The Magic of the Robin #Spirit #Animal #Encounters #Poetry

I made a new friend recently in the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge. This sweet robin came and sat beside me on a bench as if he had something important to say to me: a Christmas message perhaps. I thought he was so cute and friendly that I wrote a poem about him on my blog:

Symbolism of Robins

These sweet birds are associated with: family, a sense of community, living in the moment, leaving the past behind, the season of spring, rejuvenation,  new beginnings, happiness expressed through song/music, feeling abundant, (in nature, not caring so much for material things,) and being grateful.

Meaning of a robin sighting:

A robin sighting can be  a divine messenger teaching you to protect what you love and learn to live with those who may not be like you. What in your life resembles the robin’s nature? What can you do to change who you are? What can you accept, or perhaps let go of ?

20191202_131518 (1)

A Robin is a symbol of good luck, passion, new beginnings and renewal and sometimes can represent a symbol of wisdom and patience. In my case I  believe this is what the robin came to teach me. To be patient, to take my time in my writing path and not to get frustrated! To move forward with a sense of joy and energy to leave my past behind and not regret any previous choices I have made.

Perhaps my little robin friend came to impart an important message: Believe in Myself and Accept Who I am.

This particular Robin will feature in a poetry collection I am working on – a mixture of prose and poetry which I hope to publish in 2020 along with the second in my YA fantasy Series The Curse of Time, which also mentions a robin too. How strange that a robin plays a part in that, albeit a tiny part!

It’s uncanny! This is the second encounter I’v e had with a spirit animal. I count myself as blessed. It wasn’t too long ago that a dragonfly paid me a visit:

It seems that the natural world has become my friend! What a joy that is, especially at this time of year with Christmas approaching for a robin to join me.

Do you have a special connection with a spirit animal?

I’d love it if you’d visit my author blog:

Please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on spirit animals and any encounters you might have had, past or present.



27 thoughts on “The Magic of the Robin #Spirit #Animal #Encounters #Poetry

  1. How wonderful and guess what? I walked our dog this afternoon and a robin hopped in front of us tvrough the muddy path. I tjought I need to read up on spirit animal robin and there is your post. Thanks so much 🙋‍♀️🐝

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  3. I think I told you about my dragonfly encounter, but I’ll tell it again. I was on holiday with Tara, she was around 6 years, at my friend’s who lived in Kinlochleven, near Glencoe. We had all walked up the steep path to see a river and falls which were beautiful. I was sitting on a rock, while Tara played with my friend and her husband and dog. The dragonfly flew towards me and stopped as it reached my face. It hovered for a long time just staring at me, I didn’t move but I smiled and there were tears in my eyes, I was so honoured by this encounter. When we buried my Mam, a dragonfly came and rested on her gravestone, Tara and I were the only ones who recognised the significance of this event. Happy Christmas hope you have a magical one. xxx

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  4. What an amazing encounter, Marje. I do believe that the birds and animals are trying to communicate with us. Your interpretation sounds perfect and those little birds come to us at just the right moments. Happy Winter Solstice to you and your lovely family. ❤

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  5. Marje, what a delightful friend on your visit to the gardens! I enjoyed learning about them and the message this one brought to you! There is a resident robin in our garden and I often say hello and he knows us all so well and will happily hop about the lawn when out gardening, or even using when using the saw! Good luck with your new writing projects and wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and an exciting New Year! 😀❤️

    Colleen, Merry Christmas and a Best Wishes for the New Year! Xx🌲😀

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  6. What a sweet little friend! My mom rescued to Robins when I was small, Tweety I & Tweety II. No doubt they loved her. When they rested on her finger they gave soft kisses repeatedly on her lips. They would chirp with excitement when she returned home. She also rescued a pigeon that chose to love only my dad : ) It was a unique experience to know the personalities and emotional depth birds possess.

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