Druid roles – voicing the voiceless

A Druid’s Perspective

Druid Life

What does it mean to practice Druidry during the climate emergency? What should we be doing? What is the role of a Druid right now?

One of the roles we can take on is to give a voice to the voiceless. All the non-human life of this world, and all the people who do not speak the languages of dominant western cultures need hearing. The land needs a voice. Future generations need a voice. Someone must speak for the oceans and rivers, for the droughts and the fires, the storms and the instability. We can do this.

It’s not just about raising awareness. We need to inspire people with feelings of care and compassion alongside helping them feel they can make a change. Climate chaos is frightening and overwhelming, and balancing the honesty of this horror against the necessity for hope is a delicate thing. I tend to feel Druid…

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#Karma – The Law of Cause and Effect

Karma – The Law of Cause and Effect   From the Oxford dictionary:  noun. /ˈkɑrmə/ [uncountable] 1(in Buddhism and Hinduism) the sum of someone's good and bad actions in one of their lives, believed to decide what will happen to them in the next life. good/bad karma (informal) the good/bad effect of doing a particular thing, being …

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Bee's Journey of Discovery Continues | Bee Halton, Guest Author

Hello, dear readers and my dear sisters. A belated Happy New Year to you all. I hope life is treating you well, and if not, feel embraced by unconditional love. I send it to you daily. In the continuation of my journey of discovery, we have now reached my thirties. I am incredibly grateful for …

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Mindfulness – What is it? #mindfulness #life-skill #meditation #bookreview

I've been studying Mindfulness in schools in my role as receptionist at a private sixth form and thought I would share my experience. I would highly recommend. Mindfulness is all about: Paying attention to things as they happen in a kind, curious and accepting way without worrying. It teaches us to explore a skillful response …

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Creating a Better World.. Inside and Out..

Words of wisdom from the sage Sue Dreamwalker – Keep your intentions good, focus on what you want, not the negative

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Petals create this bird each a separate piece to create the whole.

Below are  some of the words I wrote back in 2013, with a few little tweaks..  I know many of you may not have read them back then.  Since writing this post six yrs ago I  have worked hard on clearing the trauma’s of emotional baggage we all of us carry in my own healing journey..  And I have come to understand oh so much more about our reality, that is as I have said before, Nothing like we have been taught… 

And if I can discover the truth, anyone can, if they have the courage to dare dive deeper into History of this Earth, as well as diving deeper into themselves.  Because we all first need to go within and discover the hidden truth about ourselves. For only then, as we learn to let go of past conditioning…

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Part Two: Embracing Being an Empath

Learning to Understand Your Gift(s)    Definition of an Empath: “An Empath is a person who is able to recognize and identify the emotions of others." Empaths are attuned to feel empathy, are sensitive as is their nature and have a strong moral aptitude.  They are interactive with another person’s emotions and are understanding of …

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Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean? | TarotPugs.com

Candle spells using vigil candles can be simple and effective, just set your intentions, prepare and burn the candle. But, what does it mean when your candle burns a certain way?


Candle Spell Reading: What does the flame, wax and soot mean when a candle burns? #witchcraft #magick #spells

Candle spells using vigil candles can be simple and effective, just set your intentions, prepare and burn the candle.

But, what does it mean when your candle burns a certain way?

The way a candle burns can be indicative of the success or failure of your spell and how the progress or after affects of your spell will be.

To read the signs of a vigil glass candle spell, we will look at:

  • the sides of the candle
  • the flame
  • the wax
  • any remains
  • black or white soot

In this post, we’ll talk about the different signs and leftovers from a 7-day (or longer) vigil candle spell.

Parts of the Vigil Candle

As we all know, vigil class candles are commonly in a cylindrical shape and each side of the candle has a certain meaning when it comes to interpreting the progress and results of a working.

Vigil candles have…

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New Year's Cleansing Spell |Tarotpugs.com

What a fabulous way to cleanse away the old energies and enter into a new year and decade! Blessed BE!


Get ready for the new year with this New Year's cleansing witchcraft spell

Time to get ready for the new year!

That means out with the old and in with the new.

There’s a sense of optimism in the air, hope for the future as we make plans for the upcoming year:

what we want to do, what we want to let go of and/or forget and what we can do to bring ourselves one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Each year should be a stepping stone that builds on the year before as we move forward.

Every year will have ups and downs (some years worse than others), but when we reflect back over several years, often we can see how far we’ve come since then.

Clear Your Home and Energy

Cleansing your home before the new year begins or shortly after the new year begins can be an great way to prepare for the upcoming year and to make sure…

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Favorite Witchy Books of 2019 | Mat Auryn

I can't personally recommend these books, but I will surely add some of them to my reading list for 2020. As a pagan, I'm always reading and learning about my craft. Check out this amazing list! *** Despite reading less books than previous years while finishing up my book Psychic Witch, 2019 was an amazing …

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New Moon Blessings December 2019

Welcome to New Moon Blessings for December 2019! From this point forward, you will notice the shift of dates of NEW MOONS in one month and FULL MOONS in the next. We are about to write our NEW MOON checks and this is your reminder. The NEW MOON for December is the 26th, so  on …

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