Shamanic Healing | Sing The Water Song

Shamanic Healing/Sing The Water Song-An important share, please read and perhaps we can make a difference, I hope so.

Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™

This song was written by Irene Wawatie Jerome for Grandfather William Commanda’s 2002 Circle of All Nations gathering. It is recorded with permission from the Wawatie and Commanda families and the Circle of All Nations Foundation and the Elders in Canada.

This Algonquin Water Song expresses loving gratitude for the water and raises the consciousness and connection of women with Mother Nature’s greatest gift. The song is easy to learn, and our hope is that millions of women will sing it, raising their own connection and awareness of the water they interact with daily even in the shower or at the sink. Sing it 4 times, facing each of the 4 Directions. We believe this is a powerful step to change, leading to both a spiritual as well as environmental shift on our planet.

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A Spiritual Understanding About Nature

A Spiritual Understanding About Nature   Bobby Lake-Thom, who has written a wonderful book about nature intitled, “Spirits of the Earth”, writes that Nature communicates to all people.” To feel the spiritual aura of Nature is to listen to a bluebird sing, the evening call of an Owl, watch Butterflies dance across the sky, observe …

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Paranormal World |Telepathy|Do your own experiments

A very thought provoking article by Alan Conrad. I agree with his comments about colour and telepathy. I do experiments with a pack of cards, thinking about the colour of the card before turning it over. I have done this since I was a child and I can confirm that this works in building up your telepathy. A great article.

Alan Conrad

When I was in my last year of high school, the first year when I was able to talk to other students, I devised an experiment to satisfy myself whether telepathy exists.

I got invited by three other boys toAC WP RSCN4338 ENH2 join them in playing cards at lunch, specifically the game Euchre which requires four players.

For those who don’t know, and without going into all the rules, let’s just say that Euchre is played in two ‘teams’ of two. In each round of play, you are dealt five cards and then you and your partner (who sits directly opposite you) try to coordinate your play.

Based on one of the cards left after the deal, one suit is declared trump. If it’s a heart, then a heart of any rank will defeat even an ace of clubs, spades or diamonds.

And so, each round when your partner is playing their…

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‘The Consciousness Hour’: Talking about the Faeries with Anthony Peake

A podcast between Neil Rushton and Anthony Peake, this is a fantastic opportunity to hear more about faeries and Neil’s own experiences. Do check out Anthony Peake’s website.


The-Hidden-Universe-An-Investigation-into-Non-Human-Intelligences-Anthony-Peake-508x813The great Anthony Peake was kind enough to invite me on to the January 2020 edition of his Consciousness Hour podcast to talk about the faeries and how they might interact with human consciousness. For those unfamiliar with Anthony’s work, I recommend checking out his website, which holds a big dataset of information, or, even better, sourcing some of his books, which investigate consciousness from a variety of perspectives. They are always deeply insightful. His most recent publication is The Hidden Universe: An Investigation into Non-Human Intelligences, published in December 2019. It’s excellent.

During our hour-long conversation we talked about:

  • My background and how I became interested in folklore, and especially the faerie phenomenon.
  • The chronology of cultural representations of the faeries, from Palaeolithic cave paintings to Tinkerbell.
  • The place of faeries in modern culture.
  • What are the faeries? Are they physical or non-physical?
  • How are the faeries experienced?…

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Creating a Better World.. Inside and Out..

Words of wisdom from the sage Sue Dreamwalker – Keep your intentions good, focus on what you want, not the negative

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Petals create this bird each a separate piece to create the whole.

Below are  some of the words I wrote back in 2013, with a few little tweaks..  I know many of you may not have read them back then.  Since writing this post six yrs ago I  have worked hard on clearing the trauma’s of emotional baggage we all of us carry in my own healing journey..  And I have come to understand oh so much more about our reality, that is as I have said before, Nothing like we have been taught… 

And if I can discover the truth, anyone can, if they have the courage to dare dive deeper into History of this Earth, as well as diving deeper into themselves.  Because we all first need to go within and discover the hidden truth about ourselves. For only then, as we learn to let go of past conditioning…

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Silent Contemplation~ One Stitch At A Time

All We Create – One Stitch at a time by SueDreamwalker

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Sometimes you’ll discover the ALL in its unerring intelligence as the love within you, as it endows you with its benevolence. Soon you will discover the ALL is everywhere, within everything.

All you need do is open your heart to what it brings, like your very breath, you see not where it comes from or where it goes. Rising and Falling—Dying and Growing— Evolving and Changing—expanding in consciousness as we learn both Empathy and Forgiveness.

We share laughter and sorrows, reflecting, conjecturing, analysing, memorising. Striving, Failing, Weeping and Wailing.

The ALL is ALL of Everything! Within the Field.

—Sue Dreamwalker.  From my Journal— 4th Jan 2019

The Light Spirals Outwards from within~

The woman sat as she often did by the window catching the warm rays of Sun as it warmed her skin. The rainbow prisms of light danced around the room from her hanging crystals that were caught…

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Kukeri of Bulgaria

An ancient Winter ritual from all over Bulgaria, the Kukeri are masked figures who divert the evil eye, and as they dance through villages they also promote fertility and prosperity for the coming year. So old no one knows when it started, the Kukeri dancers survived the Ottoman empire and Soviet Russia. Read the article …

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Some Faerie Metaphysics

Neil Rushton with an excellent article on Faery.


This article is an amalgamation of some previous posts at deadbutdreaming, a shorter version of which was recently published byNew Dawn Magazine. It probably raises more questions than it gives answers, but I wanted to put these ideas in one place before moving on to any further Cosmic interpretations of what the faerie phenomenon might really be about. There has been an upsurge of interest in the potential ontological realities of the faeries in the last couple of years, and it seems as if folklore, Forteana, science, paranormal research and philosophical metaphysics may be beginning to draw together to tease out what has previously been hidden or unimagined. But the faeries remain elusive; always at the periphery of our cultural vision. They are not going to divest their secrets easily – and that’s perhaps as it should be.

What are the faeries? Where do they come from and…

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Weekend Reading from Mystical Shaman Oracle

Image Credit: This weekend's inspiration card is called "FLOW." Remember the saying, "Go with the flow?" That is what this card is all about. Live in the moment and let it all happen. ❤ THE ESSENCE There is a natural movement of events in the world. You can see it in phenomena such as the …

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