Developing Your Psychic Skills

Developing Your Psychic Skills

Karen Anna DeMers (Dowdall)

Since this is my first post as a Member of The Sisters of the Fey I will tell you a little about my journey as an empath and other psychic traits. On the Zodiac Chart, I am a Cancer and until recently, I never studied anything about Psychic Skills. We are all born with psychic abilities although some manifest much earlier for some people. Some of my abilities manifested in early childhood.

The Zodiac Chart states that Cancer personalities are emotional, intuitive, and practically psychic, as well as being ruled by the Moon. Cancer personalities also tend to be introverted and I completely fit that description.  I find that I need a lot of time alone and I don’t attend large gatherings of any kind at all. I am literally bombarded by information about things I don’t want to know. I have included the URL here so everyone can look at their own chart; I find this chart to be quite inclusive and complete.

As a child I accepted these strange gifts without making much to do about them, because I thought everyone could do as I did. Children quickly learn, as I learned, that adults dismiss any childish talk about ghosts or as I refer to them, Wandering Spirits. I would see many all at once, from different time periods in history according to their style of dress. This development began for me at nine years of age. Waking me up, they would, at 4 am, and I thought I lived in an enchanted world. My identical twin sister would have nothing to do with them and she would hide under the covers of our bed.

OBE’s, Out of Body Experiences, is something I never told my parents about and certainly never about Precognition, meaning to move forward in time or Retrocognition, to move back in time.  I recently learned these two words in Judy Hall’s Book of Psychic Development. Who would believe that a child could leave her body, Remote Viewing, and travel to another place, another completely difference way of life, and observe – No one.

I also learned by accident that I could read, feel, see, view many things just by touching objects and that would reveal their amazing history. I, therefore, no longer go to antique sales or antique stores. My cousin and I, when we were in elementary school, would often search the forest where we lived for artifacts. We found quite a few, but that meant experiencing what were often sad and scary visions. This is called, as I  am sure everyone knows, Psychometry: the ability to read the retained impressions left on an object. (I had a huge stone collection). We gave the artifacts to the local historical chapter where we lived.

Beside objects, I could often read people in the same way and that is how giving readings to people began when I was much older. This happens when our gifts work together as one psychic skill. It can be very powerful indeed. Something not to take lightly as we learn more about our psychic skills.

Readings can drain away energy very quickly…that will certainly happen without training. For me training came with experience only. This, I learned, can be a dangerous thing to do, because being too open without being grounded causes highly sensitive people to be drained by Energy Vampires and allows questionable elements into your presence.

Being psychic is a natural ability that everyone has, but it can be dangerous without learning how to be grounded and it is essential to learn how to close your Psychic Window when needed.  For example, it was just three years ago that I had to close my Psychic Window for a time. Our lovely home was beginning to be filled with many Wandering Spirits, some good and some who liked to play tricks. Others, called Elemental, can be very dangerous and difficult to remove.

We had to move away, and I had to get rid of some antiques as well, that were, no doubt, adding to the problem. I realized that where we lived was a place that had experienced all kinds of trauma that the land still held. The house was brand new, but the land turned out to be a haven for rascal elemental and troubled spirits. Unfortunately, there were no fairies to help me, they had more sense than I did. I don’t blame them either and we left for saver ground. It has now been three years since I have experienced any problems in our new home – nary a Wandering Spirit to be had!

                    Next month, October 1st

I would like to hear from those that would like to talk about their experiences, and it is important to know where we should begin our study of Psychic Skills. It should be as close to the same level of need for everyone to learn as a group. Also, please share aspects of your Zodiac Chart as that is an important aspect in learning these new skills of a psychic nature.


This photo depicts what is often thought by many people about psychic powers (gifts) and this is not at all what it is like for most people having who are developing their psychic gifts. I will explain why next time we meet October 1, 2019. Have a lovely Labor Day Holiday!

