Empathic Shielding and Energy Clearing


How to avoid being drained by energy suckers with shielding and tools to aid in clearing


As empaths we absorb thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others. We are highly sensitive to energies, people, places, and nature.

For those of us who are empaths and often find ourselves being caught up in people’s orbits who constantly lean to us when their life is in turmoil, just know there is help for us to shield ourselves from being drained by low energies, we have only to learn how to use these tools.

The difference between being empathetic and being an empath is empathetic people feel for someone’s unhappy situation whereas an empath actually takes in the vibes of someone, almost like a sponge absorbing feelings, regardless of the emotion they are giving off whether happy, sad, angry etc.

When we’re around negative people giving off their vibes and toxic energy there are a few things we can do to repel those energies from penetrating into our own emotions.

How can we avoid attracting these negative energies when we’re empaths who tend to attract too many feelings? Only what we allow ourselves to give our power to is what can affect us. What permits other’s energy to enter us is when we sympathize with them, leaving us feeling compelled to help. We as empaths, have a dire need to fix people, creating a bond between us and the person in need. We absorb their need for help and that energy stays within us, depleting our own positive energy.

A good head start to avoiding energy draining is to stay protected by first paying attention to our senses. If we begin to feel sensory overload from toxic energy, we must train ourselves to create a mental shield for protection. Besides learning how to shield, it’s important to learn to recognize whose energies around us are stealing our good energy and learning how to keep those people out of our spaces. To limit the amount of people who steal our energy, we must learn to practice avoiding such people. But there will always be times when people will enter our orbit and we may not be able to avoid them, and in those times, it’s time to turn on the shielding.


How to shield

In order to stay grounded and not enable bad energies to seep into our psyches we must first ground ourselves and set intention. By setting intention we first focus on our desire to shield and sending good vibes out to the universe. Often, setting these intentions will drive vibrations, sometimes making the negative person wanting to leave your presence, not wanting the good you project, but we won’t always get that lucky so we must learn how to deflect.

Picture yourself centered surrounded by pink light. Close your eyes and visualize yourself being poured over with pink light from above your head right down all around you, down through your feet, finishing and sealing yourself in with the light going just below the ground. This ensures you are completely sealed as though you are in a bubble. It may help to envision liquid pink bubbles of light being poured over your head and protecting you like a big round soap bubble. Pink light is ethereal and provides a semi-permeable shield, meaning while it repels negative energies it can still allow your good vibes and loving energy to flow out of it becoming a filter of sorts.

The beauty of shielding is that it can be done anywhere, and nobody has to know what you’re doing.  You can be out in public, at somebody’s home or halfway around the world and you have this ability to use it anywhere. You can also use the shielding in your own home when you’re feeling overwhelmed from a guest in your home or from negative energies which may have been left behind after someone left or even if you’re watching TV and listening to negative news.

At home, you can also use objects to keep your work or living space clean from negative energies by setting up an area you like to spend time in with plants (energy absorbers), negative energy repelling crystals and protective stones, and objects symbolic to you such as: Buddhas or angels or any other meaningful items you desire to provide psychological shielding. If you find you are often drawing in negative energies, keeping protective crystals on your person, in your pocket, purse or under your pillow help to deflect negative energy.

Do keep in mind that you don’t have to wait till you feel like you’re in the midst of toxic energy to begin shielding. You can practice shielding at home and do it as a once a week precaution. Take a good minute to prepare your intention and clear you mind and spend a few more minutes envisioning the shield you cast around yourself and focusing on positive messages.


Other Methods of releasing bad energy


Journaling – As a writer, I’m going to add, don’t underestimate the power of journaling. It’s another method of getting what bothers you out of your conscience and sent out into the universe.

Smudging – Burning sage is an age-old secret for dissipating negative energies. Scientific studies have been done on sage for disinfecting air and claim that up to 94% of airborne bacteria can be eliminated by burning sage because burnt sage releases negative ions. It’s no surprise the Latin name for sage is ‘salvia’ which is derived from the word ‘healing’.


I found this wonderful video for beginners who want to learn how to smudge:




Meditation – This can help you prepare for mental shielding. Entering a calm state first will help you perform your shielding, making the practice more effective.


In case you’re not well-versed in meditating, below you will find this short video that can help you with a short meditation.



Ask for protection – Don’t be shy or afraid to ever ask Archangel Michael – our protector angel, to shield you with his purple light when you feel you need immediate shielding. Whether you are aware of your protective angels or not, we all have angels around us. Archangels are unlimited in their abilities to be there for anyone who calls on them. All you need to do is ask, Please surround me with your protective shield now Archangel Michael.

I came across this informative article sharing some other wonderful ideas for removing bad energies from your homes:



The above is an in-depth article on tools to clear bad energy, but this video is a great instructional for beginners:


In conclusion, learn how to set boundaries to keep negative people out of your circles. I know well from experience that is not always possible, but I’ve come a long way learning to dodge situations when my radar detects negative energies. Like anything else in life, we must train ourselves to become aware of our feelings and the energies that surround us to learn to avoid energy suckers. In those instances when we do find ourselves trapped in a situation with a negative or toxic person, practice your shielding.


