Druid roles – voicing the voiceless

A Druid’s Perspective

Druid Life

What does it mean to practice Druidry during the climate emergency? What should we be doing? What is the role of a Druid right now?

One of the roles we can take on is to give a voice to the voiceless. All the non-human life of this world, and all the people who do not speak the languages of dominant western cultures need hearing. The land needs a voice. Future generations need a voice. Someone must speak for the oceans and rivers, for the droughts and the fires, the storms and the instability. We can do this.

It’s not just about raising awareness. We need to inspire people with feelings of care and compassion alongside helping them feel they can make a change. Climate chaos is frightening and overwhelming, and balancing the honesty of this horror against the necessity for hope is a delicate thing. I tend to feel Druid…

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I Don’t Believe It.

An interesting article and one which had me shaking my head in a "what now!" way. The image is of the actor who played Victor Meldrew whose catchphrase was "I don't believe it."   https://www.patheos.com/blogs/agora/2019/12/irish-american-witchcraft-why-i-dont-think-plastic-wards-against-fairies/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=BRSS&utm_campaign=Pagan&utm_content=431

Tlachtga, Forgotten Celtic Goddess – by Judith Shaw

Tlachtga, Forgotten Celtic Goddesses a very interesting article.

judith shaw photoI am the Sun – bringer of the warming light of day. I am Lightning –  bringer of fire to Earth. I am Tlachtga who flew through the sky together with my father Mog Ruith in our glowing wheel. I am destruction and creation. I illuminate the darkness and point to the pathway of light that resides in each of you. Over time I made my final resting place at the Hill of Tlachtga, where the great fire ritual of Samhain is practiced, reminding the folk of the promise of Sun’s return at the end of the time of darkness and dreaming.  


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The Holy of Holies and the Umbilical Cord: The Evolution of a Ritual Object by Jill Hammer

A wonderful article, this spoke to me on a spiritual level.

In the Jewish calendar, we’re just past the holiday season—the High Holidays, the harvest festival of Sukkot, and the concluding festival of Simchat Torah when the last verses of the Torah are read and the first verses are started again. The Torah readings for these holidays speak often of the offerings once made on the altar in the Tabernacle in celebration of these festivals.  Particularly on Yom Kippur, the readings mention the kodesh kodashim: the holy of holies. This enclosed sacred space contained, according to legend: the tablets of the Commandments inside an ark, topped by two cherubim that held up an empty space between them—an empty space understood to be the amplified presence of an invisible God.  As I think back over my powerful summer, which was largely spent with Jewish priestesses on various retreats and adventures (in Connecticut, Mississippi, California, Costa Rica, England and Scotland), I am…

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Seeking a path

Sue Vincent with a very poignant post about finding your spirituality

The Silent Eye

Labyrinth, Glastonbury

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of emails from people trying to find their way through the maze of possibilities now available to those seeking their spiritual path. Tap ‘spirituality’ into the search bar of Amazon and you will be faced with around half a million choices. Not so very long ago, you could trawl every bookstore in town.. and most towns had a fair few to choose from… and you would be lucky to find anything more than a bible. Ask for the esoteric section and the assistant would look at you with a blank expression and/or back away from the weirdo before directing you towards the poetry shelves. There were books… but not many, and they were both hard to find and expensive because of their rarity. The best places to look were the scruffy, second-hand and antiquarian bookshops, invariably tucked away…

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Spirit’s Ahoy

I came across this wonderful article regarding spirit's and how one medium sees them and interacts with them. Includes advice on how to cleanse and bless your living space. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/keepingherkeys/2019/10/living-in-a-house-of-spirits/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=BRSS&utm_campaign=Pagan&utm_content=769


As I was cogitating on what my next article would contain, memories of my childhood filled with spirits and legends came knocking. So, I decided to make the next few articles based on what I remember and how I came to the spiritual beliefs I hold now. My first memory, I believe I was around …

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The Faerie Taboos

Another fantastic article by Neil Rushton


taboo [ta·​boo | tə-‘bü] NOUN
A social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

Taboo motifs are common in both traditional faerie-tales and folklore. In traditional tales they can form the centrepiece of the plotline; the crux that everything turns on, usually marking a change in state from supernatural to natural or vice-versa. In more anecdotal folklore their function is also often central to the didactics of the testimony. Whether the action takes place in a faerie Otherworld with a human placed under the edicts of a taboo, or whether it is a faerie in consensus reality imposing unbreakable taboos on humans, the motif appears to represent a fundamental premise concerning the interaction between physical and metaphysical reality. It would seem the taboo is a coded message that may help unlock the meaning of the tales and folklore…

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Self Loathing-It’s a thing, folks.

I read this article which I link to below and bang did alarm bells ring. It is clear, concise and best of all it provides us with easy solutions. It's not all about the reasons or the medical talk, it gives you answers. Please read and yep there are trigger warnings for the following: if …

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