A Spiritual Understanding About Nature

A Spiritual Understanding About Nature


Bobby Lake-Thom, who has written a wonderful book about nature intitled, “Spirits of the Earth”, writes that Nature communicates to all people.”

To feel the spiritual aura of Nature is to listen to a bluebird sing, the evening call of an Owl, watch Butterflies dance across the sky, observe Does and Fawns, watch Rabbits and their Kittens hop to safety in the forest. The forests of Nature are of a spiritual beauty that takes our breath away. The emotions we feel strolling through a forest park or deep within a forest itself, is itself, a spiritual experience.  We connect, for a short time with the spiritual essence of Nature. We are also from the natural world of Nature,

Yet, we have in many ways, separated ourselves from the natural world. When we do walk through a garden in bloom or a field of daisies, or a meadow with an array of grass and flora are hearts bloom too, with wonder at the spiritual beauty of nature. It lifts us up, knowing, feeling, an ancient need to stay and be one with natural, this feeling touches us in a spiritual way, a need to be close to unfettered spiritual oneness and beauty. Nature is our natural home as it is to all humankind.

Long ago, in a time forgotten, people lived with Nature and they even protected it by observing Nature as a living entity. They respected it, nurtured it, and protected it. They did not destroy the natural spiritual beauty of Nature. They regarded Nature as a living entity that surrounded them. To those people, Nature was a sacred entity to honor.

People understood that Nature was sacred, a gift from God. They understood the life-giving force flowing through all living things. Even when they had to kill an animal for food or harvest vegetables and fields of wheat, they thanked their God for this life-giving force called Nature. This life-giving force is the Living Spirit who gave them Nature, to them it was their Garden of Eden. They prayed to Nature that was all around them, knowing that all of life is a gift from God.


20 thoughts on “A Spiritual Understanding About Nature

  1. Yes nature can be resiliant however if it is hit time after time it changes irreversibly. I agree with you Carolcooks 2 that there is new growth appearing on the fire ravaged areas. What many of you out of Australia may not know is the fires are all out or totally under control now in NSWs.

    The trouble with the rains is that it has been very heavy and now causing the ash and soil to be washed away, and there bye washing away many seeds that my not now grow. The other sadness of course is the impact of dead and injured animals insects micro organisms that may never re-inhabit the devastated areas. Or will take many years to repopulate.

    There is certainly a feeling that many people are working with Mother Earth, if only in my case my Politicians were.

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    1. A terrible think happened in Australia and I don’t know if anything could have changed it, but I heard that they politicians knew that it might happen. We in America have been and will continue to be faced with more nature problems, that is why I hope people will wake to Nature and care.

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      1. Karen yes there was a group Twenty-three former fire and emergency leaders say they tried for months to warn Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Australia needed more water-bombers to tackle bigger, faster and hotter bushfires.
        Key points:

        Former NSW fire chief Greg Mullins says he doesn’t believe he will get a meeting with Scott Morrison
        He says earlier preparation would have helped keep people safe in the horror bushfires currently gripping NSW and Queensland
        A giant water-bomber is on its way to Australia from the USA

        Former New South Wales Fire and Rescue chief Greg Mullins — one of the founders of the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action Group — said the group sought a meeting with the Federal Government to discuss the issue in April and again in May, immediately after the federal election.

        “We have tried since April to get a meeting with the Prime Minister,” Mr Mullins told ABC Radio on Thursday morning. “It’s clear now we won’t get that meeting. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-14/former-fire-chief-calls-out-pm-over-refusal-of-meeting/11705330 for full article.

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  2. Anyone reading your blog knows without a doubt that we need to be connected to nature in a way that benefits nature first. I just ordered the book and saved your photos to see over and over. I live in a trailer that has trees all around me. This park of manufactured homes has trees all around it and I’m nurturing new volunteers so they grow big and tall as well. My daughter and I take every opportunity to find places to walk barefoot on the earth, sit quietly under the trees on the hill behind me and whisper sweet nothings to them. I feed the ground by making compost up there even though it’s against the rules. So far in almost 7 years, no one has noticed. 😉 Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Marlene, Thank you so much and we are kindred spirits for sure. I too have always loved nature and spent most of my earlier years walking through forests, planting vegetable gardens every year and planting apple trees in my yard and dozens of rose bushes and so much more…like rosemary bushes at our front door. Karen 🙂

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