Being a Psychic Empath and Healing Others

Developing your Psychic Ability: #4 Being a Psychic Empath and Healing Others

Part One

Here are five things to remember about being a Psychic Empath:

  1. You are the type of person who does not judge others. You understand life is imperfect as are all sentient beings. Your heart is open to love everyone no matter what.
  2. You understand that love is a key component to being able to help heal people you don’t even know or know well.
  3. You have the natural ability to sense other people’s feelings and you always understand them with great love and empathy (never sympathy – sympathy means you are judging someone).
  4. When you sense that someone is feeling emotionally and/or physically unwell, you are always open to give them unconditional love and care.
  5. Your heart is always open to give love and care no matter how your personal feelings may be involved.

The following information about being or becoming a Psychic Empath is taken from Kimberly Moon’s excellent book: Psychic Empath, Secrets of Psychics and Empaths, and a guide to Developing Abilities Such as Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Aura Reading, Healing Medium-ship, and Connecting to Your Spirit Guides.

Here are a few of Moon’s questions to discover if you are an empath:

  1. Can you perceive people some what?
  2. Do you feel people’s emotions and mistake them as yours?
  3. Can you think along the same line as other people?
  4. Do your feelings change as soon as you meet a particular person?
  5. Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re a co-dependent, neurotic, or even crazy?
  6. Can you read other peoples’ minds?


Here are some characteristics of an empath. As everyday people, they often display:

  1. You are you are Highly Sensitive: People keep telling you that you are too sensitive.
  2. You soak up other Peoples’ Energies: Your day is easily changed by certain interaction with other people.
  3. You are very Introverted: an introvert is not shy, just easily drained by the company of others.
  4. You are very Highly Intuitive: they have strong gut reactions to people & situations.
  5. You are very easily Overwhelmed by Relationships: they are cannot thrive being with someone all the time – they will escape to their own room or house.
  6. You may take a long time too to Process Your Emotions: They must process the emotions they are feeling – they need to understand the situation.
  7. You love Nature: They are happiest when the sun is shinning or raining.
  8. You have Strong Senses: They can pick on the slightest scent, can see into shadows and hear the tiniest sound.
  9. People are Drawn to You: for an introvert this is a problem but if self-aware it gets better.
  10. You are very Generous: You are among the most unselfish people
  11. You are very Creative: You are highly creative at home, your career, food, relationships too.


Empaths Can Fall into the Following Distinct Categories:

  • Geomantic Empaths: they are connected to specific sites like buildings, lakes, oceans, and mountains. They may feel the historical emotions that remain there.
  • Physical Empaths: (also know as Medical Empaths) They can pick up on the condition of someone else’s body.
  • Emotional Empaths: They are sensitive to the emotions around them and will absorb those emotions as their own.
  • Animal Empaths: They are very interested in the love and caring of all animals and they wish to be with animals much more than humans.
  • Plant Empaths: They share a deep connection with certain plants they evoke certain emotions
  • Psychometric Empaths: this sort of empath has a deep connection to physical objects that arouse certain emotions for them.
  • Telepathic Empaths: They can know what is stored away in someone’s mind and gain too much insight into other people.
  • Precognitive Empaths: They are often tell the future regarding them and other unrelated people, events, and can see that future.

So, which type of Empath do you think you are and/or do you have more than one ability that puts you in two different categories or more?  (I know I do)


January 1st will be Part two of being or becoming a Psychic Empath




13 thoughts on “Being a Psychic Empath and Healing Others

  1. forgottenmystic

    Growing up I was always a very sensitive child. I suffered terrible anxiety, unexplained migraines and frequent headaches, and despite being somewhat sheltered I often had crazy vivid nightmares. In my teen years I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. It wasn’t until I was a Junior in High School that I discovered that I was an Empath. I had become tearful for no reason at all and than found out that I was actually picking up the emotions of my distraught friend in the other room. I couldn’t watch the news because it sent me into a depression that sometimes lasted weeks. Crowds are overwhelming. I sense things, there is a knowing, that I often cannot explain. I used to think I was cursed, I put up so many barriers because the pain was too great. Sense then I have learned to embrace my gift, but it has taken some time to bring down those walls and open myself back up. Nature is my therapy and yoga is my meditation. I have learned to trust my intuition and have found constructive ways to practice grounding and healing. Energy work, mainly Reiki, has become a blessing. It is true what you say, Love is key. Not just for others, but for self as well. ❤ Thank you for the great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My pleasure and I understand what you have experienced, I find crowds, even a smaller group of people to be overwhelming to me. I pick up too many confusing emotions from even a small group of people. I can also see, sometimes, their lives in rapid clips. I have become more of an introvert because it is emotionally exhausting to pick up on so many conflicting emotions all at once. so, I do understand what you have experienced. Karen 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. forgottenmystic

        I often refer to myself as an Ambivert as I sort of sit at the cusp between extrovert and introvert. My anxiety and sensitivity to too much stimuli pulls me in the direction of introverted and yet my curiosity of learning about people and enjoyment of connecting with others has me drawn the other direction. That is interesting that you see their lives in rapid clips, perhaps you have the gift of clairvoyance?

        Liked by 1 person


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