Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

Developing your Psychic Skills: 3


 Part one

Last month, October 1st we learned about Psychic Protection and this month we will begin to learn how to develop your Psychic Abilities.

The following is the next step we should follow for preparation :

  1. Clear your special space of any distracting objects, people, and meditate for twenty minutes. Practice grounding yourself to where you are, creating a space between you and any distractions.
  2. Psychometry is the good place to start to develop your Psychic skills. You may have already collected special stones or one or two other artifacts that your senses fine interesting for an unknown reason. Through Psychometry (reading an object by touch to feel the energy and any images, thoughts, that come to mind) you will explore your natural abilities first and that will lead to gaining more skills.
  3. Don’t force it, it will come naturally. As you read an object, say aloud to owner of the object what it is you are seeing, feeling, and thinking regarding the history of the piece you are focused on. You will be surprised by what you may discover (trust was you see and feel). With your friend’s permission, ask to record your reading, if you choose to do so.
  4. Continue to be around people who are psychics, empaths, and sensitive people who are like you. They will help you to develop your psychic skills with their energies around you and will make sure you are on safe ground.
  5. After you have read the object write down what images came to you, what thoughts, what sensations that made an impression. Don’t forget to clear your mind and the space you occupy when you are done, do not leave yourself open to outside influences.
  6. Continue to read objects first, and then when you feel you are ready begin to work on the psychic skill that most interest you, objects as in psychometry, premonitions, visions, clairvoyance in general, but to read people, that will come later, much later.

About Psychics

Here I will present several caveats that you will want to know about Psychics.

  1. Never trust a Psychic of any kind who asks for money to do a reading. A true Psychic would never ask for money, because being a psychic is a gift not to be used for profit.
  2. I find that Clairvoyants who say they speak to the dead (and some actually do) who ask for money are not truly honest either.
  3. Never trust any Psychic who tells you something you must do when doing a reading. That is a huge no-no. They have their own self-interest in such a request.
  4. If you should need a Psychic make sure you have questions written down ahead of time.
  5. There are many kinds of Psychics with various skills or focus entirely on the one skill they may have. This is usually is a Clairvoyant who may or may not be speaking to one of your deceased relatives, or problems you may be seeking answers too. It is important that you give no information at all to a Clairvoyant before allowing that person to do a reading for you (no money should ever be involved).
  6. Should you find that one of your strongest skills is being a Clairvoyant (one who endeavors to help a person heal, solve a problem or speak with a love one who has passed), be careful not to embellish what has come to you or if nothing comes to you, be honest about it and say “I am not getting anything at this time and also, should the answer come to me later, I will contact you immediately. This does happen, but I have never experienced it personally.

(If you have questions, please feel free to comment here or at my email address.)

Tarot Cards

On the other hand, people who read Tarot Cards are in the middle. It is a skill that need not be Psychic at all, they are reading cards laid out and then read what they mean. They can ask for money to read the cards to you. It is not a      Psychic skill, although it can be and then that is a different matter altogether

Part 2

This month I will also describe a psychic event that may surprise you or terrify you. But, should it ever happen to you, once you develop your psychic skills, don’t freak out.

A Very Strange Psychic Event

Once, when I was getting known to be a sensitive or a psychic, I was asked to help get rid of ghosts and so I kindly said yes to clear a house of ghosts. The people involved included a female Judge, first name Kathrine, that sat on the bench in a town that would be familiar to you, and also a physical therapist who was best friends with Kathrine; her name was Angie.

This physical therapist was my therapist for a hurt shoulder. As she was working on getting the muscles working in my shoulder I heard her gasp and step away from me.

I said, “what is wrong?” For a moment she said nothing. She was in a bit of shock. Then she said, “I just saw lightening coming out of your back!”

I said, “What?”

“Yes,” she said, “I have never seen anything like it.”

“Well,” I said, “Stranger things…as the saying goes.”

“You ARE a psychic, aren’t you,” she responded.

“I am, I guess.”

“We really need your help with a ghost problem,” replied Angie. “Can you join us at Judge Katherine’s house later this evening. She is terrified.”

“Okay. Where does she live?”

Later that evening, I went to her house and yes, I knew immediately that her house, her property, and the forest behind it was haunted by an entire military brigade from the Civil War and many were on horseback; all deceased, of course.

