old souls

Old Souls by D.G. Kaye

  Today I’m going to talk about ‘Old Souls’. We hear that term from time to time, usually referred to people who hold the depths of ‘all knowing’ and wisdom at a young age – feeling older and wiser beyond actual years. This isn’t to be misconstrued with ‘chronological age’ as old soul refers more …

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Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

Developing your Psychic Skills: 3 Psychometry  Part one Last month, October 1st we learned about Psychic Protection and this month we will begin to learn how to develop your Psychic Abilities. The following is the next step we should follow for preparation : Clear your special space of any distracting objects, people, and meditate for …

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Spirit’s Ahoy

I came across this wonderful article regarding spirit's and how one medium sees them and interacts with them. Includes advice on how to cleanse and bless your living space. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/keepingherkeys/2019/10/living-in-a-house-of-spirits/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=BRSS&utm_campaign=Pagan&utm_content=769

Developing Your Psychic Skills Part 2 Psychic Protection

Now that you have an overview of what it means to be psychic in all most all of the various ways that one can be psychic; here is the first and most important skill you must possess: psychic protection from unwanted, unsavory, negative energies (spirits, elementals, objects that carry negative energy, negative people with dark …

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Are You Familiar with Automatic Writing?

When I was younger and first began learning about angels and spirit guides, I became quite curious about  'automatic writing'. I thought it was so intriguing to learn how to write from the subconscious with a guided writing from a higher power.   So what is automatic writing? The formal name for automatic writing is …

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Elusive Realities and Strange Encounters – Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent invites bloggers to be her guest and share one of your true 'strange' occurrences at her blog, The Daily Echo.     Today’s entertainment contains a huge amount of folklore, paranormal and supernatural experiences to titilate and intrigue us. Ghosts, out of body experiences and encounters with other realities have become the stock-in-trade …

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Developing Your Psychic Skills

Developing Your Psychic Skills Karen Anna DeMers (Dowdall)   https://www.horoscope.com/zodiac-signs/cancer Since this is my first post as a Member of The Sisters of the Fey I will tell you a little about my journey as an empath and other psychic traits. On the Zodiac Chart, I am a Cancer and until recently, I never studied …

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