Irish-American Witchcraft: Why I Don’t Think Plastic Wards Against Fairies | by Morgan Daimler

Morgan Daimler, my authority for all things concerning the fey clarifies some ideology about iron protecting us from certain faeries... This is an excellent discussion.  Read ON... There's currently a thing going around some corners of social media suggesting that fairies are now averse to plastic instead of iron. I am genuinely concerned about this …

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I Don’t Believe It.

An interesting article and one which had me shaking my head in a "what now!" way. The image is of the actor who played Victor Meldrew whose catchphrase was "I don't believe it."

"On the 'Goodness' or Danger of Fairies" | Morgan Daimler

In my continuing research for the Sisters of the Fey book, I've discovered by reading through the ancient myths a startling truth. The Good Neighbors are nothing like the Hollywood version of the fey. "The reality is that some types of fairies are dangerous," say Morgan Daimler, an expert in dealings with the fey. "Consider …

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Irish-American Witchcraft: Fairies and Samhain | by Morgan Daimler

As we move further into the Samhain season, there is often a strong emphasis on remembering and connecting to our ancestors and dead loved ones. A secondary theme that we find is the idea of a so-called ‘thinning of the veil’ as a way to describe the increased activity by spirits and easier perception of …

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The Faerie Taboos

Another fantastic article by Neil Rushton


taboo [ta·​boo | tə-‘bü] NOUN
A social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

Taboo motifs are common in both traditional faerie-tales and folklore. In traditional tales they can form the centrepiece of the plotline; the crux that everything turns on, usually marking a change in state from supernatural to natural or vice-versa. In more anecdotal folklore their function is also often central to the didactics of the testimony. Whether the action takes place in a faerie Otherworld with a human placed under the edicts of a taboo, or whether it is a faerie in consensus reality imposing unbreakable taboos on humans, the motif appears to represent a fundamental premise concerning the interaction between physical and metaphysical reality. It would seem the taboo is a coded message that may help unlock the meaning of the tales and folklore…

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Faery Ancestry & Humans

I am enjoying the new Amazon Prime Series called "Carnival Row." Here is what this series is about: Carnival Row follows "mythical creatures who have fled their war-torn homeland and gathered in the city as tensions are simmering between citizens and the growing immigrant population."[2] At the center of the drama is the investigation into a string …

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Patheos – Irish-American Witchcraft: Evolution of My Spirituality | Morgan Daimler

Morgan Daimler has become an influential resource for me as I research my way into faery craft. You can learn more about her on her blog: Living Liminally, Here. *** My witchcraft isn't something that fits well in the ceremonial magic structure or the neopagan one that comes from it; it's far closer to early …

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Electronic Faeries

Neil Rushton’s extensive guide to sites regarding the Fey and he mentions our site too, thanks Neil


During the past couple of years, there has been a burgeoning number of online sources discussing the faeries in all their guises. This perhaps represents a renewed interest in these supernatural entities that have been part of our culture for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There appears to be an extended realisation that they have something important to add to our understanding of reality; whether it be through the lens of folklore or through a modernistic, esoteric view. There are many approaches to the subject matter. These range from the purely folkloric remit of discussing faeries as a fossilised remnant of our culture through to encompassing them into a phenomenology as extreme as alien abduction scenarios. Deadbutdreaming has always attempted to provide a holistic overview of what the faeries might be, but I am always reliant on, and grateful for, the excellent research and interpretations of others – folklorists, historians…

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Happy Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice is one of my favorite times of the year. We leave Spring behind and leap into the sunny (and sometimes stormy) days of Summer. Also called Litha, this summer solstice Sabbat honors the longest day of the year. Take advantage of the extra hours of daylight. Try and spend as much time …

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