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For all of those who do not know me yet, my name is Bee Halton, and I am a bi~lingual (English/German) blogger at “The Bee Writes…” and contributor to “Therapy Bits,” and to the Sisters of the

In the bio on my blog and on Twitter I also call myself learner of code and other pearls of wisdom, rebel for life, thinker, Poetess, happily married to the best husband in the world and proudly owned by a rescue greyhound.

Bee Halton

But there is one other dimension to my being that I haven’t allowed to come out fully, maybe because my time hadn’t come yet. I now also consider myself an “elder in training” as I am nearing 50 and in the later years of life.

I borrowed this expression from a book I am currently reading: “Climate Justice ~ A Man-Made Problem with a Feminist Solution,” by Mary Robinson former UN Special Envoy on Climate Change and former President of Ireland. Mrs Robinson introduces the reader in this book to many indigenous women who are experiencing and fighting the climate crisis* for many years. One of which is Patricia Cochrane from Alaska. She calls herself an “Elder in Training”.

I highly recommend this book because it shows how little we in the western world know about the real impact the climate crisis* already has on peoples lives but it also gives hope: Hope that there are women out there who find solutions against all odds.

An “elder” for me stands for wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to find the seed of possible futures. Futures for our species which hopefully will be fairer and sustainable so that all beings on this planet can survive and thrive. And it looks to me that I have to help bring these futures about. How I have no idea, though.

And that is why I want to share my journey with you. To take stock of my life, change the stories I have been telling myself and to find out what that is that I am supposed to do.

I have learned a lot throughout my life from books and from the stories wise people tell. So writing down my story and figuring out what the wisdom in it is might help you to do the same. I believe, together we can shape a new world that is good for all. However, I so often lose this certainty.

In the last couple of years I have been searching for something that could fill my life: I left an unhealthy relationship and found my soulmate, continued blogging with lots of breaks (and several thousand blogs as it seems 😉 ), left my day job, started and stopped free online courses, became a certified TEFL teacher and started to learn to code. I was and still am, looking outside for the answers, but I learn more and more that the answers lie inside.

Maybe that is what people call, “The Shift”: The acceptance that wisdom lies inside of all of us and we need to learn (again) to listen to it.

We also need to learn that we are all connected and can only evolve if we weave our wisdom together into a new tapestry of life. I believe in spirit. I believe that spirit shows itself in many ways: Some call it god, some call it fairy, some call it nature and many more. But in the end, it is all the same: Wisdom that is supposed to guide us to a good life and take care of our planet.

I feel rather strange writing these words down. It seems to me that they are not my own but from a source of wisdom that has been in my life all along but which I tried to ignore. Or maybe more which I wasn’t introduced or guided to. I feel scared and a little embarrassed to write down these words.

It seems crazy to think and feel like that, but I do hope it isn’t. I do hope, at last, I can manage to connect with the wisdom of others to learn from them and to weave together what might save us.

For some time I have been reading the posts from the “Sisters of the Fey” (on and off) and they have helped me a lot. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your wisdom and what you are discovering with us. It is very important. I hope my contributions weave themselves into yours to create a beautiful tapestry of wisdom that helps us all.

Bee Halton

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