Faery Ancestry & Humans

I am enjoying the new Amazon Prime Series called “Carnival Row.” Here is what this series is about:

Carnival Row follows “mythical creatures who have fled their war-torn homeland and gathered in the city as tensions are simmering between citizens and the growing immigrant population.”[2] At the center of the drama is the investigation into a string of unsolved murders, madness of power, unresolved love, and social adjustment eating away at whatever uneasy peace that exists.

Carnival Row: Wikipedia.com

Needless to say, the series features faeries and other magical creatures. The filming is gritty and dark – almost in a steampunk sort of way, but the storyline is riveting! There is nudity and sex, so I would say this is NOT the kind of movie for children.

As if on cue today, I found Morgan Daimler, my authority on faery lore, had put out a timely video on Faery Ancestry and Humans.

You have to wonder, did humans and the Fey have sex?

And, if so… could humans have faery blood?

Watch the video and find out! While you’re at it, tune in to “Carnival Row.” I highly recommend it! ❤

Thanks for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “Faery Ancestry & Humans

  1. We have this series waiting to watch, I can’t wait and now with your recommendations, it’s a given. I’ve always wondered about human and fae relationships as there is too much lore from years of stories about people with fey blood or selkies. I’ve saved the video to watch later and look forward to it. Great post, sis. ❤

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  2. I have seen this advertised but do not get Amazon on TV, it looked very interesting,.. And one wonders as the Fairy realm was clearly seen in the world once upon a time before this Matrix was tampered with..
    I do believe the realms still exist side by side or within each other but we now reside in the density of 3D while they reside at another frequency only being glimpsed when our levels of consciousness allows… or needs to see..
    Could Humans have Fairy blood? a good question, why not!…
    Many thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. It’s a fabulous love story, Sue. Yet, it also mimics the immigration crisis in a way that should convince people of the error of their ways. The Fey are an ancient magical race in this depiction. It’s really excellent! ❤️


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