparition of my grandfather a few days after he passed away. I was 15 and the house was quite somber, I turned and saw him standing in the doorway, a solid figure just looking at me and smiling. Wasn’t frightening at all. Becoming an investigator was a natural progression after being invited to an investigation with some friends. That was 15 years ago now.

Please tell our readers, if there is such a thing as a normal investigation, what an investigation usually entails.
There is no normal investigation. Each location is different, each alleged haunting individual. A lot has to be considered for an investigation… location hire, insurance, team safety, equipment, team rolls, travel, what type of ways to try to coax activity etc.

For us, we do a lot of video recordings as we find this the best form of documenting the investigation be any response. There is far more work after the actual investigation with footage and audio review plus historical and haunting research before and after each location to bring together the final investigation report.

Thank you. Now, Jayne, I know there are dangers you encounter in being a paranormal investigator, but some of these are not of the paranormal persuasion. Can you tell us first, about the dangers one might encounter in an investigation?
There are many physical dangers involved in an investigation. Dependent on how you investigate, the most common is being in the dark. ALWAYS carry a torch. For us, this isn’t so much of a problem as we investigate during daytime hours whenever we can.
Dependent on your location dodgy flooring, trip hazards, crumbling buildings need to be assessed before starting an investigation.
Also, consider investigating with two or more people and never give out your location publicly before you go there. There are a lot of weirdos around. Always remember to let someone you trust know where you are going and what time to expect you back.
Always go with extra layers too. The temperature has a habit of changing fast as the sun goes down…

Do you believe or have had any experience of a negative spiritual kind during investigating and how can you protect yourself against those dangers?
Definitely, have had negative spiritual encounters. Most memorable ones being at the Ancient Ram Inn and Bodmin Jail. Sadly both too long to explain here.
In my opinion, I believe spiritual protection is a must. There are many forms of protection and I’d recommend looking over YouTube to find the best type to suit you.

Some use white light, crystals, rituals, herbs and many other things. Personally, I believe your protection is as strong as your belief in it.

Lots of people in the paranormal field work with Ouija boards what are your views regarding this?
I have no problems with Ouija boards if used correctly. They always need to be used with someone experienced but I think that regardless of whether an Ouija board or Spirit Box, you are opening the same type of connection. Caution and awareness need to be used in any form of spiritual communication.

Now, I know that the equipment you use is expensive. Have you ever gone old school? e.g. Talcum powder on the floor to catch footprints or string with bells on it?
Yep, we use trigger objects and more simplistic forms of tools. Just a simple marble or an object laid on a piece of paper which has been drawn around to see if said object moved.
The problem with talc is the inability to clean it up if it is spilled. Most historical locations wouldn’t be too happy to get powder in an antique rug or white lines in original floorboards.
My latest item is a fidget spinner. Laid on its side, it’s easy to move because it rests on ball bearings. Not had any results but hope Spirit will try to move it when asked. Can only hope…

A loaded question this one: What do you personally think of the Conjuring movie franchise? The first two being based on true cases, investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
As a non-movie type, I’ve never watched and know very little about these cases. No doubt the films dramatised and exaggerated from the original cases. All movies do that, that’s what makes them fun.

Thanks for having me. Enjoyed answering the questions, it’s been fun.

Thank you, Jayne, for agreeing to this interview.

Paranormal Voice UK has a FaceBook page if you want to know more and also a YouTube channel Paranormal Voice UK.


28 thoughts on “Living In A Paranormal World

    1. Marje, You have had encounters with spirits and I have too, many times since I was 5 years old. I wasn’t scared at all and they sort of became familiar to me, like friends or family, they showed up so often in my bedroom usually at 4 am in the morning and now they show up anytime. I once woke up my sister, so she could see them and it scare her to death. She wanted nothing to do with them. I also have had many frightening experiences with others that I don’t know. I can’t go to antique stores…and you probably understand why. Thank you for sharing your experience with spirits.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Karen, I’ve had encounters as a child too and more recently in my house here in Cambridge. One such encounter became an inspirational idea for an aspect of one of my characters in my novel the curse of time. Both of my daughters have had similiar exoeriences and even one of their boyfriends saw something of an otherworldly nature here too. This house has a paranormal history I’m sure of it.

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      2. Marje, I am so happy to hear from you and that you too had encounters as a child! I never, ever talk to anyone about this and you are the only one that has experienced the paranormal as a child, just like me that I have ever met. Also, a few years ago my husband and I had to sell our home and move because the house was becoming too full of the paranormal, it was affecting my family when they came to visit. Some, most, where just spirits, very active…they just wanted my attention and sometimes help. Some thought that we were intruding on their land, mostly one particular Indian brave who had a hawk who sat on his shoulder. He never did anything frightening. He was pretty amazing.
        However, others were not spirits but elementals. Some were so strange and not normal. they frightened me. They did all kinds of strange things. Also, because you have seen ghosts since childhood, I can imagine that you are also somewhat psychic, like me as well.

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      3. Marje, if you are also psychic, it would be nice for us to share some of our experiences too. Years ago, I was very psychic but didn’t know anything about it or why it was happening to me. It was just sudden, out of nowhere starting when I was a teenager. It was heartbreaking sometimes to know what was going to happen to other people, people I barely knew. If you have ever had a sudden out of body experience, you know how frightening it can be. The decision to tell them or not, was also heartbreaking. I knew exactly where and when the incident would happen, especially when it is like being there when it would happen. I had no control over it at all. Fortunately, I learned to shut down and mostly that works, except sometimes. When asked, I would do readings too, but I stopped that years ago. I now, stay mostly at home and I don’t engage with many people. And, the good news is, our new house is not haunted at all and I only have had a couple of experiences after 2.5 years. I hope I have not overwhelmed with all of this. Most people would not understand. Oh, I am a writer and author too. Karen D. 🙂

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      4. Hi Karen. I am a little bit psychic but not overly so. Sometimes I have a tendency to know when something is going to happen. Usually it is something fairly innocuous. I had a very strange experience when I was young that felt like a ghost had crept into my skin if that is a out if busy experience then I’ve had one. I can understand why you would have felt overwhelmed by your psychic gifts. I would be the same in the same circumstances. Nice to meet a fellow author with similar, albeit more intense experiences 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      5. Marje, Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and mine with you, It is so great to talk to someone who has had similar life long experiences. I don’t have many experiences at all anymore…I avoid it as much as possible and that works for me.
        I would say having a ghost occupy your body as intense…that has never happened to me. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like. I don’t have many premonitions, but when I have had them, they were out of body experiences and frightening and all came true exactly as I saw them.
        Marje, It is such a pleasure to know you and it is great to share our stories. Karen D. 🙂

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