Clearing with Selenite

Today I want to talk about the crystal – Selenite. You may remember I mentioned this stone in my LAST POST on energy clearing. So today I thought I’d follow up that post with getting more into this wonderful tool for clearing.


What is Selenite?

Selenite is part of the quartz family, a crystalized form of gypsum, often referred to as ‘liquid light’. Selenite has the ability to open our crown, third eye and higher chakras, making it an excellent tool to use with any spiritual cleansing.

Selenite is found in quite a few countries such as: Greece, Mexico. and the U.S.A.. It is associated with the moon’s lunar cycles, originally named for the Greek Goddess Selene.


Healing Properties

Selenite is known for its connection with our third eye chakra. Light energy radiates through this stone, promoting honesty and purity, forcing the holder of the stone to become open and receiving, thus helping with clearing energy blocks by allowing energy fluidity to promote raised awareness. Selenite is a wonderful divination tool for connecting with spirit guides and guardian angels. Wearing Selenite jewelry is helpful to ward off receiving negative energies and keeps the energy sucking vampires from stealing our energy.


How to Use

A good piece of Selenite to use for clearing is in the form of a wand. Wands typically are about 6 to 8 inches long. The wand has more than one use. You can create a space for yourself where you like to spend time and place the wand along side any other tumbled crystals you have that you feel empowers you in a dish or a bowl and keep them near to keep good energy in the room. The wand will keep your other stones charged at the same time because Selenite is a self-cleansing stone and has the energy to cleanse other stones. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to keep cleansing your stones after taking in negative energies if the Selenite were on top of the other stones.

You can use the wand to help with meditation. Make sure one end points toward your crown chakra and the other to the root chakra (vertically), then begin your chosen mantra.

One of the best uses for this wand is for removing negative energies on your person by holding the wand and circling it around your body from head to toe. Again, hold the wand vertically and begin by circling around the top of your head and continuing downwards the length of your body down to the feet. This is known as brushing because the energy cleansing wand picks off the negativity energy that has clung to us, almost like a lint brush.

You can purchase Selenite in many forms. Some common forms are in chunks, long bars and smaller stones. Some people like to keep chunks of Selenite in some corners of a room to keep good energy or place smaller pieces on window sills. Keeping a piece under your bed is said to promote better sleep and recharge yourself.


How to Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is known as a self-cleansing stone, and has the power of cleansing other stones when Selenite is placed upon or beside them. But, like anything else, it still doesn’t hurt to cleanse your Selenite stones once in awhile if you wish, especially if you’ve been using it a lot to clear. There are two ways to cleanse Selenite. You can light a sage smudgestick and wave it over the stone or you can cleanse it like you would any other stone by leaving it on a window sill for a day to recharge by sun and moonlight. But never use another common method that is effective for many other stones by using water. Selenite is a porous stone and it must be kept away from water.

In conclusion, you can choose to place a piece of Selenite wherever you feel you need to keep good energy flowing. Below I’ve included a great short video from the Energy Muse, which will give you a good idea of what Selenite looks like and how to use it to clear negative energy.



Selenite wand
My Selenite Wand


How to Use Selenite


More about Selenite uses and origins:


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50 thoughts on “Clearing with Selenite

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  2. Debby, what a great post. I have never used selenite, actually, just a few crystals and I have a pendent set in silver with a beautiful crystal that I sometimes wear when I feel negative energy. I guess I should buy a selenite stone absolutely, Thank you for wonderful informative post. I Probably know more a selenite now, that any other stone. Karen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for adding to the conversation Sarah. I’m thrilled to hear you use selenite in all its various forms. I want to buy myself a few chunks to keep more around myself. And yes, I’ve heard many using it for candle holder. I hope to find a nice one for myself too. 🙂 xx


  3. Debby I just LOVE your Selenite wand.. I have several wands and I have some huge pieces of Selenite, this stone polishes up beautifully, A friend within my circle made me a cross out of a piece one time, and I find this crystal a powerful friend..
    Many thanks dear Debby for sharing your wisdom about the Crystal kingdom..
    I retired from my crystal healing some years ago, but still use them within my own daily use.. Now to settle back and watch the video you provided. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sue, I’m not surprised you work with crystals too. I love my wand and some of the smaller stones I keep in a bowl with others on an altar. I do have to buy me some more chunks to have around too. Thanks so much for stopping by and adding to the conversation my friend. Hugs xox ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I used it in healing a lot.. its got several uses properties, but I used it more to clear and cleanse patients negative energies..
        I would also programme Quartz crystals small ones I would buy specially and after a healing session, of clearing say a cancer patient, I would do a ceremony and bury the crystal back into mother earth..
        I no longer do crystal healings or hands on, only for family and friends who ask..
        My Granddaughter often picks up the crystals and remembers what they are..
        I too have an alter and bowl of sand I keep alot of my crystal jewellery in.. Here are just a few of mine Debby.. 🙂 they are all over my home.. LOL ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She is very spiritual aware at aged 8 and has a little invisible friend, The eagle painting I did hangs above her bed in our home when she sleeps over.. She said Grandma, How did you know the Eagle is my Spirit totem!! Even I was taken aback.. 🙂 lol..


  4. Stones fascinate me. I’m only beginning to learn about their healing qualities and the variety of forms and types. Your post was wonderful to introduce me to Selenite. I actually have a hard time keeping track of which stone carries what properties. But this sounds like one I should definitely have, Deb. Are they found in jewelry often? I have some buddha earrings that have a clear stone (obviously not diamond). I’m wondering if it’s selenite. In any case I’ll be getting me a big slab of this one. I like that it self cleans and re-charges with the sun and moon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy I can help you out a bit here Lis. I’m going to take a guess your earrings are made of quartz, which is also a great grounding stone. But yes, because selenite holds so much of its own power and is self cleansing as well, it’s great to have a wand for clearing yourself and some chunks to place around the home. I haven’t seen too much in jewelry myself with selenite, but you can always buy a small stone and they sell those little wire casings for stones in the same places you’ll find stones, which you can hang from a necklace, or anything really! 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m going to be honest here (cringe) and admit I know so little about crystals. What I DO know is that I’m attracted to them. Also, since I was a child (literally, since I was 4 years old) I have wanted a wand. I used to make my own with a stick. My friends made fun of me, so I’d hide it under my bed. I truly did not know that we could buy wands – How do I find a selenite wand? You and your followers here are teaching me so much!

    Liked by 1 person


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