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68 thoughts on “Empathic Shielding and Energy Clearing

  1. Interesting info to know and try out. There is always some negative energy around that we may need to divert away from us. Thank you for sharing, Debby. I try to stay away from negative people but like you said sometimes you can’t control when someone will come into your life and bring negative vibes with them. Blessings & Hugs, my friend. 🤗 😘 ❤️

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  3. Great post and videos. I’ve never smudged with sage before all because I wasn’t sure how to do it! Now I know! Interesting about the pets though. I have older pets, so sounds like maybe smudging isn’t the thing to do quite yet!

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  4. Debby.. LOVE this post.. and I had to take myself in hand only this last month and remember to shield and protect myself from the draining effect of energy vampires..
    I smudge, sage is a wonderful cleanser, I wear crystals and even sleep with them under my pillar.. I have a sleeping Buddha on the top of my landing, lol, a huge wooden statue.. I also have a kind of crystal alter, you know I journal… 🙂 I regularly do QiGong exercises in which I incorporate one set of movements which are said to help smooth and clear the aura..
    Yet despite all of my inner knowing, I often wonder what hits me.. and my last long absence was through just such a mood..
    Something I am trying to write about now, and put into understandable words, which is why the poem I posted filled in for a time..
    I nearly didn’t want to come back to blog land..As i felt what was the point!!.. I know not me.. But the intense energies which have been hitting us with the plasma shifts have drained me too..
    So this post is very VERY timely for me Debby.. and it will be one I may want to share on my blog at some point in the future with your kind permission my friend..
    Thank you again for your insightful post..
    You are a Gem… I will leave my comment here Debby as I get to see your reply from here.. lol…
    Many thanks again..
    Much LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sooooo much Sue for sharing your own experiences with the shifting energies that have been going on. As you know they have also been affecting some of us here severely too. This doesn’t mean we have to give up on protecting ourselves. Imagine if we didn’t how much worse it could be? We must continue to use our tools as the transition of topsy turvy goes through the universe, and hang on tight as we all know we must go through the purge before we can complete the new order. ❤ And oh, wow, I'd be thrilled if you'd like to reblog. Love and hugs ❤ xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Many thanks Debby, I will most definitely be reblogging this as it will be a good post to introduce people who are not aware of Energetic transferences..
        And yes we need to hold onto our hats, we ‘aint seen nothing yet’ as they say.. ❤ Mega Hugs Debby.. ❤

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  5. Reblogged this on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary and commented:
    After reading Debby’s post after writing it for The Sisters of The Fey blog, about empathy. It so struck a chord with me that I needed to share it with my readers.

    This post falls in nicely to what my own post will be about sometime in the future. And if you can understand more about such energies and how we are all connected, you will understand the need to follow some of the advice Debby so excellently gives us during this time as the energies upon our planet begin major changes.

    D.G. Kaye https://dgkayewriter.com is a nonfiction/memoir writer, writing from her life experiences and self-medicating with a daily dose of humour. Live Laugh Love and Don’t Forget to Breathe! Is her motto..
    Enjoy, and thank you Debby for your kind permission.

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  7. Debby, thank you for this post – it has opened my eyes a little to something I’ve noticed that’s going on around me at the moment. From the back of it, I’ve created a little Angel reminder which I’d like to share. Great timing! 🙂

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  8. Fascinating post, Debby. You already know (no surprise) that I am an empath, and I’ve learned over the years to distance myself from negative people as a protective mechanism. I hadn’t thought of trying the bubble technique, which sounds almost identical to what I teach clients to do in sports, as a psychological way of blocking out negative thoughts and influences as a means of enhancing performance.
    Now I feel like going – duh…

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  9. I’m an empath so I found myself nodding through much of this one, Debby. It’s easy to take on worries of someone else, especially when I care deeply for them. Thanks for telling me more about how to shield myself. Excellent writing.

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  10. Debby- this is marvelous material that I really needed right now. I don’t know if I can explain to you-but I think you’ll understand, I give my “all” when I teach my classes but when I come home my energy is shattered. I am definitely going to practice using a pink shield! Thank you for all the information and the videos. You are an angel! 👼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thanks for that lovely compliment Pam. And yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about. As an empath, I know exactly what you mean about having your energy drained. I’m happy that my offerings here will help with that. ❤


  11. Wonderful post. I started doing weekly shielding with sage and sweetgrass a long while ago, but also mentally energize the chakras when I need an extra “boost.” I came here from Sue’s blog – and I’m learning what a treasure trove of beautiful information lives here. Thank you for your wisdom and love in sharing. Have a wonderful week!

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  12. thank you so very much for this wonderful article. i feel so blessed that Sue reposted this so I could have the privilege of reading this post. i walk through my day and can feel others’ sorrows, hate, love, worry and didn’t understand why or how. but now i can work on protecting myself as i am so exhausted by the end of an afternoon. Bless You!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you for writing that. Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind and I just can’t understand why I can heal from all of my autoimmune issues, but I am guessing this may be a factor. Again, I am thrilled you are here. Bless You.

        Liked by 1 person

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  15. Very well written article with lots of helpful information. My daughter and I just did a smudge of our shared home after her brother and his ex-wife left. They had been here helping for 2 weeks but carry an exhausting energy. We took a weekend trip to the beach to walk barefoot on the sand and in the water to smudge ourselves. 🙂 Smudging was done as we went out the door. You have so many good techniques here for self protection and I use many of them. I’m glad Sue reblogged your post. She has a good heart.

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