New Moon Blessings September 2019

Welcome to New Moon Blessings for September 2019! From this point forward, you will notice the shift of dates of NEW MOONS in one month and FULL MOONS in the next. We are about to write our NEW MOON checks and this is your reminder. The NEW MOON for September is the 28th, so  on …

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Wake Up, Wake Up,~ Yes we are!

Imagine the power of positive energy raising the global vibration. Read about how the fight for #climatechange is part of the awakening, @Sue Dreamwalker

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Red Campion’s and Dandelions

Wake up to Nature.

Wake up and savour the beauties that abound,

Wake up and honour all life that is around.

We take you for granted, even the air we breathe

Take time to look at the blossoms on the trees


Look deep into a flower and see the wonders there

Take time to stop and listen to birds in the air..

Watch the glistening water, ripple over stones

Be thankful for the morning, these gifts and our homes


We take Nature for granted, as she bestows these gifts for free

It’s up to us to look after her, for she’s there for you and me.

What if one day you awoke, and the air you breathed were black?

What happens if nature decides she is fighting back


And no longer shall the bees pollinate the crops

And no longer will the rain…

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Happy Mabon!

Mabon is the second of the three harvest festivals celebrated on the wheel of the year. From September 20th through the 23rd, Pagans celebrate the autumn equinox, which means equal night. Mabon gets its name from the Welsh god of the same name, recognized as the "Divine Child." Mabon's history comes from the story of …

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Cerridwen: Keeper of the Cauldron

Krisztián Farkas / EyeEm / Getty Images The Crone of Wisdom "In Welsh legend, Cerridwen represents the crone, which is the darker aspect of the goddess. She has powers of prophecy and is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration in the Underworld. As typical of Celtic goddesses, she has two children: daughter …

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Are You Familiar with Automatic Writing?

When I was younger and first began learning about angels and spirit guides, I became quite curious about  'automatic writing'. I thought it was so intriguing to learn how to write from the subconscious with a guided writing from a higher power.   So what is automatic writing? The formal name for automatic writing is …

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The Full Harvest Moon: My Celebration

On Friday, September 13th at 9:33 pm (PST) the full Harvest Moon in Pisces rose in the sky as darkness descended.  This date was special to me as it was my youngest daughter's birthday, and the day I had selected to bless my faery tree and sacred spiral in my backyard. Sunset in my developing neighborhood …

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Elusive Realities and Strange Encounters – Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent invites bloggers to be her guest and share one of your true 'strange' occurrences at her blog, The Daily Echo.     Today’s entertainment contains a huge amount of folklore, paranormal and supernatural experiences to titilate and intrigue us. Ghosts, out of body experiences and encounters with other realities have become the stock-in-trade …

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