30 thoughts on “Developing Your Psychic Skills

  1. Hi, Karen! Welcome to The Sisters of the Fey! I look forward to your posts. One statement you made at the beginning was that we are born with psychic abilities and to that, I agree. It is in the learning to open that we begin to have experiences such as you described as a child. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Hi Jan, so nice to meet you too. Some of us are born open, unfortunately, and I had to quickly understand what was happening, but I had no fear at all. That can be very dangerous. So, learning to close that Psychic Window is not easy. We humans are very curious by nature. Please add to our Sisters of the Fey conversation, because it sounds like your psychic abilities are evident to you. It would be great to have a partner in this field of study. If at anytime you wish to do a post and share what you know that would be wonderful. Karen Anna 🙂

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  2. Hi, Karen. What a great discussion. I don’t consider myself to be psychic. I know I have great intuitive skills I’ve learned over the years, but I don’t have a seer’s eye. I do enjoy my Runestones but feel they speak to me differently. I can only imagine how scary it must have been to receive those psychic impressions from antiques. How did you learn to shut those images off, or can you? ❤

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    1. I shut them down, for the most part, but it is just something that I must constantly be aware of to keep that “door” closed, just like banking a fire to keep it from burning, but the embers are still there – just waiting to flame. It is constant effort, I just block incomeing information. Karen Anna 🙂

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  3. Fantastic post Karen, and welcome to the Fey. I know it can be a curse, but seriously, what a gift to have. So you must have news from the future for us? ❤ And I know exactly what you mean about spirits who get stuck behind in older homes. But how magical would it feel to be able to hold an object and learn secrets from it. Fascinating! 🙂 xx

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    1. Debbie, Yes, reading objects was always so very interesting and exciting too. No real danger there, except if a spirit or elemental was attached to it. I still do, occasionally see future things, but very foggy. I closed my psychic window more than 3 years ago. Although, I still get strong impressions of all kinds. I never to go antique stores anymore for years. To easy to bring something back that was attached and troubled. I really don’t want too many people knowing all of this, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now. With each Psychic Skills post I will also include one of my experiences (I have many stories to tell on each of the pyschic skills we discuss). Happy Labor Day! Karen Anna 🙂

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      1. I am still fascinated with it too. Although, for my families sake, I have closed my psychic window as much as I can. I have never studied it, nor do I mediate at all. It just happens all on its own and always has except with readings when asked to do so. Hugs xxx and thank you for your encouragment. Karen Anna

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      2. Debby, sometimes when I go to your blog and I comment, I have to leave all my information as thought I was brand new and so I fill out the form once again and then comment but the comment never shows up on the page. So, I will say that I love “The Changing of Seasons – The Embers”. Beautiful and perfect.
        Karen Anna 🙂

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      3. You are too sweet. And I’m sorry for the grief and I did get your comment. I know, I hate that stuff, but it’s on all people’s blogs with their own domains since that GDR rule came along. I have to do the same on many blogs. And also, my blog I have it set that no comments will post til I approve. That way trolls and spam don’t get on my blog. It’s a drag, so I appreciate your visits. ❤

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  4. Sally, it does take a bit of courage to reveal this. I closed my psychic window more than 3 years ago now, because when family comes to visit I don’t want them to be confronted with a wandering spirit and that has happened in the past. My husband wasn’t to thrilled about it either. 🙂 heehaa Most people think that they would be okay with seeing one…but that is not the case at all. I hope you have a lovely weekend Sally! Karen Anna 🙂 hugs xxx


  5. Fantastic first post, Karen, welcome to the Sisters. I can pick up the history of objects by touching them too and see spirits and have interacted with the Good Folk. Also, I receive messages from those passed over, especially family. Thank the Goddess you moved from that land. Can you please explain what an elemental spirit is?

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    1. Adele, thank you for the wonderful compliment. It is so wonderful to find out that you are a kindred spirit and that you are like me, but truthfully, I sensed it about you the moment months ago when I first joined Sister’s of the Fey. I sensed all except for the Good Folk and that must be so exciting. I only have had that experience when I was very young. I have had only a few messages from people that have passed on, and only if asked to do so by a grieving relative. I see things that are going to happen to people, but I have closed my Psychic Window as best I can, but it still happens sometimes. An elemental is not a spirit, is a another form of life, they come in many different forms, some good and some bad. They have always existed on earth and who knows where else. See you next month and I will talk about the elementals too and it is so great to know you. 🙂 Karen Anna



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