More Notes from: The Modern Witch’s Masterclass with Phyllis Curott, “How to Cast a Spell,” via Hay House

I've been enjoying this free series on Wiccan Witchcraft by Phyllis Curott via Hay House. Here is the link to this lesson so can watch it yourself. These are my notes and I've tried to catch her words as closely as possible, but much of the following is paraphrased. ❤ How to cast a spell … Continue reading More Notes from: The Modern Witch’s Masterclass with Phyllis Curott, “How to Cast a Spell,” via Hay House

The Magic of Trees: The Weeping Willow

I discovered this magnificent tree, (which you can see in my photographs above and below,) on my lunchtime walks in Cambridge Botanical Gardens.   It is a Golden Willow Tree and a very stunning one at that. You can see how it bends as if yearning to sink into the water below it. The Willow … Continue reading The Magic of Trees: The Weeping Willow

The Magic of Trees: Purpurea

  In my last Magic of Trees post I introduced you to The Dawn Redwood: Today come and join me, take a seat on the tiny bench and let's wander in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden... The gardens are home to one of the most magnificent tree collections in the East of England. I am … Continue reading The Magic of Trees: Purpurea

Lady Midday – ‘Poludnica’- An Evil, Elusive Female Field-Spirit In Slavic Beliefs That Comes To Kill At Noon | Ancient Pages

I've been researching Slavic deities and Slavic mythology for over a year now. Many of the old stories are dark and haunting. Poludnica is one of those deities that you never want to meet... especially when you are threshing wheat in the fields. Have a read by clicking the link below. *** A. Sutherland - … Continue reading Lady Midday – ‘Poludnica’- An Evil, Elusive Female Field-Spirit In Slavic Beliefs That Comes To Kill At Noon | Ancient Pages

The Magic of Trees – Dawn Redwood

I love trees! I swear trees have magic. I live on the edge of a park in Cambridge surrounded by an incredible vista of trees and as a child I was no stranger to the mysterious aspect of the woods which were just a short walk away. So I'm going to share with you various … Continue reading The Magic of Trees – Dawn Redwood

She walks in magic…

She walks in magic shimmering, glimmering...Sparkling as a rare and blessed jewel.Her power is in her eyes, simmeringOn the brink of knowing, a coveted tool.Take her wisdom and her magicInto the New Year, the new dawnWhere things may be tragicBut her knowledge will cease all wrongs.I can see her majesty and destiny.The feminine divine, Blessed Be!By … Continue reading She walks in magic…


As I meandered through my emails I did a double take as the name Anubis shouted out to me. I have always loved Anubis. When I say his name or picture him in my head I am filled with love and happiness. I have called upon him in times of great danger to myself and … Continue reading Anubis

Hekate: Goddess for all

Another post from Moody Moons this time on the Goddess Hekate. A Goddess for all, a Goddess for this season in particular when the veil between worlds is thin. I particularly love that you can call on her to protect your animals. All in all a fascinating article and one to file for future reference. … Continue reading Hekate: Goddess for all

Graveyard Dirt

The title of this article might sound unappealing, but... There are alternatives listed. The blog Moody Moons is a fantastic insight into all things witchy and magical. Around oooh "blah blah" years, my Mum and Dad were going through a very rough patch financially. My Mum and I took to my "Salt Magic" book, an … Continue reading Graveyard Dirt

Book Review: The Curse Of Time (Bloodstone,#1) by M.J. Mallon

Thank you to Galit for her amazing 5 star review of my book. Thrilled by her response. 🙂

Galit Balli

Author: M.J. Mallon
Pages: 242
Genre: YA, Fantasy
Publication Date: August 26, 2017
Publisher: Kyrosmagica Publishing


Fifteen-year-old Amelina Scott lives in Cambridge with her dysfunctional family, a mysterious black cat, and an unusual girl who’s imprisoned within the mirrors located in her house. When an unexpected message arrives inviting her to visit the Crystal Cottage, she sets off on a forbidden pathway where she encounters Ryder, a charismatic, but a perplexing stranger.

With the help of a magical paint set, and some crystal wizard stones she discovers the truth about a shocking curse that has destroyed her family’s happiness.

5 Stars

Okay, wow. Marjorie had created a wonderful story with such relatable characters. The Curse of Time is a young adult fantasy novel and I loved every page in it ❤

Amelina, the main character is such a lovable and so relatable character. The author did a great job with…

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