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Silence is not merely a state but a luxury treatment which our soul needs from time to time! Read my views on Silence here. Source: Silence – a musing! – All About Fame

Happy Vaisakhi everyone!

HAPPY VAISAKHI TO ONE AND ALL! Many thanks to Ritu for sharing this blessed holiday with us. ❤

But I Smile Anyway...

It is Vaisakhi today, an event with several meanings to different cultures and religions.

Happy Vaisakhi Happy Vaisakhi

It is celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists as part of welcoming the new solar year in.

But it is extremely important to the Punjabi community and the Sikh religion.  The time of Vaisakhi, or Baisakhi, as some say it, is a traditional harvest festival, and as the Punjab is a large farming area, it is a cause for celebration, when the crops are harvested, people dance, and have fun, they do Bhangra, sing and dance, and generally celebrate the freedom they will now have, after a successful (hopefully) harvest. But before all this fun and laughter, they use this time to pray, and thank God for the good harvest, and to pray for the future crops too.

As a Sikh it holds a great importance too.  Way back in 1699, our 10th Guru, Guru Gobind…

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How to Mindfully Work with Positive Emotions – Lion’s Roar

The Buddhist teachings on the jhana states contain a secret about where positive emotions really come from. Allen Weiss explains: "What the jhanas teach us is to place our attention directly on the positive emotion and—this is important—simply watch it without judgment, commentary, or wanting it to stay. This is what it means to mindfully …

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