If this should ever happen to you, you may ask yourself, “Good Grief, what do I do now?” Well, if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, both Kathrine and Angie, stood with me on the third floor balcony that overlooked the forest and the ghostly scene in front of us as all of the ghosts arose on horseback from their resting place. The ghosts were stark white against a moonless night background. I simply spoke to them and told them they were free to go.

But then something even more unusual happened. From the forest came flying toward us a golden-colored egg shaped form, about the size of a small dinner plate, that mutated from round to oval. Angie freaked out and left. I remember hearing her start her car, as the car and Angie disappeared as quick as she could drive away from the many ghosts that had appeared to us.

The golden-colored form encircled first me then Kathrine, who was frozen to the spot where she stood as the golden-form looked at us face to face, inches away. Well, that was enough for Judge Kathrine. She finally was able to move and apparently grabbed her purse and car keys and dashed away like Angie did without a word to me.

So, there I was alone with a brigade of soldiers, horses, dogs, and a few women, dressed as they would have in that time period. They stood near the soldiers. All looking like thick white forms, staring at me as frightened of me as they were of being so lost in space and time, not knowing what had happened to them. I counted more than two dozen all together. It must have been a terrible battle, I thought.

I smiled and wished them well on their journey to heaven. The golden form hovered next to me, like a friend. I said an incantation to further help them ascend and then the most amazing thing happened. They road their horses up into the dark sky and the women and dogs floated up behind them.

I was left with the floating golden orb who continued to be near me, and then face to face; I felt the warmth, the caring, the devotion this entity had for these ghosts, these wandering spirits, that the golden orb had cared for, watched over for more than 100 years. Tears came to my eyes as well as a sea of emotions too.

The golden orb whirled around me one last time, as if saying goodbye, and then the golden orb flew away up to the sky, and joined her family above, beyond the dark sky.

Judge Kathrine never returned to her home and I never saw Angie again either. Kathrine sent movers to remove her things and she quickly put the house up for sale. I never saw or spoke to either of them again.

(If you have questions, please feel free to comment here or at my email address.)

Next Month December 1st

We will focus on being a Psychic Empath for Healing








44 thoughts on “Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

  1. HOLY MOLY! What an amazing tale. I’ve read that there are select lightworkers who can help the dead who are stuck on this side to their destined place of rest. The ghosts I understand. The orb of light fascinates me. I believe the fae travel into this world (from the otherworld) in orbs. That’s why we see so many of them. Some people believe in angels and that would definitely fit this angelic being too! I’ve got to share, Karen. This is an amazing tale. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OK, first, about the tarot – I know one need not have to be psychic to read tarot, but don’t you have to have some sort of an inner knowing to be able to interpret? Next, interesting you say psychics shouldn’t be charging. I’ve never gone to a psychic offering a free reading? Now, that story was amazing! But I cannot believe that after you sent the brigade on their way to cross over that the judge didn’t even go back to her home. That’s a strange story but sooooooo fascinating. ❤


    1. Debbie, yes, I absolutely think that a Tarot reader is a sensitive, an empath, and do have skills like Psychometry and they read the cards. I find that fascinating. It is only my opinion that Psychics shouldn’t charge because they are given a gift to see beyond the normal range of being a sensitive or an empath. You are more than a sensitive and a empath, you have premonitions, and that means seeing into the future…leading, in my opinion, that you are more Psychic than you may know. Debbie, I was told that Kathrine never went back to her home by another friend of hers. She and Angie, were totally terrified. I doubt if they had ever seen a ghost let alone many all at once and an Orb as well. It was a beautiful Orb by the way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Karen you are pretty much on point with my perceptions. I don’t doubt I have ‘the gift’ as I wasn’t the only one in my family to inherit it, although the only one of my siblings. As I’ve been told by many a psychic throughout my life – ‘You have the gift, you must learn to fine-tune it’. I guess I’m still working on that. Also, I haven’t seen many Orbs, but one in particular I remember while in Arizona. It appeared in a photo right beside my feet. ❤


      2. Yes, you showed me the photo and it is always amazing. When you saw it around your feet were you startled or did you know right away what it was? I was taken aback when I saw the one I described. It was not really an “Orb” it was flat and round, oval sometimes too and a beautiful golden color. It was very cognitive too. Strange, I know. I was shocked about all of it. I had no idea what to do in that situation at all. I just went with it the best I could, but It was unnerving.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Obviously, that Orb already saw your brighter than other people’s light and was attracted to you. The more Psychic you become the brighter your light will become. Did you know that some people have no light…they are just dark. Maybe temporarily dark? I don’t know.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Funny you say that Karen, sometimes I feel my light burning bright in public – sometimes at the wrong times. Like when out in public alone somewhere, maybe a subway train that isn’t crowded and it scares me because I’ve been followed quite a few times. Scary stuff!


