Meet Adele Marie Park


Surrounded by folk tales and the sea it isn’t hard to understand why I became a writer.

Selkies, trows, faeries, witches, and finfolk were the heroes, and sometimes villains of the tales I was told as a child.

Growing up on the Orcadian island of Rousay was a perfect breeding ground for my imagination.

You could stand on one of the hills and watch as a storm swept in from across the ocean. The dark rolling clouds were the finfolk coming to battle against their foes. The flurries of snow clouds were the faeries riding white horses. The swell of the sea and white-tipped waves were the mermaids doing their washing.

Home was an old farmhouse called Woo. It is Norse for near running water.

The stairs creaked, the sink in the small kitchen had a space under it for the bucket. At night the space would be as black as ink and in the bucket lived a witch who would try to grab my legs. Hansel and Gretel anyone?

I created my first mythical world around the age of ten.

Ithlian was populated by elves, faeries, witches, and dragons. Not just any dragons. These dragons had people riding on the back of them sweeping down with giant wings and deadly fire breath, and this was way before Game of Thrones.

Now, according to my mother, when I was a baby she would put me down in my cot and then leave the room. As soon as she shut the door she would hear me chortling and gurgling. When she looked around the room she saw me holding my hands up to the darkness as if someone or something was there.

Of course, I can’t remember this, but all my life brushes with the supernatural, otherworldly beings and messages have followed me.

I began reading the tarot cards around fifteen years old and surprised myself with how well I understood them. I have used them on and off ever since.

Seeing and communicating with spirit has now become easier for me. As a young woman, it terrified me, but I persevered and drew on a strength that I didn’t know I had.

I have always wanted a sister and was lucky enough to meet more than one.

I’ve been blessed to meet these ladies and to be in the Sisters of Fey projects.

I am sure that there will be much more to come from our combined intelligence and wisdom.

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