As I was cogitating on what my next article would contain, memories of my childhood filled with spirits and legends came knocking. So, I decided to make the next few articles based on what I remember and how I came to the spiritual beliefs I hold now.

My first memory, I believe I was around three, is nettle picking, yep tiny hands in amongst stingy plants, but I do not remember being stung. I carried my precious bundle back up to the house and headed for the bathroom. All was well and I was full of purpose as I filled the sink with water and soaked the nettles.
Adeline, my aunt who raised me, ran through when the sounds of loud crying reached her ears. The bathroom being next to the kitchen, they didn’t have far to travel. When she asked me what the matter was, I stamped my little feet and shouted.
“I can’t remember what to do next.” followed by a scream of frustration.

Adeline and me

Adeline and me at 6 months old

* * *
My sisters and I have discussed bringing memories with us into our lives, but I’m also a huge believer in genetic memories being transferred as well. So, what was my three-year-old self trying to make? Perhaps a cough medicine, or a rub for my chest?
The first few years of my life I was dreadfully allergic to dust and living on a farm there was plenty of it and nettle can be successful in treating allergies.
* * *
Follow me now to an earlier time when I was still a baby and my Mum was well enough to look after me. She told me that upon putting me down for a sleep, she would hear me making laughing noises and gurgles. When she entered the room I was on my back, hands up in the air and talking in baby language to something she couldn’t see. This happened often and I guess after the first puzzlement, she took it as something her baby did.
Who was I talking to? Were spirits leaning over my cot and making me laugh? I believe they were, whether my ancestors or guardians or just spirits visiting, they were there.

me at 9 weeks old

me at 9 weeks old

* * *
What do you think readers? Do you remember similar encounters as a child? Please do leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments below and join me again for the next part of Living In A Paranormal World.

22 thoughts on “LIVING IN A PARANORMAL WORLD Personal Notes

  1. I loved reading this. Although I do not have my own early memories of feeling that past-life or genetic memory from another time, I loved watching it in my own children. My daughter used to go into her own little blissful world with “Rayna” and my son had an uncanny knack for making beautifully poetic observations, both when they were about 2 yrs. of age.

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      1. Yes, I definitely learned to suppress it as a child in an atheist household. Yet, there’s tangible evidence that the memories were there, even if not allowed their full light of expression. I have a drawing from when I was 5 that is a self-portrait of me with a colorful dress on. The words on it read, “My name is Alethea I once was a gypsy.” 🙂

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  2. When I was in hospital with my second baby on a ward of six, the middle eastern lady in the next bed spoke no English, nor did she respond at all with any expression to the rest of us. While we all tried to wrap up our wriggling cross bundles of baby and try and feed them, her baby lay neatly swaddled, quietly looking around with knowing eyes! He’s been here before I wanted to say to the mother!

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  3. Adele, my sister! I’ve always felt that you come from a long line of faery witches – green/hedge witch healers who knew exactly what to brew up to fix a medical issue. Nettle tea helps allergies, I’ve read. How brilliant is that? You knew there was a reason for collecting those nettles. I had a strange upbringing too. But, you know, the first spell I performed—I cried. I finally felt like I had found my path and come home. It took me long enough! LOL! ❤

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  4. Hello Adele, what beautiful memories. How strange, we all seem to grow up in families that we dont seem to fit in: you with psychic abilities in an atheist family, me with poetic abilities in a family who didn’t have any creative writing interests. I wonder if any other sister experienced this too. I heard voices when I was young. They were calling my name and I felt watched. But I never saw a spirit. I seem to sense things but don’t see them. Thank you very much for sharing your childhood experiences with us.

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  5. Thank you for your post. I am a new blogger, and I wanted to connect with people so I did not feel so alone in my experiences with the paranormal. I can relate to the childhood memories of seeing and feeling things other people around me couldn’t. Throughout my childhood I would see shadow people or people that looked all static-like. Also, my bed (no matter where I slept) would shake gently, almost like it would rock me to sleep. I remember being scared about it, but then became almost comforted by it, only occasionally when I would feel strong negative energy near would the bed shaking got scary. So for years on into adulthood, I thought I had depression and anxiety or some type of mental issues and have taken my share of medication with no relief. I went and saw a reiki specialist and told them of my experiences, and he warned me that his methods could open it up further. This is where I learned that I wasn’t crazy, but gifted( Kinda). I am an empath, as well as maybe an open to the spiritual world that is behind a veil of some sort. So finding people to relate too now is so important to me, mostly because I am looking to understand and become more educated.

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