Developing Your Psychic Skills Part 2 Psychic Protection

Now that you have an overview of what it means to be psychic in all most all of the various ways that one can be psychic; here is the first and most important skill you must possess: psychic protection from unwanted, unsavory, negative energies (spirits, elementals, objects that carry negative energy, negative people with dark intentions, and places that have a dark energy).

The first thing that you must learn is to be able to know the difference between a healthy psychic experience and a psychic attack on your person, mentally and physically. This knowledge must come before delving into any psychic skill. It is critical to learn how to identify a psychic attack and they will approach you in many ways. They can even come across, initially, as a healthy experience, but that is only to gain entry into your life, however, there are always clues to be aware of to know the difference. Forinstance, you didn’t invite them in they slipped in with a vague request or question.

I, on the other hand, had to learn the hard way and suffer through many scary situations and even after I had the knowledge of how to protect myself, it was very difficult to get rid of the bad spirits, elementals, and other entities that just want to take over your life. As I mentioned before, my husband and I had to move away, even though I already had much knowledge, because where you live counts. Some geographical areas are just loaded with all kinds of spirits, elementals, and other entities (of which I will explain during my November post).

A psychic attack often comes from a person who wishes you harm and will send you negative energy and/or negative energy spirits in a malicious way to latch on to you and your dwelling.  It bares keeping in mind that this person may not even be psychic, because very strong, dark energy thoughts can be directed at you. It is important that your choice of friends reflect who you are, and to keep at bay others that you can sense are not like you.

Psychic attacks don’t just come from people and wandering spirits, they can come from elementals as well and this can happen when you have not carefully made sure when you mediate to shut out all outside influences, and be very specific when asking a spirit a question because dark energies/spirits can enter that open space between a vague question and answer. A psychic attack can cause terrible nightmares, fear in general of things you were never afraid before, feeling exhausted, sensing a presence, the inability to concentrate, goosebumps, and onset of depression, are but a few.

Here is the way I expel negative energies and prevent psychic attacks and there are other ways too.

  1. The best way to repel negativity energy (spirits, elementals, and negative malicious people) is through visualization especially if you have a vivid imagination. I simple stand/or sit in an open area that feels fresh, light, clear, and I simply close my eyes and imagine a radiant bright light that surrounds me from head to toe and extends several feet from my body. (I chose bright white, but you can choose your favorite calming color.)  Then, I exhale and breath in deeply of the radiant light that surrounds me. (Repeat as many times as you can until you feel clear of the negative energy that is always dark, heavy, and dense. )
  2. 2. Another way is to use Incense to defend your space, clear your environment, and heal from a psychic attack. The smoke of course fills the room, cleanses your space, and often drives out negative energies before they get a chance to attack you. I prefer Betony, it purifies spaces, gives protection, psychic awareness, banishes despair/nightmares. Chamomile is also great for meditation, rest, calmness, purification, and prosperity.  However, what ever scent you prefer will work as well.
  3. There are semiprecious gemstones to help prevent psychic attacks as well. The strongest is Black Tourmaline, then Lapis Lazuli as well as Garnet. These stones don’t have to be large at all, I always wear a Garnet ring.
  4. For me the number one most important element is Salt prior to doing any meditation, psychic awareness, or sensing that something is afoot, like a possible psychic attack, and/or if you feel a spirit or elemental hanging around. I always sprinkle salt around on floors when I am cleaning away negative energy and/or spirits attracted to an empathic psychic.

I have used all 4 methods at once for especially strong presences and negative energy, but only rarely. (References: Psychic Empath by Kimberly Moon published 2019 on Amazon.) Note: if you have any questions, I will try to answer them here.

22 thoughts on “Developing Your Psychic Skills Part 2 Psychic Protection

    1. Hi Carol, no I wasn’t scared for myself just for my relatives. Where one lives matters greatly. For instance, if you live close or on top of an unmarked set of graves or where people were killed in war or murdered, often those spirits stay with there bones, unable or too afraid to leave. Just because a wandering spirit is free to move on, often they are afraid to do so or they are lost and still don’t know what happened to them. Sometimes they are very angry at losing their lives and loved ones.

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      1. I agree with that, Karen.. I always say I get a feel for a house.. Even if I stay somewhere if it doesnt feel right I leave as soon as I can… I seem to pick up on that… I had a scary exp years and years ago and although I have been advised to explore my feelings… I never have.. I don’t want to open up Pandoras box.. If that makes sense.. Have a great weekend 😀 x



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