Being a Psychic Empath and Healing Others

Developing your Psychic Ability: #4 Being a Psychic Empath and Healing Others Part One Here are five things to remember about being a Psychic Empath: You are the type of person who does not judge others. You understand life is imperfect as are all sentient beings. Your heart is open to love everyone no matter …

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Tlachtga, Forgotten Celtic Goddess – by Judith Shaw

Tlachtga, Forgotten Celtic Goddesses a very interesting article.

judith shaw photoI am the Sun – bringer of the warming light of day. I am Lightning –  bringer of fire to Earth. I am Tlachtga who flew through the sky together with my father Mog Ruith in our glowing wheel. I am destruction and creation. I illuminate the darkness and point to the pathway of light that resides in each of you. Over time I made my final resting place at the Hill of Tlachtga, where the great fire ritual of Samhain is practiced, reminding the folk of the promise of Sun’s return at the end of the time of darkness and dreaming.  


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The Holy of Holies and the Umbilical Cord: The Evolution of a Ritual Object by Jill Hammer

A wonderful article, this spoke to me on a spiritual level.

In the Jewish calendar, we’re just past the holiday season—the High Holidays, the harvest festival of Sukkot, and the concluding festival of Simchat Torah when the last verses of the Torah are read and the first verses are started again. The Torah readings for these holidays speak often of the offerings once made on the altar in the Tabernacle in celebration of these festivals.  Particularly on Yom Kippur, the readings mention the kodesh kodashim: the holy of holies. This enclosed sacred space contained, according to legend: the tablets of the Commandments inside an ark, topped by two cherubim that held up an empty space between them—an empty space understood to be the amplified presence of an invisible God.  As I think back over my powerful summer, which was largely spent with Jewish priestesses on various retreats and adventures (in Connecticut, Mississippi, California, Costa Rica, England and Scotland), I am…

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“On the ‘Goodness’ or Danger of Fairies” | Morgan Daimler

In my continuing research for the Sisters of the Fey book, I've discovered by reading through the ancient myths a startling truth. The Good Neighbors are nothing like the Hollywood version of the fey. "The reality is that some types of fairies are dangerous," say Morgan Daimler, an expert in dealings with the fey. "Consider …

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Pagan Things By Pagans For Pagans 2019: A Holiday Gift List | Jason Mankey

Are you looking for some pagan themed Christmas gifts this year? Jason Mankey has some suggestions! Check out this article. ❤ "Holiday lists are always so subjective, and what I find to be in good taste you might absolutely hate, but I like to think there’s something on this list for (nearly) everyone! Whether it’s …

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old souls

Old Souls by D.G. Kaye

  Today I’m going to talk about ‘Old Souls’. We hear that term from time to time, usually referred to people who hold the depths of ‘all knowing’ and wisdom at a young age – feeling older and wiser beyond actual years. This isn’t to be misconstrued with ‘chronological age’ as old soul refers more …

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New Moon Blessings November 2019

Welcome to New Moon Blessings for November 2019! From this point forward, you will notice the shift of dates of NEW MOONS in one month and FULL MOONS in the next. We are about to write our NEW MOON checks and this is your reminder. The NEW MOON for November is the 26th, so  on …

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An Early Thanksgiving Healing Session

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone needs to feel loved and cared for. How about a day where we all say the same healing prayer for our loved ones allowing our energy to radiate into the universe? I've borrowed this ritual from Michael M. Hughes, an …

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The Wyrd Shop #Edinburgh #crystals #writing inspiration #mindfulness #walkingmeditation

Whilst up in Edinburgh in October I managed to visit the Wyrd Shop which I've been intending to go to for some time. It's a really unusual little shop down the Royal Mile on 154 Canongate Edinburgh, EH8 8DD. I wasn't disappointed. If crystals are your thing then a trip to the Wyrd shop is …

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