Meet D.G. Kaye (a.k.a. Debby Gies)


D.G. Kaye Author

Debby Gies is a nonfiction/self-help memoir writer who writes under the pen name D.G, Kaye.

I was born, raised, and reside in Toronto, Canada. I love to write about life experiences, matters of the heart and women’s issues.

I write to inspire others. My writing encompasses stories taken from events I encountered in my own life, and love to share the lessons taken from them. Eternally optimistic. my sunny outlook on life developed from learning to overcome challenges in life, and I’m always searching for the upside from those situations, while practicing gratitude for all the positives.

When I’m not writing intimate memoirs, I love to laugh and self- medicate with a daily dose of humor.

I feel blessed to have connected with my fellow sisters here. We are a group of writers who formed friendships with one another through our writing when we discovered we also share common bonds with our unique abilities to tap into other energies and life forces from fairies to angels, from magic to psychic abilities that go outside the realms of  just the physical world.

I am an empath. My inner self and intuition has guided me throughout my life. I spent many years learning about angels and am still learning how to work with them. Whether we are aware or not, we all have a guardian angel given to us at birth as well as at least one spirit guide. We have only to ask our angels to help us and they are always there. I’ve been told a few times by random strangers in passing that I travel with a band of angels. That was my validation.

“For every kindness, there should be kindness in return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?”

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