Candle Spell Reading: What does the Flame, Wax and Soot mean? |

Candle spells using vigil candles can be simple and effective, just set your intentions, prepare and burn the candle. But, what does it mean when your candle burns a certain way?


Candle Spell Reading: What does the flame, wax and soot mean when a candle burns? #witchcraft #magick #spells

Candle spells using vigil candles can be simple and effective, just set your intentions, prepare and burn the candle.

But, what does it mean when your candle burns a certain way?

The way a candle burns can be indicative of the success or failure of your spell and how the progress or after affects of your spell will be.

To read the signs of a vigil glass candle spell, we will look at:

  • the sides of the candle
  • the flame
  • the wax
  • any remains
  • black or white soot

In this post, we’ll talk about the different signs and leftovers from a 7-day (or longer) vigil candle spell.

Parts of the Vigil Candle

As we all know, vigil class candles are commonly in a cylindrical shape and each side of the candle has a certain meaning when it comes to interpreting the progress and results of a working.

Vigil candles have…

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New Year's Cleansing Spell |

What a fabulous way to cleanse away the old energies and enter into a new year and decade! Blessed BE!


Get ready for the new year with this New Year's cleansing witchcraft spell

Time to get ready for the new year!

That means out with the old and in with the new.

There’s a sense of optimism in the air, hope for the future as we make plans for the upcoming year:

what we want to do, what we want to let go of and/or forget and what we can do to bring ourselves one step closer to realizing our dreams.

Each year should be a stepping stone that builds on the year before as we move forward.

Every year will have ups and downs (some years worse than others), but when we reflect back over several years, often we can see how far we’ve come since then.

Clear Your Home and Energy

Cleansing your home before the new year begins or shortly after the new year begins can be an great way to prepare for the upcoming year and to make sure…

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Excellent information in the links of this post. Learn about the Winter Solstice. Join me, once again, as we count down to the Winter Solstice and 19 Days of Illuminated Darkness. What was begun as the veils of Samhain parted and the New Year turned another cycle of the Great Wh… Source: 19-Days of Illuminated …

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December Full Moon

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Tlachtga, Forgotten Celtic Goddess – by Judith Shaw

Tlachtga, Forgotten Celtic Goddesses a very interesting article.

judith shaw photoI am the Sun – bringer of the warming light of day. I am Lightning –  bringer of fire to Earth. I am Tlachtga who flew through the sky together with my father Mog Ruith in our glowing wheel. I am destruction and creation. I illuminate the darkness and point to the pathway of light that resides in each of you. Over time I made my final resting place at the Hill of Tlachtga, where the great fire ritual of Samhain is practiced, reminding the folk of the promise of Sun’s return at the end of the time of darkness and dreaming.  


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The Holy of Holies and the Umbilical Cord: The Evolution of a Ritual Object by Jill Hammer

A wonderful article, this spoke to me on a spiritual level.

In the Jewish calendar, we’re just past the holiday season—the High Holidays, the harvest festival of Sukkot, and the concluding festival of Simchat Torah when the last verses of the Torah are read and the first verses are started again. The Torah readings for these holidays speak often of the offerings once made on the altar in the Tabernacle in celebration of these festivals.  Particularly on Yom Kippur, the readings mention the kodesh kodashim: the holy of holies. This enclosed sacred space contained, according to legend: the tablets of the Commandments inside an ark, topped by two cherubim that held up an empty space between them—an empty space understood to be the amplified presence of an invisible God.  As I think back over my powerful summer, which was largely spent with Jewish priestesses on various retreats and adventures (in Connecticut, Mississippi, California, Costa Rica, England and Scotland), I am…

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