Druidry for the 21st Century: Psychopomping the Anthropocene

A very poignant post about our world today and how many non-humans need help from those attuned, to pass over. This is a post that needs reading, sisters. ❤

The Druid's Garden

As an animist druid, I recognize the spirit of all beings.  I honor and interact with the spirits in the land, in the trees, in the animals and birds, in the insects, in the rivers, in the mountains. Animals die, plants die, insects die. Their spirits live on.  In the Anthropocene, even mountains die, they are removed for mining activities all along the Appalachians and in many other places.  Rivers die, and have been dying for centuries as we fill them with refuse. In the Anthropocene, many things die. What happens to that mountain’s spirit when the mountain is gone? What is happening now to the millions of non-human lives that are dying because of human activity? That’s the question we focus on today–as part of my druidry for the 21st century series.  Earlier posts in this series include Druidry for the 21st Century and Druidry in the age of…

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Reading Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition

A book to interest our readers and us.


I think that I may be a merfolk.

An accessible in-depth guide to Celtic water lore, including spells, rituals, water spirits, and merfolk

Let Annwyn Avalon, a practicing water witch herself, take you into the world of water magic. The water magic and lore in this book focuses on the Celtic tradition, but draws on other water magic traditions as well, and features rainwater, as well as lakes, rivers, oceans, canals, swamps, and other watery locations, together with the folk and magical customs that have been and are still practiced at these places. The book teaches the reader how to set up a water altar at home, how to connect with water spirits, and how to gather or create water witch tools. Readers are encouraged to visit local water sites but will also find an abundance of material to perform at home. Included are practical examples, visualizations, and exercises so…

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Living In A Paranormal World

Living In A Paranormal World-Part Two by Adele Marie Park In this article, I am talking with Jayne Mortimore who is a paranormal investigator in Paranormal Voice based in the UK. She will give insight into what a paranormal investigator does, why she personally chose to be one and exactly what the dangers are associated … Continue reading Living In A Paranormal World

The speed of honey

Sue Vincent with a wonderful article about not taking “the quick fix.”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“Ten easy steps to open your psychic senses.” “How to become spiritually aware with five simple tricks.” “ Five keys to unlock your spiritual potential.” The stuff just kept on appearing in odd places and, every time it did, I growled.  Such titles may grab your attention, but what are they really offering? They may be a necessary starting point, something that turns your attention in a new direction, but can they really do what they say? And at what price?

I was thinking about it as I refilled the honey bottles. It is a process that takes time. Mere seconds to set up the funnel and fill it with honey, but nothing I can do will make the honey flow into the bottle any faster than its nature allows. The slow golden ooze runs at its own speed and all I can do is wait and watch to make…

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Sins of the Fae Submission Call

Perfect for Sisters of the Fae?



Sins of Time Anthology: Volume 4
Theme: Sins of the Fae

Sins of the Fae. Stories should be based around the world of fae. Keep in mind that stories should not only contain the fae element but also an element of horror as well.

Word count between 1,000-5,000. All stories must be edited to the full extent of the writer’s abilities. Stories need to have indentations of .2 (if you use the tab feature for indentions that is fine, we can fix that quickly to reflect the appropriate indentation.) 1.5 spacing between lines. Typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font. All stories need to have the title and author name in the beginning as well. Also if you break between scenes please include either bullets, asterisks, even chapters so that we know where the breaks are, because all stories will be formatted in the end to reflect the same…

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Living In A Paranormal World

Living In A Paranormal World by Adele Marie Park As you wake to a new year what are your thoughts? Dread or joy with regard to beginning work again? Resolutions to become healthier, wealthier or a better person? Will any of your thoughts include what to do if faced with an angry ghost, spirit, demon … Continue reading Living In A Paranormal World

Kukeri of Bulgaria

An ancient Winter ritual from all over Bulgaria, the Kukeri are masked figures who divert the evil eye, and as they dance through villages they also promote fertility and prosperity for the coming year. So old no one knows when it started, the Kukeri dancers survived the Ottoman empire and Soviet Russia. Read the article … Continue reading Kukeri of Bulgaria


As I meandered through my emails I did a double take as the name Anubis shouted out to me. I have always loved Anubis. When I say his name or picture him in my head I am filled with love and happiness. I have called upon him in times of great danger to myself and … Continue reading Anubis

Our Winter goddess and the calm in the storm

A wonderful article about The Cailleach.

Beltane Fire Society

Samhuinn Fire Festival is sometimes seen as a battle between two seasons, but there is a key third aspect of our story that leads the ritual turn from Summer to Winter. We sat down with Kate, who this year will embody the mysterious Cailleach, to learn more about her interpretation of the Crone goddess.

Photo of Kate as a Blue. Copyright Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. http://www.beltane.org / http://www.facebook.com/beltanefiresociety

First a bit of background. The Cailleach traditionally manifests as an old woman, part of the triple goddess who changes as the seasons turn. At Beltane Fire Festival She emerges as the May Queen, goddess of the Summer when new plants and animals flourish. In Winter She is older, a Winter goddess associated with the formation of the landscape and fierce storms that batter the land, and She plays a pivotal role in maintaining the balance…

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