The Magic of The Dragonfly: Poetry in Motion

Red, Devil’s needle,

Or luck bringer with kind eyes?

Ancient, sweet fellow,

Sacred magic bestower,

Change tumbling on fragile wings.

I added the last line as the dragonfly has such a short life like the butterfly and change can be fragile unless we encourage and nurture it and learn to be our better self.

Recently, on my frequent visits to Cambridge Botanical Gardens I came across a very friendly dragonfly. This particular fellow, or lady dragonfly, landed right next to me on the bench. Mr. or Miss. Dragonfly remained for a very long time as if enjoying my company! I even placed my hand above expecting the dragonfly to fly away but it stayed motionless enjoying the sunshine with me.

It flew off for a few moments and then came back to me as if showing off its flying prowess.

Later, I posted about this encounter on Facebook and received several comments, one of which said: dragonflies are good luck omens and seeing one may denote change.

How interesting! Yes, this ancient insect has many myths and legends attributed to it. In Japan, it is revered as a good luck symbol and often mentioned in haiku poetry. Some cultures link the dragonfly with the dragon which is a startling synergy as I intend to write about dragons in the final book of my YA series The Curse of Time. I’m currently editing book two and hope to have that out by Christmas.

The first book in the series is available via Amazon: Buy Book:

I’d recommend the following post if you want to find out more about dragonflies. It is a fascinating dragonfly article celebrating, or fearing the dragonfly from different countries all over the world from fantasy/folklore blogger/writer L J Sedgwick:

Whatever the truth about dragonflies I like to believe in their magic.

Certainly, it is true that my life has changed in the most amazing way since I’ve discovered the joys of writing, blogging and photography.

Since encountering my dragonfly friend I have written a short story about twin brothers and a dragonfly bound to the magic of the gorgeous Golden Willow Tree.

I’ve mentioned the Willow Tree before in my series of posts about the magic of trees.

It’s amazing that there are ideas/characters/inspirations for writing everywhere. Insects, trees and people, all supply ideas which excite me as I pass by on my way to my day job, or on my days off work.

The two brothers in the story I mentioned above grabbed my attention straight away. I noticed them whilst walking to work. They were such extraordinary looking characters that I just had to write about them! They have no idea what I have in store for them… Thank goodness it’s all fictional. Lol.

If you open your eyes to magic you will discover that there are stories everywhere and then you can learn to embrace change with a full and happy heart.

This was also my post for Colleens’ Poetry challenge with the prompt words: Fall and Give. I used the synonyms tumbling for fall and bestower for give:

Have you had a similar encounter with a dragonfly?

Do let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

Please drop by and visit me at my author blog home:

See you soon!

16 thoughts on “The Magic of The Dragonfly: Poetry in Motion

  1. I was at a park just outside of Edmonton sitting by a small lake. Insects were flying everywhere. I had never had any opinion about dragonflies until one landed on my shirt. At first I was horrified and then I looked down at it. I had no idea how beautiful they were. Like he was made of different shades of metal, almost like he glowed. So lovely. Ever since then they’re my spirit animal.

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