Part 3: The Practical Benefits of Being an Empath

The Practical Benefits of Being an Empath

Definition of Empathy vs. Compassion: Empathy is what you feel, and Compassion is what you do.

The following are several examples of benefits of the important attributes that Empaths are gifted with and are often a surprise to many Empaths.

  1. Ability to Detect Lies

Human beings are not very truthful. It seems to be an innate need to lie. However, there rationales behind many of the untruths that humans present to everyone. People do like a sense of privacy and do not feel the need to bare their life problems to everyone. Other times, it is because they feel inadequate or ashamed of some truth that they would prefer not to share with even their closest of friends. Other times, it is because the questions friends or acquaintances ask are too personal to share.

  1. Creativity  

Empaths are very creative. They are very expressive in their work and tend to do well in almost every endeavor they choose.  They also seem to flourish in careers that call for creativity, particularly in the arts such as poetry, drawing, painting, fashion crafts, and other arts as well. They also attract important opportunities and meet important people. An Empath needs people around them that are also creative. If an Empath is isolated from other create people, they find a way to move on to a more creative path.

  1. People often are more likely to confide in an Empath

Usually, most people today, do not have time to listen to another person’s problems, dilemma, loneliness or fears. However, Empaths are naturally drawn to people who seem to need them. They will often more than listen to other peoples’ problems, they will usually help in whatever way they can to help solve the problem. People seem to have trust in an Empath so much so, that they are willing to share with the Empath their hidden secrets.

  1. Animals tend to be attracted to Empaths

Multiple studies have shown that Empaths have a natural way with animals. Animals sense this and are drawn to Empaths, especially when in need, because animals instinctively know what Empaths have always known; All animals have feelings.  Empaths and animals share an ancient connection of tender feelings toward one another. Empaths usually have no fear of animals and animals can sense this and are drawn toward Empaths.

  1. Empaths are drawn towards emotions of other people

Empaths, as is their nature, can quickly sense grief, sadness, pain, fear, and anger emanating from anyone in their proximity. Some Empaths can even be aware of these emotions if they are not in the same room with someone who is suffering.  Psychic Empaths are very intuitive and feel emotions no matter how far away a suffering person may be. These Empaths often become introverts at a very young age.

  1. Empaths have a huge capacity to express love

Empaths tend to understand people at a deeper level, especially their life partner. This ability allows the Empath to express love in an unparalleled way. Often, this ability to understand deeper, hidden emotions produces in their partner the inspiration to express their love from a deeper sense of themselves and they will become better partners.

  1. Empaths have a high level of healing abilities

Empaths are often able to heal others emotionally and sometimes physically as well. Empaths have a natural ability to heal the spiritual realm of a person and thereby also improve the physical realm as well. This ability can sometimes cure an individual on the physical realm as well. Empaths often have incredible restorative powers.

  1. Empaths see and feel beauty intensely

They see beauty in nature, in humanity, in clouds, in the heavens. They see beauty in large and small natural states of creation. What may look ordinary to others, will often appear to the Empath to be a work of incredible beauty.  Empaths see the sky, the moon, stars, fields, mountains, rocks, trees, and all things in existence as things of immense beauty.

  1. Empaths see no need to be fake

Nothing repels an Empath more than fake things or fake people. People tend to present themselves as what they see as their best selves. However, Empaths can see right through their guise. Often an Empath will be drawn to people who need them, and these people do need them. An Empath can feel their sense of inadequacy. Inadequacy is not fake.  It is the real state of a person’s sense of self. Empaths have an innate ability to heal that insecure state of mind.

Empaths can also sense dangerous instincts in other people. Usually, they sense this just by being in a proximity that presents a state of awareness: such as a neighbor, a party, a meeting of some kind, or riding on a bus, train, or airplane. When this happens, often an Empath will find a way to remove herself or stay at a distance.

Overall, Empaths feel all of life and all emotions deeply.

When they are happy, they are enormously happy. They feel all emotions deeply. This ability to feel deeply all emotions allows them to feel other peoples’ emotions deeply, hidden or not. This is what makes an Empath Empathic because they have a deep love of humanity. They often are in careers that help other humans. This can be as a writer, a physician, a nurse, a psychologist, an artist, a childcare advocate, a teacher, a physical therapist, and many other similar occupations.

However, sometimes an Empath can experience an overwhelming sense of all these emotions related to a frightening experience(s) early in her or his life, that may lead an Empath to become an introvert either temporarily or permanently.

Should this happen or has already happened to an Empath, this is when it is important for other Empaths to help another Empath return to a healthier state of mind.

On March 1st

Part 4: The Struggles of an Empath


23 thoughts on “Part 3: The Practical Benefits of Being an Empath

  1. Hi, I think that being an Empath encompasses many emotions and contradictions. When young, I was shy but a chatterbox and friendly, never quite sure of myself, but somehow or other managed to push forward. Doubts always hovered, but my feelings for other people usually won the day. On buses,planes and trains, other people confided in me – which I loved…As a writer, I was never confident, but love words so much, I plodded on. Now I’m MUCH older, I’m so glad that I did persevere as, rather than feel the thrum of life, I feel all the precious nuances with a passion. .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joy, thank you for your sincere and so true feelings. I can relate to your experience. I am an introvert, but I am beginning to come out of my shell (I was born in July – the crab – always trying to hide from time to time. ) Thank you for sharing, it helps so many who feel or have felt as you do and as I have too.


      1. Hi Karen, The older I get, the more i realise just how many people are introverts and empaths, Years ago, more folk were reticent to talk about their feelings, but now it is much more open. ‘Artistic’ people seem particularly prone too…It’s so good and liberating to be able to fully embrace how you feel. Love and peace.x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Joy, Yes, I agree. Empaths do often become introverts. Especially Empaths who are somewhat psychic as well. I am also artistic. I was an artist at one time when I was much younger. Now, I write instead. Love and peace to you as well. Karen 🙂


      1. I will more say, that all awake Empaths are spiritual. One thing is that sensitivity is something, all Empaths know about, but we need to be conscious to become spiritual and not all are that, but it is on the way.
        When we are open-minded, much might happen.


      2. Irene, I agree. I have always been spiritual and I see that you have too. Great talking with you. Stay healthy. I have a PhD in Clinical Nutrition and I taught at a University. Stay healthy and please know I am very healthy in all ways. Karen 🙂

        Liked by 1 person


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