Dhyana Yoga

The International Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide on 21st June.

I will be posting a series of asanas to help get you started! The first of the series is Dhyana – also called meditation. An integral part of the Ashtanga Yoga ( 8 steps) of Patanjali, Dhyana brings a calmness to the mind, and helps one look inward, seeking the Atman, or Self. Try this for at least 10 minutes each day to begin with.

Preferable before sunrise, but if you can’t wake so early, anytime on an empty stomach is fine.


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Happy (Late) International Yoga Day, June 21st!

Happy International YOGA day! Last week was busy and filled with celebrations, so I totally missed International Yoga day! But... thanks to my dear friend Sarah Brentyn, (from her blog, Lemon Shark), to remind me in the nicest way possible. She sent me PRESENTS! I've had the pleasure of getting to know Sarah from her participation in …

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