She walks in magic…

She walks in magic shimmering, glimmering...Sparkling as a rare and blessed jewel.Her power is in her eyes, simmeringOn the brink of knowing, a coveted tool.Take her wisdom and her magicInto the New Year, the new dawnWhere things may be tragicBut her knowledge will cease all wrongs.I can see her majesty and destiny.The feminine divine, Blessed Be!By …

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Tree Energy: How Trees Help Us Heal – SoulTravelRules

 I have always felt an affinity for trees. Have You? Click the link below to learn more. ❤ Trees are the most spiritually advanced living beings on the Earth who are constantly in a meditative state and subtle energy is what they speak as a language. Trees can help open your energy channel and help …

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The Bloggers Bash 2018 #winning #blogs #shortstory #news #photographs #bloggersbash #humour #funny #confession #blogging

Congratulations to our Sister of the Fey, Marjorie (MJ) Mallon for her fabulous win at the Blogger’s Bash in London yesterday. ❤

M J Mallon YA Author and Poet


I’m absolutely thrilled to say that I won first prize in The Bloggers Bash Blog Post writing competition 2018 with my winning short story – The Queen’s Dress Down Day!


It was such an unexpected but lovely surprise. To say I was gobsmacked is an understatement! I’m sure I blubbered a whole lot of nonsense when I went up on stage to accept my award… talk about unprepared! OOPS!

The bash is such a fun and informative event. I have been lucky to be able to attend every single bash (all four in total.) It’s a way to connect beyond the virtual world with like-minded authors and book bloggers.

If you haven’t been to one before, I urge you to do so – you won’t regret it.

This year I noticed a new trend. Many book bloggers won awards. Book bloggers work so hard to promote a love of reading and to promote…

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Full Moons for March 2018: The Full Worm Moon and Blue Moon | The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The month of February was moonless! Never fear, mother Gaia had more magic in store for us in March with two full moons. Click the link below to learn more. ❤ ~*~ Full Moons for March 2018 ~ The Full Worm Moon & Full Sap Moon (also a Blue Moon). When is the next Full …

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On the Rocks

Add some magic to your day… ❤

Being in Nature

2017-03-10 09.37.38-01

The land is here is imbued with potency.  The rocks and twisted trees have an elemental energy for the fiery volcanic forces that shaped the land are writ large upon it’s surface.


Walking on the cliff tops as a storm front approaches and the wind blows in clear and cold off the Southern Ocean I am transported into a more intense relationship with the world around me. The sea churns at the base of the cliffs, wild and fierce.  There is no one else around and I realise that with one misstep I could fall to my death.   It is a raw, instinctual thought.


I move away from the clifftop and walk a narrow track where tangled tree roots and jagged rocks protrude from the earth.   My toes catch on a root and I stumble slightly.  This is an environment that demands my full attention, my complete participation.  The cold…

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Confessions of a History Student: Messages and Intuition | aliisaacstoryteller

Ali Issac is an Irish author and storyteller extraordinaire. I love Irish legends and lore and if you do, you will want to read everything Ali writes! Read this post... There is a free book offer included!  I got my copy... did you get yours? ❤ You may have noticed there was no blog post …

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Symbolic Meaning of Rainbows

I often write spirituality into my poetry and novels using symbolism. Rainbows are one of my favorite mediums to use in the portrayal of my fairy nymphs. This is an excellent article about rainbows. Enjoy. "Some colorful ideas about the symbolic meaning of rainbows different cultures and perspectives. Includes meanings from Christianity, China and Celtic …

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Step inside the magic written here… and let it wrap around your hearts… ❤

Strange Goings On In The Shed

DasWortgewand, Pixabay

I felt the need to further explore my character Amunet’s past and this is the result. There appeared to be an underlying message in this “communication”. It was connected to the land and a people that seemed to vanish into forgetfulness and legend. In this chapter she appears as a woman called Magali (the Occitan form of Magdalene). Magali, as she was named by the Cathars who took her in, was considered a living embodiment of a Sleeper. One who decides at death to step back from the cycle of life and death and instead remain asleep in the land, dreaming, foretelling, and communing with all life.

The Cathars (“Pure Ones”) were condemned as heretics by the Church in the 13th century, in an age when its doctrines had hardened into dogma and politicking. The fate of these people was terrible, ending in 1244, in a nine month…

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Harnessing the Kinetic Energy of Writing, and What Happens if You Don’t

Creating magic can be exhausting even for a bunch of seasoned authors. Here are some great tips to check out. ❤ Everyone here at Writer Unboxed thinks of themselves as a writer; someone who loves words appreciates the beautiful craft and spends many dedicated hours on their storytelling. But at the core, we … Source: Harnessing the Kinetic …

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