Developing Your Psychic Skills

Developing Your Psychic Skills Karen Anna DeMers (Dowdall) Since this is my first post as a Member of The Sisters of the Fey I will tell you a little about my journey as an empath and other psychic traits. On the Zodiac Chart, I am a Cancer and until recently, I never studied …

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Self Loathing-It’s a thing, folks.

I read this article which I link to below and bang did alarm bells ring. It is clear, concise and best of all it provides us with easy solutions. It's not all about the reasons or the medical talk, it gives you answers. Please read and yep there are trigger warnings for the following: if …

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New Moon Blessings August 2019 extra

Welcome to New Moon Blessings for August 2019!  There is a 2nd NEW MOON for August, so we are writing another check this month. From this point forward, you will notice the shift of dates of NEW MOONS in one month and FULL MOONS in the next. We are about to write our NEW MOON …

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Patheos – Irish-American Witchcraft: Evolution of My Spirituality | Morgan Daimler

Morgan Daimler has become an influential resource for me as I research my way into faery craft. You can learn more about her on her blog: Living Liminally, Here. *** My witchcraft isn't something that fits well in the ceremonial magic structure or the neopagan one that comes from it; it's far closer to early …

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Ghost Tour: Edinburgh #Vaults #Greyfriarsbobby

I've always wanted to go on a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh and this time I did. Just before we left there was a spell of thunder and lightning and I was beginning to wonder just how dramatic our night out was going to be! One of the stops on the tour was Greyfriars Cemetary - …

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As a part of the universe, we all collect energy. Some of these energy debris attach to us through our auras, especially when we encounter people who drain the absolute life out of us. I struggle with this anytime I come into contact with other people. As an empath, I suck up their emotions, to …

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Welcome to Karen DeMers Dowdall, Our Newest Sister of the Fey

Our author/blogging collaboration continues to grow with the addition of our newest Sister of the Fey, Karen DeMers Dowdall, AKA Karen Anna Dowdall. Welcome Karen Anna! Karen DeMers Dowdall, AKA Karen Anna Karen will share posts related to psychic skills that are actually a part of what Fairies, Witches, Seers, Mermaids, Nymphs, and Empathic people …

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Events Unfurl ~

Powerful words to contemplate from our sage friend Sue Dreamwalker

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

I sit within my own space looking out at upon the world

And what I see upsets me, as events unfurl.

Strong that I am, for I came to be part of the ALL

I play my role, even though that part is small.


I try to spread a little light along the rugged road

And open up our thoughts to lighten up the load

But sometimes I can’t shake the disappointments of our Earth

And others need to remind me, of my inner self and worth


The division between the nations, the wars, the suffering

Help me put into perceptive my own minds meanderings

One thing I know for certain, is that united we must stand

And not let our differences stop us from reaching out our hands


In helping fellow beings as events begin to unfold

And let them know we care, so reach out…

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Earth Angels and Lightworkers

We are all spiritual beings of light, but not everyone is deemed a Lightworker or an Earth Angel. Earth angels are born into the physical world to become beacons for humanity and the earth to help spread light, love and peace. Earth angels are known as evolved spiritual beings and highly evolved souls who've spent …

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Draw a Bird Day: Grackle

Spend some time with the ‘magical’ Grackle! Painting and poetry by Kerfe. Can’t you feel the energy?

method two madness

grackle photo s

Every beach vacation comes with its own bird. One year it was mockingbirds, one year a very vocal cardinal.  One year, crows.

This year we were accompanied by grackles. They would sit on the railing of the beach house speaking in their rusty tongue, lined up like soldiers. If one turned, all turned.  Once they saw someone was paying attention they would vocalize a bit more and suddenly disappear.

On the beach they appeared ahead of my walking path and waited for me, foraging in the waves. As soon as I caught up, they flew off ahead again.

Although it’s natural to see their iridescent strutting as a variation on crows, grackles are actually part of the lark family, related also to blackbirds and orioles.

But they do have a connection to crows—all back birds are said to know magic, to live on the borders of the possible unknown.


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