The Magic of the Robin #Spirit #Animal #Encounters #Poetry

I made a new friend recently in the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge. This sweet robin came and sat beside me on a bench as if he had something important to say to me: a Christmas message perhaps. I thought he was so cute and friendly that I wrote a poem about him on my blog: …

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Are You Familiar with Automatic Writing?

When I was younger and first began learning about angels and spirit guides, I became quite curious about  'automatic writing'. I thought it was so intriguing to learn how to write from the subconscious with a guided writing from a higher power.   So what is automatic writing? The formal name for automatic writing is …

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The Beat of My Drum

Does the rhythm of the drum speak to you? Join Sue Dreamwalker and experience the magic of the drum. ❤

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary


Above you see a Slide show of my Drum, which I painted. 

I decorated the Drum and drum stick, painting the animal
totems that are close to my heart and that I know are around me.

 A friend made me this drum from scratch With sacking cloth glued to a wooden frame in which he
covered  it in a Resin, inside it has a crossed over brace of wood made from Hazel wood to give it strength.

 The Bear,TheWolf, The Eagle,The Hawk, and The Fox,  All mean something Special to me.. Click to see meanings of Totems

Drumming from the Ancients ways to the present day has been incorporated
into every culture. To drum is to connect to that Rhythm, that Heart Beat of
Life. The Drum has the ability to change you, literally it can alter your brain
wave patterns, and…

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Otter Lore

I came across this lovely article today in my Trees For Life newsletter. Otters were a huge part of my childhood as the burn (small river) beside our house in Orkney, had otters who made their home there. Several generations were born on the banks of the burn and I was lucky enough to see …

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5 Amazing Facts about Human Auras You Probably Didn’t Know

I'm reblogging this amazing post by Christy Birmingham from When Women Inspire.   The concept of auras has baffled and excited humans for centuries. An aura is defined as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds a person. However, in your practical experience, you will realize this better as the vibe or a certain feeling that …

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Empathic Shielding and Energy Clearing

  How to avoid being drained by energy suckers with shielding and tools to aid in clearing   As empaths we absorb thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others. We are highly sensitive to energies, people, places, and nature. For those of us who are empaths and often find ourselves being caught up in people’s orbits …

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Learning to Trust Your Intuition

    Do you struggle with trusting your intuition? Do you feel pangs of anxiety when having to face a big decision in your life, fighting the inner conflict of the two sides of the coin when you know something is off, yet, you don’t know whether you should trust your inside warning system or …

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Living In A Paranormal World

Living In A Paranormal World-Part Two by Adele Marie Park In this article, I am talking with Jayne Mortimore who is a paranormal investigator in Paranormal Voice based in the UK. She will give insight into what a paranormal investigator does, why she personally chose to be one and exactly what the dangers are associated …

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Ultimate Guide to Archetypes (100+) and How to Work With Them ⋆ LonerWolf

I found out I am a Perfectionist, according to the Enneagram Archetype. As an INFJ, it all made sense. Have a read. These archetypes are also useful for your characters when writing. ❤ *** Archetypes are omnipresent. They are within you, they are within others, and they create the very foundation of human behavior. Did …

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