Synchronicity at it’s Finest!

Have you ever experienced synchronicity? I share my newest experience with the universe. ❤

Colleen M. Chesebro

You know the old saying that when the universe speaks you listen? That is exactly what happened to us during this turmultous move. When the house deal in Albuquerque fell through, we headed to Seal Beach, CA to my husband’s brother’s house to decide what to do next.

Interstate 40 is a long stretch of road that cuts deep into the New Mexico/Arizona desert. Along the way, I had a spiritual encounter. I felt the universe hold me close as if time was suspended and unmoving. Suddenly, I knew that we were meant to live as close to my brother and sister in law as possible. The message was loud and clear… move to the Phoenix area!

So, our journey from Colorado morphed and changed once again. We arrived in Seal Beach and shared our news. My hubsband’s brother and sister in law are getting on in years and we…

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Herbal Magick: Chicory, The Clock Flower | Lilith Dorsey

I love chicory! Lilith Dorsey explains that "Chicory is one wonderful magickal edible. Growing just about anywhere, this herb is very hardy. It is found growing in Europe, Africa, America, and Australia and New Zealand. Also called succory, coffeeweed, and blue sailors, it has been used for its healing properties for almost 5,000 years. Over …

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Your Stealthy Pagan Garden | Molly Khan

Our new house will allow me the freedom to set up my flower beds the way I want. I have plans to grow veggies and herbs - things I can use in the practice of Faery Craft.  One thing I've learned is that we must open and close our gardening sessions with prayers and offerings …

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A Magic Wand Find! Plus Harry Potter Sorting Houses – Shock/Horror – I’m in #Slytherin

I've been spending a lot of time recently in the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge as I work nearby and have a free pass. I discovered this fetching piece of twig whilst I was wandering about. Some might say it is just a twig but I sense it might be more. Look at that eye in …

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Otter Lore

I came across this lovely article today in my Trees For Life newsletter. Otters were a huge part of my childhood as the burn (small river) beside our house in Orkney, had otters who made their home there. Several generations were born on the banks of the burn and I was lucky enough to see …

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New Moon Blessings May 2019

Welcome to New Moon Blessings for May 2019! We are about to write our NEW MOON checks and this is your reminder. The NEW MOON for May is the 4th, so  on the 4th or the 5th, write your Law of Abundance check. How do you do that? What would that look like? I have …

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