Earth Angels and Lightworkers

We are all spiritual beings of light, but not everyone is deemed a Lightworker or an Earth Angel.

Earth angels are born into the physical world to become beacons for humanity and the earth to help spread light, love and peace. Earth angels are known as evolved spiritual beings and highly evolved souls who’ve spent time in higher spiritual dimensions of love and light. They vibrate with light and were summoned to earth to serve as lightworkers.

Angel studies tell us lightworkers originate from the 7th and 9th dimensions of angelics, incarnated into physical form with an appointed mission to awaken others with life lessons and by events to help share divine truth. Being an earth angel means to be called through the soul to help others by spreading messages of compassion and kindness to help make a difference on earth. You can also note that just because someone is an earth angel, doesn’t necessarily mean they are without faults of their own or that they grow actual angel wings. Earth angels still experience the same ups and downs in life as every other human.

Earth angels are helpers in the living world with a past history of helping and healing in a previous life and their gifts are used to raise vibrations of humanity. Many earth angels who are aware of their gifts were chosen to spread goodness during this sweeping period of change and growth, and to help deflect negativity by sharing alternatives to hopelessness and indifference. Earth angels are here in this transitional time to assist the world of merging eras, and to help bring mother earth and humanity into a higher vibrational place of love and peace through loving energy.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions below, you may consider yourself an earth angel:

  • You are always willing to help others with ideas, solutions and support
  • You are one who seeks to better situations
  • You often aren’t comfortable with asking for help for yourself
  • Your senses  are always tuned into high vibrational energy
  • You have the ability to lift other’s spirits
  • You always look for the good, even when it’s difficult to envision
  • You are gifted in the arts, writing or healing
  • You feel other people’s pain and are empathetic to those who suffer
  • You often attract needy people
  • You abhor confrontation
  • You sometimes struggle to remain grounded (angels don’t stand on their feet, they float)
  • You aren’t selfishly competitive and always wish others well in their endeavors
  • You are sensitive to energies
  • You often feel alienated from those who don’t understand you
  • You may feel overwhelmed in crowds because of too much energy emitted
  • You grew up feeling you could never relate to your immediate family, or that you were sent to an emotionally distant and dysfunctional family to teach them life lessons
  • People you’ve met briefly feel an openness to confide in you
  • You are a born teacher
  • You uplift others
  • You often feel like a lone wolf
  • Others often seek your guidance
  • You’ve had a difficult childhood
  • You abhor discord and can’t tolerate violence
  • You’re naturally intuitive

If you can answer yes to most of the above questions and strive to: enlighten others, often find yourself wondering why you were put on earth or feeling that you aren’t living  in a place where your heart longs to be, you believe in magic, and allow your intuition to guide you, you can most definitely consider yourself a lightworker or earth angel.

I know for certain I am an earth angel, not only because I can tick off all of the above, but because I possess the sense of knowing. And it’s all been confirmed to me through the years and various past life readings. Are you an earth angel?



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35 thoughts on “Earth Angels and Lightworkers

      1. Debbie, I wanted to say much, much more about you, but I will get the chance again, I am sure. Yes, you are an earth angel and I think that our group especially, are too, in various levels of growth. I do believe that Sally is one too, because of all the good she does with so much forbearance, especially when it comes to me. I am always a day late, but I am improving. My new habit is to use my mornings to answer all comments and making comments too, as well as reblogging,s and doing a post at least twice or more per week, taking time out of writing (the writing is not going to disappear – it is still there). I am so looking forward to doing a post monthly on Sisters’ of the Fey.

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      2. Karen, you’re such a sweety. And we are thrilledddddddddddddddddd to have you part of our sisterhood. And never apologize for being late. We all have so much on our plates. Eventually, we all get there. ❤ xoxo

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  1. Debby loved reading and although I can tick lots of boxes, I wonder at times what my mission on earth is… The sense of ‘Knowing’ I truly connect with, some days I feel it a gift, then others a curse.. As my senses right now are telling me things which I would sooner not know..
    But one thing I do know, we volunteered for incarnating within this density in this time and space right now…
    Get ready Debby,, we ain’t seen nothing yet!.. I am thankful that we have those Light-Beings working in the background for Humanity..

    LOVE and Light my friend ❤

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    1. Oh Sue, you know I’m always thinking on your wavelength. Even though Mercury is on it’s disruptive way out, there is still much need to stay buckled up. Yes, having ‘the gift’ doesn’t mean we can ignore the darkness, but like you said, we chose this life and as many of us aren’t yet certain what our messages are, we simply must go forward through it in order to get to the light. ❤ And you have absolutely no reason to question if you are a lightworker. We all know you are. ❤ xxx

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  2. Sis, it also occurred to me that lightworkers also are attracted to each other. It is as if we need each other to meld our energy so that we can broadcast our light out into the universe. When we broadcast that energy, that is when the magick happens. This was a fabulous article and I loved it!! ❤

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  3. As a special education teacher people often ask me how I am able to work with students who have profound disabilities. First, I’m surprised because it always feels so natural to me to do so. I’ve always been drawn to those with disabilities. I believe we are more than our bodies and even if our bodies don’t work right, we are still ourselves. Our spirits dwell within. I love the love within this blog. I firmly believe when there is enough love in the world, all will be healed.

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    1. Hello, Kathy. I’m so sorry it took so long for me to answer your comment. I found you in Spam! I think you tapped into something fundamental when you talk about our spirits. We all have one and if we just take the time to rip our blinders off we could feel the love from each other. There are too many labels, I think. When we shine our love outward is when the collective gathers our energy to heal the world. ❤

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    2. Hi Kathy! So nice to see you here and thank you for adding your warm comment. I totally agree with you, only love and light will heal the world. We must keep it at the forefront. ❤


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  5. I can feel the ❤ in these words and all the loving comments. We need that love more than anything in these times. ❤ has the power to flow over judgments and labels and bring Earth Angels to work among us. ❤ Loving Sisters ❤

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  6. A lovely post, Debby. From the list of qualities, it seems that Earth Angels are also here to work on their acceptance and comfort of self, offering to their own souls what they offer to others. And somehow that seems to fit – that we are givers and receivers in the circle of life, learning as we teach, hopefully spiraling upward in this complicated dance. Thanks for sharing. ❤

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