5 Amazing Facts about Human Auras You Probably Didn’t Know

I’m reblogging this amazing post by Christy Birmingham from When Women Inspire.


The concept of auras has baffled and excited humans for centuries. An aura is defined as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a person. However, in your practical experience, you will realize this better as the vibe or a certain feeling that you get when a person is around you. No wonder, you feel happier with some people and anxious with others, irrespective of their behavior itowards you. If you want to know more about why this happens, here are some amazing facts about human auras that you must know.

1. The aura has 7 layers.

Human auras have seven layers, each of them corresponding with a chakra in the body. Starting from the nearest to the physical body, these layers are:

  • Etheric (physical)
  • Astral (emotional)
  • Mental
  • Astral body (love)
  • Manifestation (spiritual)
  • Celestial (intuition)
  • Ketheric template (connection with the divine)

These layers connect with the body, brain, mind, spirit, and heart. Thus, they influence the way you think, behave, and live your days. Through regular chakra balancing, you can begin to feel balance within the body, a boost in positive energy, and diffusion of unhealthy energy.

2. The color of the aura reflects physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

The aura is a mix of colors, and a specific color predominates at any point in time, depending on the current  of state of thoughts, emotions, and health. For instance, a dominant yellow indicates that you feel energetic and alive, while red is an indication of deep-seated anger and negativity.

While human auras can be complicated to read, Stan Millhouse from www.psychic2tarot.com says that they can provide significant insight about a person’s spirituality, as well as their mental and physical welfare.

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Source:  https://whenwomeninspire.com/2019/03/25/facts-human-auras-surprising/#comment-43218

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