      5. Debbie, yes, I, too have experienced that in the past and it is so very scary. So, before you go out anywhere, take a few minutes to mediate quietly and that will help to temporarily reduce the glow, a little, not only from the top of your head, but the rest of your body too. Even the photo of you on all your sties, tends to be brighter that everyone else, because you have a glow to your face which is quite lovely, another sign of a Psychic nature.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yes, Debbie, you are Psychic and I think you need to find time alone, even quietly watching the stars in your backyard, gross-legged on the grass (not now though – too cold). Time alone is essential for your guardian spirit to help you to develop your natural ability as a Psychic. As your skill develops be prepared to start seeing more ghosts (who will reach out to you for help) and there will be other entities that will befriend you whether you want their friendship or not. They are generally helpful and funny too, sometimes. It is a whole new world for you and very exciting and sometimes scary and overwhelming too. I had to let go of my inner reservations and you will too. Make sure you have a safe place that is clear of any untoward influences – like other people and whatever is there that we cannot see. I will help in anyway I can. Your friend always, Karen 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Thanks so much Karen. And I’m fully aware of spirits. I’ve encountered a few in my time, but I always knew who they were. Now, where I’m living, I somehow think there’s a spirit who passes by almost nightly! It’s just an odd feeling and in an instant I see an occasional fleck of light pass in front of me. I’ve been ignoring it, but maybe I should delve deeper 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      8. True, I have been scared a few times, but not by wandering spirits, by entities that are very much alive. Until I started doing the How to Develop Your Psychic Skills here, on the Sisters of the Fey, I had never ever read a book about Psychic anything and I am so glad I did read them ( I bought two books on Psychic stuff) before starting the posts of Psychic Development and I liked them – Thank goodness I did buy them, I learned a lot. I also bought a Tarot book too. Did you know that there are 21 ways to read one Tarot Card? Wow. So, I do think, now, that Tarot Card readers must be a empathic, sensitive, and somewhat psychic as well – they have to be, I would think.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Yes, of course, My favorite is Psychic Empath by Kimberly Moon, and the second one is Judy Hall’s Book of Psychic Development – also very good. I am sure there are others out there that may even be better. I will keep searching and see if that is the case over the next couple of months. Karen 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Yes, you do and in part to protect yourself as well. I think you know a lot already and you have seen ghosts so that is good, just be careful of the other entities out there that will also see your brighter light. I know you will prepare your space well before opening that window to “netherworld”.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Adele, thank you so much. Some people find it difficult to believe and I don’t blame them, but as they say…stranger things…and it certainly was. If some people find this difficult to believe…wait till I post some even stranger things, but the the truth is the truth. I have nothing to gain, but to share my experiences now and then.


  3. I agree with the reluctance of not charging for your gift of skills.. I would only charge my petrol costs in visiting venues as a medium.. I disliked charging anything for giving readings and did them only rarely on request and would often refuse donations, and then if they insisted I would put into the collection plate at the Spiritualist centre I was at the time connected to..
    I would at one time do Psychomentry on objects..Also I did Flower readings.. Have you heard of those?
    Thank you Karen, you have obviously a great connection with Spirit. And working towards helping trapped souls is such a worthwhile process..
    When our physical phenomena circle first began we had a few souls we helped send on their way who found their way to our light circle..
    Loved reading and what many do not understand is that Truth is often stranger than fiction! 🙂
    Stay blessed ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sue thank you so much for commenting and for being who you are, someone who can appreciate and who knows what it feels like to be able to have a spirit connection and it’s always wonderful sometimes a bit scary if you’re new to it but always so special❤️🌺😇

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It is never a good idea to promote yourself on someone’s website without permission and if you charge for it, in my opinion, there is self interest and I have never charged anyone. I never offered by services to anyone, they found me on there own. I don’t do readings anymore.

    Liked by 1 person


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