Don’t Be A Poor Witch

This article caught my attention and as I read it, I found myself smiling and thinking back. When I did Tarot card readings, healings or spells, I asked for things in payment, which I needed. For example; some ciggies, or tinned goods. I was on Income Support at the time and Tara was still at …

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As I was cogitating on what my next article would contain, memories of my childhood filled with spirits and legends came knocking. So, I decided to make the next few articles based on what I remember and how I came to the spiritual beliefs I hold now. My first memory, I believe I was around …

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The Magic of The Dragonfly: Poetry in Motion

Red, Devil's needle, Or luck bringer with kind eyes? Ancient, sweet fellow, Sacred magic bestower, Change tumbling on fragile wings. I added the last line as the dragonfly has such a short life like the butterfly and change can be fragile unless we encourage and nurture it and learn to be our better self. Recently, …

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Elusive Realities and Strange Encounters – Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent invites bloggers to be her guest and share one of your true 'strange' occurrences at her blog, The Daily Echo.     Today’s entertainment contains a huge amount of folklore, paranormal and supernatural experiences to titilate and intrigue us. Ghosts, out of body experiences and encounters with other realities have become the stock-in-trade …

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The Magic of Trees – Paperbark Maple

On my frequent walks in Cambridge Botanical Gardens I am always struck by the beauty of the trees. Sometimes, the smaller trees can surprise because they have such an undeniably magical quality! The paperbark maple Acer griseum caught my eye - it is such a graceful tree. Its bark peels like paper to reveal fresh, …

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How to Lucid Dream (The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide) ⋆

What is lucid dreaming? Per "A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid." Do you want …

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Ghost Tour: Edinburgh #Vaults #Greyfriarsbobby

I've always wanted to go on a Ghost Tour in Edinburgh and this time I did. Just before we left there was a spell of thunder and lightning and I was beginning to wonder just how dramatic our night out was going to be! One of the stops on the tour was Greyfriars Cemetary - …

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Events Unfurl ~

Powerful words to contemplate from our sage friend Sue Dreamwalker

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

I sit within my own space looking out at upon the world

And what I see upsets me, as events unfurl.

Strong that I am, for I came to be part of the ALL

I play my role, even though that part is small.


I try to spread a little light along the rugged road

And open up our thoughts to lighten up the load

But sometimes I can’t shake the disappointments of our Earth

And others need to remind me, of my inner self and worth


The division between the nations, the wars, the suffering

Help me put into perceptive my own minds meanderings

One thing I know for certain, is that united we must stand

And not let our differences stop us from reaching out our hands


In helping fellow beings as events begin to unfold

And let them know we care, so reach out…

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Taking Stock!

SueDreamwalker with a lovely pagan poem .

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

“Carmarthen Castle is a ruined castle in Carmarthen, West Wales, UK. First built by Walter, Sheriff of Gloucester in the early 1100s, the castle was captured and destroyed on several occasions before being rebuilt in stone during the 1190s.”

Castle of Old

My hands touch the ruins of the castle stones of old

The wind blows back the time when these bones were bare and cold

To a place where the Celts lived and dragons used to roam

Where the magic of a land was once a place called home

A Wiccan girl in ragged clothes did stand the test of power

As she stood there praying silently to the heavens in the tower

For Banners flew and warriors cried as battle did commence

And the Castle walls did crumble absorbing her lament

A Knight so bold Did race to find his love

He heard but a prayer held on…

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More Notes from: The Modern Witch’s Masterclass with Phyllis Curott, “How to Cast a Spell,” via Hay House

I've been enjoying this free series on Wiccan Witchcraft by Phyllis Curott via Hay House. Here is the link to this lesson so can watch it yourself. These are my notes and I've tried to catch her words as closely as possible, but much of the following is paraphrased. ❤ How to cast a spell …

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